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Wroclaw Low Cost

26. 5. 2013

 Wroclaw informace pro turisty.

pokud plánujete navštívit polské město Wroclaw pak navštivte stránky


Naleznete zde mnoho užitečných informací kam se v tomto městě podívat.


Wroclaw has an interesting history and marvellous architecture, full of historical buildings and sites. It is regarded as one of the two most beautiful cities in Poland.

  1. The city is a good starting point to other nearby beautiful cities . It is 250 km from here to Berlin,  is 220 km to Prague , and 270 km to Krakow.
  2. Thousands of interesting events are organized here every year: all sorts of festivals, fairs, exhibitions, performances, workshops, concerts and shows. There is constantly something exciting for everyone.
  3.  Ryanair and Wizz Air fly here, and  you can get from Copernicus Air Port  to the city center in 30 minutes for circa 0.80 Euro.
  4. Prices –  cheap food and accommodation are easily available.
  5. People – are absolutely amazing: hospitable, warm and good-natured.
  6. Weather – Wroclaw is generally the hottest city in Poland.
  7. Nature – The city boasts many beautiful large parks and gardens, and 30 km from Wroclaw there is Ślęza, a mysterious mountain surrounded by forests. The Sudeten Mountains, with a number of recreation centers, are located within 100 km from the city.
  8. Clubbing – the city never sleeps and there are some crazy pubs where you can enjoy yourself from dusk till dawn.
  9. Water – there are more than 100 bridges in Wroclaw, canoe rentals, boat trips on the Oder and restaurants on board. You can also rent a boat and have  night cruise with your friends                                                                                                              
  10. More in website http://wroclaw-lowcost.pl/


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