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N 2 - Walking in the footsteps of Napoleon

departure from Brno 9 hours

Brno - Peace Monument - Žuráň - Austerlitz - Brno

arrival in Brno 16 hours

price 15 Eur

min 2 person paying

include: Memory DVD with foto and video from this trip snack, 1 bottle of beer or mineral water, cola, sprite 0.5 liters, transportation and guide

The way you will see:

About History

The Battle of Austerlitz, also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors, was one of Napoleon's greatest victories, where the French Empire effectively crushed the Third Coalition. On 2 December 1805 (20 November Old Style, 11 Frimaire An XIV, in the French Republican Calendar), a French army, Commanded by Emperor Napoleon I, decisively defeated a Russo-Austrianarmy, Commanded by Tsar Alexander I and Holy Roman Emperor Francis II , after Nearly nine hours of difficult fighting. The battle took place near Austerlitz (Austerlitz), about 10 km (6 mi) south-east of Brno in Moravia, at That time in the Austrian Empire (present day Czech Republic). The battle was a tactical masterpiece of The Same stature of Gaugamela and Cannae. [4]

Peace Memorial                         official  website

The memorial was built to honor the Victims of Napoleon's Victorious battle near Austerlitz ("Austerlitz" in English; fought on 2 December 1805) from the initiative of Priest A. Slovak, Inc. and Realization of HIS idea to make a Pious "place of light "from the center of a one-time battlefield - a memento of the wars. Now it is the dominant feature and natural center of the Austerlitz battlefield battlefield as a protected zone. At the renovated Museum adjoining the Memorial, visitors can view an unconventionally Conceived multimedia exhibition Devoted to "THE BATTLE OF THE THREE Emperors. SLAVKOV / AUSTERLITZ 1805 "and a novel exposition Entitled" AUSTERLITZ PHENOMENON "Which presents the" second life "of the battle. In Conclusion of the re-enactment events on the Battle's anniversary held every year at the end of November and the Beginning of December , remembrance ceremonies take place in the Memorial's premises to honor its Victims.


Žuráň (286 m) is a hill in the village Podolí in the Brno-Province, the second of which drove prosince1805 Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Austerlitz. It is also an important archaeological site dobystěhování Nations. Žuráň peak is not a natural phenomenon, but artificially heaped mound of earth and stones.

Austerlitz - Slavkov u Brna                  city website

Baroque castle, which has 115 rooms and an impressive castle garden in the French style ianglickém. The castle was designed by Italian architect Dominic Martinelli. In the Historical Hall of the castle was the battle of Austerlitz 6th December 1805 armistice signed between Austria and France. Today it houses the historical museum and you can watch as a multimedia presentation about the battle. From1. July 2008 is the castle entered a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

Late Renaissance Town Hall Square, at a later classical treatment.

Church of the Resurrection of the Lord (on the north side of the square) is a unique church building classicism, from the time when Emperor Joseph II. contrary, many churches abolished. It was built in the years 1786-1789vídeňským architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf.

Chapel. Urbana (Urban on a hill north of the city), was over Austerlitz bitvypoškozena rebuilt in the years 1858-1861.

Jewish quarter, of which only maintained Synagogue (built in 1858). North of the city is also a Jewish cemetery.

Old Post Office muzeum                      official website

Old Post Office in Koválovice the original historical building from 1785. 28th November 1805 had his headquarters here, General Murat French drive on the day of the battle stayed here Russian General Bagration and stayed there after the battle and led the preliminary negotiations for an armistice Napoleon. Today these events reminds small museum.



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