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N 3 - Unesco recommends Lednice - Valtice and Mikulov

departure from Brno 9 hours

Brno - Lednice - Valtice - Mikulov - Brno

return to Brno 18 hours

price 20 Eur os

min 2 paying persons

include: Memory DVD with pictures and video from this trip, snack, 1 bottle of beer or mineral   water, cola, sprite 0.5 liters,  transportation and guide

something interesting to see along the way:

Away toL ednice we drive through the beautiful countryside of Southern Moravia vineyards     lined with typical sets with ovocnýmy trees.In the south, off the top of the Palava hills.

Lednice                                 city website

Lednice is a village in South Moravia in the Czech Republic. In 1996 it was Inscribed on World Heritage theUNESCO L is (together with the twin manor of Valtice) as "an exceptional example of the designed landscape That evolved in theEnlightenment Afterwards and under the care of a single family. "It contains a palace and the largest park in the country, Which covers 200 km ².

Since Refrigerator / Eisgrub first passed into the hands of the House of Liechtenstein in the mid-13th century, its fortunes had been tied inseparably to Those of That noble family. The palace of Refrigerator Began its life as a Renaissance villa, in the 17th century it Became a summer residence of the ruling Princes of Liechtenstein. The estate house - designed and furbished by baroque architects Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Domenico Martinelli, and Anton Johan Ospel - proclaimed rural luxury on the grandest scale. In 1846-58 it was extensively rebuilt in a Neo-Gothic style under the Supervision of Georg Wingelmüller.

The surrounding park is laid out in an English garden style and contains a range of Romantic Follies by Joseph Hardtmuth, Including the artificial ruins of a medieval castle on the banks of the Thaya / Thaya River (1801) and a solitary sixty-meter minaret, reputedly the tallest outside the Muslim world at the time of its construction (1797-1804).

Virtual tour Chateu Lednice you can watch here :

Valtice                                         city website

Valtice (Czech pronunciation: [valcɪtsɛ]; German: Feldsberg) is a small town in Břeclav District, South Moravian Region in the Czech Republic, situated 265 kilometers (165 mi) south-east of Prague, on the Austrian border. It had a population of 3,671 in 2005.

Valtice contains one of the most impressive Baroque residences of Central Europe. It was designed as the seat of the ruling princes of Liechtenstein by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach in the early 18th century. Construction was supervised by Domenico Martinelli, Who was employed as an on-site architect. The palace is surrounded by an English park with the Temple of Diana (1812) and other neoclassical structures. Together with the Neighbouring manor of refrigerator, it Which it is connected to and 7 kilometers (4.3 mi) long lime-tree avenue, Valtice forms theworld Heritage Site Refrigerator-Valtice Cultural Landscape.

The Princely family lost all its privileges with the collapse of Their protectors the Habsburg Empire and then by the newly established state ofCzechoslovakia in 1918, the Predecessor of the Czech Republic, and the castle was confiscated after World War II, When the Communists took power.

Mikulov                                             city website

Mikulov (Czech pronunciation: [mɪkulof]; German: Nikolsburg, Yiddish: ניקאלשבורג Nikolshburg) is a town in the South Moravian Region of theCzech Republic with a population of 7,608 (2004). It is located directly on the border with Lower Austria. Mikulov is located at the edge of a hilly area and the three New Mills reservoirs. Palava Protected Landscape Area begins in Mikulov, and so does the Moravian Karst.



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