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N 5 - Castle Buchlov - Chateau Buchlovice - Churches Velehrad

departure from Brno 9 hours

Brno - Buchlov - Buchlovice - Velehrad  - Brno

arrival in Brno 18 hours

price 20 Eur

min 2 person paying

include: Memory DVD with foto and video from this trip snack, 1 bottle of beer or mineral water, cola, sprite 0.5 liters, transportation and guide

The way you will see:

Way ride ar Austelitz town, beautiful forests Buchlov Hills, to the castle Buchlov

Buchlov                                official site

The origins of the castle date back to the first 13th century. It was founded by Czech King as a strategically defensive stronghold and a center of the judicial powers of the so-called hunting law.

The oldest part of the castle was made with a residential tower defense the inn, a large hall, a palace and chapel. The chapel was built in the 80th of the 13th century Prague stonecutters pattern Wed Royal Castle Chapelle in Paris. Although the castle was the permanent property of the king to the 16th century, were often given out to the noble families.

 At the end of the 15 century, it was the Cimburk under which it was in the late Gothic style built in the knight's hall. In 1520 the castle passed into private hands and 16 century to the 18th century century were its owners gradually Moravian families Lords of Žerotín of Zástřizly, Petřvaldský of Petřvald and Berchtold. On Buchlov alterations in Renaissance and Baroque ... more here.

The castle has been declared a national cultural monument is administered by the National Heritage Institute in Prague, ÚOP in Kroměříž, administration SH Buchlov.

Chateau Buchlovice                            official site

Château Buchlovice lies not far awBuchloviceay from the majestic stonework of Buchlov Castle and belongs to the most prominent noble seats in the region of the Czech Republic. The quality of its architecture, its numerous collections, its distinguished owners, and its important place in the history of the last years of the Hapsburg monarchy all make it a place, of which the significance overreaches the borders of Czech territory. Construction of the château was begun a short time before the year 1700 by a rich count of a noble pedigree Jan Dětřich Petřvaldský, who intended to present the place as a gallant gift to his wife Anežka Eleonora of the Italian house of Collona. It might have been for this reason, why Italy-oriented plans in the style of so called villa rustica were ordered at one of the prominent architects in Vienna of that time. The result of this several-times-altered architectural concept was the purest example of an Italian Baroque villa in the Central European region. In the adjacent premises the construction of a magnificent winter garden, of which the beauty captivated already the visiting contemporaries, was started right from the beginning. In the course of time the villa, figuring as a counterpart to the residential Buchlov Castle, became the chief seat of Petřvaldský and later also Berchtold families who begun to gather here some really rare collections.

 Churches Velehrad                             official site

Velehrad Olomouc archdiocese's parish, deanery Uherské Hradiště. The parish includes the village Velehrad, Blue, Salas and Tupesy. Together, has about 3,500 inhabitants. Directly in Velehrad from this number about 1,300 people live.

The pride of the parish is a beautiful baroque basilica (built on Roman foundations) with the buildings of the former Cistercian monastery. In the underground basilica is accessed lapidary. The courtyard in front of the Basilica of St. Mass was celebrated April 22, 1990. Pope John Paul II .. Basilica with adjoining buildings and premises in April 2008 was declared a national monument.

Our Parish is unique in that there is not only based on normal parish life but also pilgrim. The development Velehrad in European and world spiritual and pilgrimage center seeks civic association matrix Velehradská.

The parish has two religious orders. Spiritual management and operation maintains order in the Basilica of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The religious house here and have run the pilgrimage and exercičního house Stojanov provide Congregation Sisters of St. Cyril and Methodius. There is a home for retired priests-called Marianum. On the territory of the parish are 3 houses the Social Care Institute for mentally handicapped with a capacity of about 300 people.

In the former monastery now operates four high school named archbishop Stojanovo gymnasium Velehrad (SGV) with its own boarding.

Virtual tour Velehradu you can watch HERE.



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