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N 6 - Castle Perštejn - Chateau Lysice - Brewery Černá hora

departure from Brno hours 9

Brno - Castle Veveří - Předklášteří Tišnov Perštejn - Lysice - Montenegro - Brno

arrival to Brno 18

Price 20 EUR

min 2 paying persons

Price includes: Souvenir DVD with pictures and video from this trip, snacks, beer or 1 bottle of mineral water, cola, sprite 0.5 liters, transport and guide

something interesting to see along the way:

On the way from Brno to Perštejn go beautiful valley collision, around the Brno reservoir, see Castle Veveří. Ride also interesting tourist place Předklášteří near Tišnov with the famous Porta Coeli.

 Perštejn                                             Official Website

Pernštejn is one of the most visited castles in Moravia, which attracts tourists from far and wide. How could it not, on the cliff above the township Nedvědice rises nearly eight centuries and throughout its history has never been conquered. Such a place still worth a look.

Go back in time to rise to the famous bison head houžvím in his nostrils, which used for centuries in the coat of arms of the Lords of Pernštejn. During the tour Pernštejna easy to forget that you are in the 21st century. Inscriptions in the corridors of the castle, in which you can make out the words like love and life, who probably belonged to? Chrabrému knights or unhappily in love chamberlain? It'll probably never know. Stories of ordinary inhabitants of the castle will be left in the direction of your imagination.

Pernštejna tour you through the history of the castle and its legends, who knows, maybe you can come across a local white woman. But be careful, avoid looking into mirrors the castle, supposedly taking beauty. Do not believe the rumors get carried away by the beauty of four different colored windows symbolizing the four seasons. It is located on the tower named Barborka, is named after Saint Barbara, the patron of all castles, miners and soldiers.

Chateu Lysice                                            Official Website

Baroque building on the site of a Renaissance water stronghold still treated early 19th century, stands magnificent and richly furnished interiors. They provide visitors with the environment and style of leading Moravian count family Dubsky of Třebomyslice.

Rich collections, taken mainly in the 19th century primarily include furniture, glass, china, paintings, as well as a rare collection of weapons, two libraries, articles imported from the Orient and pororuhodnou collection of historical shooting targets. From June to September is also a unique opportunity to visit the chateau garden with promenade colonnade and then interior sala terrena. The tour also includes visits to gardens and orangery of the castle gardening 2nd half of the 19th century.

Brewery  Černá hora                               Official Website

1298 - According to documents from the 16th July 1298 was Matthew Chamberlain from Montenegro. Thus Montenegrin beer ceremony was affirmed.

1308 - The Brewers Templar history, Matthew wrote not only in Montenegro, but also Hartleb Templar II Boskovic, who was knighted in 1308 and Templar who brought order to his castle and brewery Montenegro dowry. Therefore Brewery Montenegro was once a brewery Templar BRAXATORIUM TEMPLARIORUM IN MONTE nigra.

1355 - Black Mountain Brewery, a brewery manor belonged from time immemorial to the local estate. Brewing in the Montenegrin region resembled Vinotheques cottages and also in 1355. Then there are many beers brewed in breweries neighborhood, but mainly in the patrimonial brewery.

1530 - The first written mention of the brewery Montenegro dates back to 1530, when the manor was owned by brothers Montenegro Tas and Jaroslav Černohorský of Boskovic. In their joint ownership agreement from 1530 mentions the existence of a brewery Montenegro.

1550 - specifically, the existence of Montenegro brewery dates to St. Epiphany in 1550, when the Sisters of Montenegrin Boskovic and Montenegro Montenegrin sold the estate of his uncle Vaclav Boskovic and Bučovice. At farm also included among other brewery toll





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