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N 8 - Unesco recommends chateau and gardens in Kroměříž

departure from Brno hours 9

Brno - Kroměříž - archeoskanzen Modrá - Velehrad - Brno
arrival in Brno 18 hours
Price 20 EUR
min 2 payer
include: Memory DVD with photos and video from this trip snacks, 1 bottle of beer or
mineral water, cola, sprite 0.5 liters, guide

Chateau Kroměříž                                   Official Website 

Archbishop's castle dominates one of the most attractive towns in Moravia and the main attraction of visitors historic complex, in which he and his gardens entered in the 1998 list of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.
Archbishops of Olomouc devoted considerable resources to the improvement of its prestigious seat and used for its construction services foremost artists, architects and engineers of his time. Many are characterized by a great passion for garden art, which was considered the ultimate discipline of art, but also philosophical and technical. In Kroměříž thus retaining its two top form - the formal baroque Libosad represented Palm garden and chateau garden as a rich, landscaped park on the 19th century.
The uniqueness of both the gardens in 1998 the entire complex was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

archeoskanzen Modrá                    Official Website 

Archeoskanzen Blue - Moravian settlements middle Pomoraví is located near the Hungarian Fort Road Old Town Velehrad. It is an important subject clearly illuminating one of the most important periods of our national history. Skanzen live everyday life, instructive performances, programs, experimental melting of metals, ceramics production, agricultural production and continuously carried out archaeological research. Come and explore our ancient past.
virtual tour here

Church Velehrad                          official website 

Velehrad Olomouc archdiocese parish, deanery Uherské Hradiště. Parish
includes village Velehrad, Blue, Salas and Tupesy. Together, has about 3500
Directly in Velehrad from this number about 1,300 inhabitants.
The pride of the parish is a beautiful baroque basilica (built on Roman foundations)
with adjacent buildings of the former Cistercian monastery. In the underground basilica
displayed lapidary. Courtyard in front of the Basilica of St. Mass was 22.dubna 1990th Pope
John Paul II .. Basilica with adjoining buildings and premises in April 2008 was announced
national cultural monument.
Our parish is unique in that there is not only based on the normal parish life,
but also pilgrim. Velehrad development in European and world spiritual and pilgrimage center
trying civic association matrix Velehradská.
The Parish has two religious. Spiritual management and operation maintain order in the Basilica
Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Religious house here and have run a fair and exercičního
House Stojanov provide Congregation of the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius. There is
home for retired priests called Marianum. On the territory of the parish are 3 houses Department
social care for the mentally disabled with a capacity of about 300 people.
In the former monastery now operates four high schools named Archbishop Stojanovo
Velehrad gym (SGV) with its own board.
Virtual Tour Velehradu you can watch HERE.




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