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Austria 2012 - Salzburg - Mittersill - Krimml Falls - Grossglockner Alpine


Austria - Salzburg - Mittersill - Krimml Falls - Grossglockner Alpine

like last year, schedule a short three-day trip to the central region of the Austrian Alps. Not only because of the possibilities for accommodation in well-known in the Alpine town of Mittersill for us this area is very interesting. The goal is similar to last year, visiting interesting places nearby.
Plan a trip:

Morning June 23, 2012 and the departure of Salzburg City Tour
June 24, 2012 A ride around Mittersill and Krimml waterfalls and output.
June 25, 2012 Morning visit to the Grossglockner Alpine and output prospects.
June 25, 2012 On the eve of departure direction Brno
tour schedule
The budget for the trip:
Because we have a car to LPG and LPG i can take in ST. Johann in Tirol, which is one of the few patrolwith  LPG in the Alps, based on the cost of travel about 3,000 CZK.
You also need a 10-day vignette costs EUR 8. Admission to the Krimml Waterfalls total of 8 euros. Parking in Salzburg 8 EUR and the entrance to the Grossglockner Alpine 32 EUR. Thanks known save on accommodation. The food we have with each other and the place just keep buying fresh produce and gifts. Total expenditure for 4 people is therefore based on approximately 5500 CZK.

1.st day of Salzburg. Mozart's city.

We leave around 6 am on the direction of Znojmo, where you can refuel latest LPG in the country and continue through villages and towns in the direction of Krems and Melk on the Danube, where it joins the highway to Salzburg.
This way I have repeatedly tried and comes to me only a few tens of minutes longer than the highway to Vienna. The distance is shorter, but mostly this path is itself a wonderful trip. Already on the way from the border to Krems drive through the beautiful landscape of northern Austria and historic towns such as Egenburg or Pulkau would certainly worth a visit. The most interesting part, however, begins after arrival in Krems. The whole valley of the Danube Vienna to Melk is really wonderful and very frequent destination for tourists from us. Therefore, every time I appreciate the way we're going to find this tourist potential to benefit and accepted that even the trip itself can be a wonderful experience. After the motorway landscape around too much longer and I do not see it until next favorite stops on our routes in the Alps. Tou is another popular resort near Salzburg, Mondsee lake.

Mondsee Rakousko

There is a well equipped, and especially landing area will provide you with several options to make beautiful pictures.
Around noon, drive straight into the center of Salzburg

Salzburgský hrad - poheld ze zahrad

Of course, here there is a brisk traffic, but the advantage of Salzburg are large-scale parking in the city center. This convenience is compensated by a relatively high price. Hour spaces based on up to 4 euros. So we parked up in the center. From there on foot in just a few minutes to the most Salzburgských sites. Mozart's birthplace are a really great deal, and one afternoon can manage only the most famous.

Salzburg náměstí

The biggest impression on us but leaves visit Mirabell Gardens and a short walk from our parking lot.
After about a four hour tour leaving motorway towards Villach and over Zell am See to Mittersill.
Day 1 more photo

2.nd day view of the Hohe Tauern and the Krimml waterfalls

Today we planned an alternative route around the prospects towards the town of Mittersill Krimmel. Here is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe.

vodopády Krimmel Rakousko

Because the entire week before our arrival it was raining heavily, it can be assumed that the flow will be really great. Unfortunately awaits us in the morning mist, so we set out to around 10 hours. This eventually proves to be an excellent decision. Already after a few kilometers the fog dissolves, and therefore we turn from the main road. On both sides of the valley towering peaks to a height of over 2000 m. The peaks are seen tiny houses and we do not understand how they can ever get. No roads are not visible from below. Immediately after turning mark followed by careful series of corners and climb 17%. Radio duo and start to rise. Thus, we go at least 10 minutes. This is still a normal asphalt road where no problem avoiding a bus with a car. Navigation shows 1200 mA car in the valley below us are already as toys

parkování v Alpách

We get into the saddle and the road continues on the other side. Right up the hill but continues with the next tarmac road, this time and one and a half car. Digress. After passing through the first corner followed by another steep climb. This time, it ranks number one. Go next 10 minutes and get up to 1700 m. The road ends entrance into one of the houses that we have seen the bottom. The splendor. Surrounding peaks reach heights across over 4,000 m and are covered with snow.

údolí Krimmel Rakousko

View of the Hohe Tauern is wonderful. Fog is completely dissolved and we can fully admire the beauty of nature. Mandatory photo and go down back into the valley and continues Krimmel. This area is frequently visited by almost all year round. At the end of Krimml Ride car park (fees apply). On the recommendation parked in the center of Krimml at the church opposite the info center. This car park is free of charge and in addition info center you get the amount of materials from the region. Also tour the local church and cemetery are definitely worth a short stop. The waterfall is about 20 minutes walking around the paid parking lots. The actual area of ​​the Krimml waterfalls is amazing. Afar we see and hear that this time they are really powerful. I was already 3 times before, but always surprise you. The actual output around the waterfalls is flanked by about 10 perspectives, enabling them to get close to the water. In some places today without raincoats could not go.

vodopády Krimmel Rakousko

Shooting why it was very difficult. Along with her daughter prospects we have already completed, so relatively quickly progressing and getting some vertical meters. This time we want to look further into the valley of the river that feeds these falls and rises up from the glacier. The intention is managed very well, and after less than two watch no longer walk through the valley.

údolí Krimmel Rakousko

We walk almost to the end where the paths divide and continue towards the mountain huts.

údolí Krimmel Rakousko

For today we trip up here enough. Do not need to go back just as far. After returning to the entrance still all meet together at the base of the waterfall and enjoy the view of the enormous mass of water that rolls down every second. It reminds me of a look at the flood, when water uncontrollably přelívala over the dam near Brno. But here it is enhanced by the fact that it is a work created by nature. Pleasantly tired of leaving to Mittersill and we hope that we will come out the same weather tomorrow when we are going to charge the car one of the highest points in Europe. .  

Day 2 more photos here

Day 3 visit to the Grossglockner Alpine and exit the prospects in the height of 2571 meters above sea level

In the morning, turn on the TV and tune the camera with a look at the Grossglockner Alpine. From the valley are the peaks in clouds, but the view from the camera says that the weather would be released. We're moving, the direction of Zell am See and from there we start our climb to the top of the car in Europe. The actual passage of this street is a wonderful experience and are serviced by many bikers who enjoy this unique way.

Grossglockner strase

I was here last July and on top of us had waited 10 cm under fresh snow. But the photos I've seen local road builders are accustomed to many things and in bad weather can be a road closure in the summer. We again from the weather cooperates, and therefore the whole tour absolvujeme without problems.

Grossglockner strase

The parking lot FJ leave the car and go look at local gopher nest sites and then continue towards the mountain hut. At this height, but it is also a transition of snow and ice fields, and our equipment is different. 

Grossglockner strase

Grossglockner strase

In addition, the rapidly changing weather and valleys of a woman with heavy clouds. The weather changed in a matter of minutes which can be seen on our photos.

Grossglockner strase

So I turn back to the parking lot. Fortunately blows from the south of Italy so the temperature drop was not dramatic. We return to the mountain road and from tunnels in the rocks to go through the parking lot. As quickly as it clouded over again cleared and clouded over again. Grossglockner peak, however, has obscured the thick clouds, and we are clear that our morning weather was already back. However, we have all the prospects for themselves and so we enjoy serpentiny return to Zell am See and here already back home. Yet again we're setting up to St.Johan for LPG and 6 hours after we arrived home.

Our trip to this beautiful area of the Alps, as usual, success and hope to come back here again, I know other local attractions.

Another wonderful picture area Day 3

So if you've read this far and you interested in low cost trips, wait for the sequel. If you have any questions or if I can provide you with further information do not hesitate to contact me.

If you have yourself some stories of your travels, share it with us or send us a link to your website.





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