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Balaton and surroundings


Balaton a okolí

5. 3. 2014

In the days before 1990 many options to get to the sea was not . Therefore, many tourists both Czech and German each year aimed to Hungarian Balaton . I have heard many different opinions on this area . And so when we planned for spring 2010 short visit
Budapest (more here) , we decided to explore the area on their own. And thanks to my favorite comparative prices of hotels here , we managed to secure a nice apartment with breakfast for around 10 EUR per person. And so we set off to Budapest June 26, 2010 . The mere visit
Budapest was a beautiful experience . The morning of the third day we planned to move to Lake Balaton . From Budapest we drove south. We have plenty of time and so we decided to recognize the smaller villages and towns of Hungary. We go the route towards tourism town Szabadszállás .

Zvětšit mapu

We drive through the national park Kiskunság . Along the road you can see several species of water birds and grazing are special kinds of animals . In this year suffered massive flooding this landscape , the consequences of which are still visible after more than two months. The Danube River and its tributaries are spilling
in many kilometer lagoon, which then dry up while away . When you closer to Lake Balaton , pass under the huge highway bridge .

dálniční most Balaton

Its dimensions would have expected such a colossus rather somewhere in the Alps. Length over the whole valley is definitely over 2 km and height of the supporting pillars certainly exceeds 200 m
During our stay in Budapest, the weather improved and it is clear that we can expect a beautiful three days at Lake Balaton. Wonderful blue sky and the water in Lake Balaton.
On the other side , the emerging contours of extinct volcanoes . Also something that one would expect in Hungary .

Balaton okolí

We arrive at the hotel . Pleased with free parking directly in the garden and wifi in the room. In the second room are accommodated student from Chile and a student from Australia ( originally from Iran ) .
The beach on Lake Balaton to have about 150 m along the beautiful sunset and after dinner late into the night talking with others. The great advantage of Balaton is that the water is heated in one or two hot days. Indeed when the next day after breakfast we come to the water is beautifully clear and the temperature definitely 22 C.
And after three days have at least 25 C. The first day we enjoy the beautiful grassy beach. The water in Lake Balaton is still nice and clean . The bottom cover dark sand . It does not , however, at all uncomfortable vice versa. For non-swimmers is a great advantage gradual entry . Do cca 100 m from the shore can be achieved . Thanks to the beautiful weather we really feel like the sea . The only thing missing waves . The great advantage of the current low prices in Hungary are local food and especially wine and good quality . First of all sorts of wine lovers Tokaj in Hungary have come into their own .
As usual on our vacation we can not stay long in one place , so after dinner we are planning a trip the next day . On the opposite side of Lake Balaton can see the tops of extinct volcanoes and so decided. We agree with the student from Chile , he likes to go with us . To practice at least a little English.
Next morning we leave to the southwest around Lake Balaton. It is obvious that this area is still very attractive . The amount of apartments, campsites and restaurants , at least in the summer season is definitely utilized. Before noon we drive through the spa town of Hévíz , whose visit is planned for tomorrow .
Shortly after that we see on the left hand top of the hill with a view. This will be our first target. Before that , however, we stopped at a local restaurant for lunch.
Cheers menu in English , and especially the quality and price of food . For 5 people we paid by credit card 25 EUR . After that, I set the navigation path to the top of the observation tower . After a few minutes we pass the sign announcing that we are in a protected area. After about 10 minutes of doing business park where it is to the tower about 2 km . There is also a playground , benches and barbecue place . Surely then popular destination for locals.

Balaton okolí

The path to the tower rises slightly at first , but eventually comes to demanding output. Fortunately, just about 30 minutes and we can watch the beautiful surroundings of Lake Balaton. The Berzsenyi Viewing Tower in the south we see the lake and the opposite Brech from which we came. To the west the town of Hévíz and the plane direction of Austria . In contrast, the west and north are seen more , relatively steep peaks of former volcanoes and rocky unexpected shapes as Adršpachu . Near one of the peaks is preserved castle ruins . He will certainly visit as well. Finally, we notice an interesting quarry not far from where we parked . We have never seen any signs , but I think it 's a place we can find. We return therefore to the parking lot where we met a group of locals who are now returning from the direction of the quarry . As we learn , the way i Quarry are easily accessible and certainly recommend a visit . Local area called the little Grand Canyon . We set out therefore the way to the canyon , and after about 20 minutes, it is clear that it was the right choice. The way down is not maintained and it is seen that there is often heavy rain occurs weathering . Sometimes the trough to 5 m deep . After a few branches come into the canyon. In a word, great. I never expected that a similar natural attraction
'll see you right on Lake Balaton .

Kaňon Balaton okolí

Canyon walls are covered with fine white sand and even move around them is too dangerous. Whole near lake with crystal clear water at the bottom could certainly be used in a movie . This natural wonder is yet only about 20 minutes from the roads around Lake Balaton and no signs anywhere .
We'll get a couple of beautiful photographs and return to the car, we continued towards the castle Szigliget .


Balaton okolí



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