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Bouzov, castle in Moravia, where is lake farytale.


when returning from our wonderful stay at Dolni Morava, we used the beautiful weather and we decided to visit one of the most popular castles in Moravia castle Bouzov.


Located in a village near Mohelnice same name. In beautiful countryside surrounded by woods. Even before the arrival of the winding roads it is nice to see. Nearly castle is paid parking, but definitely not a problem to park directly in the village. We use beautiful weather especially on a short walk through nearby park..


The castle itself offers several sightseeing options for different visitors. Entrance to the courtyard and around the castle is free. The castle itself is really beautiful, and it is no wonder that it is often used in the filming. The best-known films include Fairy Tales: The Princess and the Flying Cobbler, Arabela returns or Rumburak king of fairy tales
Fantaghiro II.


If You have ever trip to the area or just looking for a tip on a trip, Olomouc is strongly recommended. Definitely also pay a visit to the nearby stores Olomouc Cheese 
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We wish you a wonderful experience of traveling



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