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Budapest and surroundings


This time we let tempted by an offer advantageous accommodation in Budapest and Lake Balaton. And given that we love Hungarian wine was already clear at the beginning that the road will be also a tasting . Check out as usual and we are planning to avoid the brunt of the onset of the holiday and it releases the kids on the last day of school and Saturday, June 26, 2010 we set the direction of Budapest.


1 day: a route to Budapest without using the motorway . As usual, we avoid paying motorway charges through the use of navigation and so on the first exit after crossing the Slovak border go down . Unfortunately the weather is not ideal, but this time it suits us because the first two days we are planning a visit to Budapest. The road and highway momo is completely relaxed and after a while focusing on a highway at the first entry in Bratislava. Here the free highway running through the whole Bratislava and drove Komárno direction . In Komarno cross the Danube and has been progressing in Hungary. Operating outside the highway is almost minimal and so is two breaks are about 6 hours to the center of Budapest. This time I chose the cheaper hostel . We will here only one night , so the main advantage is the location right in the center . Moreover, it is the weekend and so is parking right outside the hostel for free . Bargain prices of hotels and hostels not only in Budapest and Lake Balaton can be ordered at my favorite comparator prices here.

After leaving the hotel for a short tour of the area. We walk around the train station at which I arrived at my first visit , back in 1984. At that time Hungary was a popular destination to buy modern clothes and gramophone records . Nice walk around the local churches and maintained gardens and parks. After dinner at a restaurant we return to the hostel .

2 days : in the morning we will have breakfast and then we set the direction of the Danube river . Journey to the center takes only 15 minutes, and even the weather has improved significantly compared to yesterday . I hope you trvdit that Budapest and its attractions can certainly compare with Prague . Even the layout of the main sights are quite similar.


So we start on the right side of the Danube until we get to the waterfront around the Parliament building . This building I do not know why coupled with overflowing Danube. I guess there really is not have drowned many people as waterfront them stayed only forgotten shoes.


It is an unforgettable experience and I definitely recommend this sad place to visit . We continue towards Parliament to see a long queue waiting to explore . Asks the tour decided to skip and continue through the chain bridge to the other side of the castle. The tour itself mustu definitely worth it. It is the oldest bridge in Budapest , which was built back in 1839 - , 1849. On the left side of the Danube at Budapest's Castle Hill rises and further prospects


This part of Budapest is probably the most interesting and amaze us the most beautiful sight on a sunny Parliament this time . Around the castle are also beautiful gardens where we shooting beautiful pictures . The walk today , we 're really excited about , so we have a good late lunch. On the way back we (especially children) still enchanted fountain. Water unexpectedly spurted from different nozzles and the kids loved it run under the falling water. A wonderful evening is ideal even for a short walk and we're looking forward to tomorrow's crossing the Lake Balaton.

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