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Canary Islands, Tenerife, Icod de los Vinos, Garachico, La Palmar. Gardens, history and tourism.


Previous day : Punta del Hidalgo, La Laguna, Anuga, San Andre

Day 3. Icod de los Vinos, Garachico, La Palmar.

this day you ride western coast. Focusing on a highway running along the island and continue along the west coast to the south. Highway for 10 km and ends with a nice road continues. After about 20 minutes, both in the first objective. The town of Icod de los Vinos. In fact, we can say that it lies at the foot of the volcano

Tenerife, Teide

and by the look and local roads. It is a narrow one-way streets and one main road leading to the center of the island stretching into the mountainside switchbacks. There is paid parking in the garage, but we are again less than 2 minutes managed to find a free place even closer to the city center. From cars to have a 100 m to interesting local attraction. We're going on a tour of Drago Milenario and surrounding gardens. The tree itself can be even better free picture taken from the terrace of the adjacent church.

Tenerife, Drago Milenario

However, we definitely recommend you give 5 Euros for a tour of the gardens, which are located Drago Milenário. Surely you see here are beautiful lizards occurring elsewhere in Tenerife, but also interesting species of plants and other animals

Tenerife, ještěrky

The tour also recommend adjacent cave with a demonstration of how people lived back some 10,000 years. You will see, of course, banana trees with bananas. The tour lasts about 1-2 watches and certainly recommend it. The town comes to us less interesting and even more historic city centers of interest below its center of La Laguna.
So we go down again down to the coast and continue south to the port Garachio. And after about 10 minutes we are. Immediately clearly know that recently, about 300 years, the city was nearly wiped out. Steep slopes are not yet firmly covered and everywhere present huge lava rocks.

Tenerife, Garachio

Although the town itself has been completely repaired, and especially the coast is nice to know what all can a volcano. Lava swept two flows through the city and left after only fragments of stone city gates.
It is best to see things from the opposite end of town, the prospect of a single urban beaches. How else, with dark black sand.
I recommend you also see the nice garden in the center of town where you will see unusual tips of plants and trees.

Tenerife, Garachio garden
We have a day with plenty of time and so we extend our trip by visiting the nearby tourist town in the mountains of La Palmar. From coast to again climb the winding road for about 6 km. Again, we come to the level of cloud. We parked on the square La Palmar and from many hiking routes in the nearby mountains. Again, you can choose from shorter to longer 2 km and 5 km more options. The short walk will take us above all the old houses of local farmers and their gardens and fields.

Tenerife, El Palmar

It is unbelievable how they can take advantage of the volcanic slopes and soil for growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. When a person looks from a distance, he would never believe how perfect is volcanic soil as nutrients are concerned. And thanks to constant lukewarm and warm climate throughout the year will grow perhaps anything. We return to the car after about 2 hour.

Tenerife, El Palmar

and as the day's last goal we set cape near the town of Buenavista del Norte. Go down to the sea again and continue south. After a couple of km mark, however, shows a blind road for about 5 km. We, however, shows navigation to a destination 12 km. Unfortunately, for the moment really shows that last about 6 km to the Cape is closed. We do not want to risk a fine even though Cape looks interesting turn the car on the way back to the hotel.
other beautiful photos from this day can be seen
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next day Masca, Los Gigantos, Playa de las Americas.



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