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Canary Islands, Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz. Relax in the hotel Pez Azul poolside.


previous day: Masca, Los Gigantos, Playa de las Americas.
Day 5 Puerto de la Cruz. Relax in the hotel Pez Azul poolside.

After a busy day yesterday, we decided that it is not necessary to travel on a long beach in San Andre and local beach leave for another time, so use the comfort of the beautiful pool at the hotel.

Tenerife, Hotel Pez Azul

 Although after a cloud, the temperature is and how beautiful bathing after a few hours, we find i burn-in is possible. Coffee, beer, watermelons, oranges and delicious local bananas, all cold from the refrigerator in the apartment. Free wifi available, so at least we can read what is where new. The great advantage of the Canary Islands is that at night the air cools the beautiful 18 C, and so after a hard day's sleep wonderfully well without air conditioning. Tomorrow will be day-long tour Loro Park and so looking forward. 

Tenerife, Loro Park


Next day Killer whales, dolphins, sea lions and parrots at Loro Park.



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