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Canary Islands, Tenerife, Punta del Hidalgo, La Laguna, Anuga, San Andre. Cities, mountains and beaches.


Punta del Hidalgo, La Laguna, Anuga, San Andre     

Morning to get up at 9:30 our time. There is, however, one hour earlier so right. I come before the hotel to find out where you can buy fresh bread and something else for breakfast. A short walk away is a small shop at a gas station, where they have a basic bread and sausage and butter. For 5 Euros have breakfast for 3rd
After breakfast, I set the navigation point today our first Punta del Hidalgo. And again several times already abroad navigation appreciate as the best assistant for
travel. Passing through streets, where I is 100% lost after a few taps.

Tenerife, Punta del Hidalgo

Along the way we pass small local supermarket and so we stop, we replenish our supplies of food and drink. Again, it is confirmed that Spain is the low cost tourists promised land. Juice, water, fruit and vegetables are cheaper in the Czech Republic as a mainly local. Tj tastier. Meats and cheeses are priced the same, and only a few pastries% more expensive. If we take the price of gasoline for EUR 1,1 l and spend less here than at home. For 20 Euros we buy everything you need and go to the coast. For the roads are good information boards showing the direction to the beaches and other tourist attractions. We turn therefore to the local beach. .

Tenerife, Punta del Hidalgo

The advantage of most of Spain is that in addition to free roads in most cities the amount of free parking. For the week stay we never paid and we always parked in 3 minutes drive from the center or the beach. The advantage, of course, was our minicar. In Punta del Hidalgo are two places suitable for swimming. The first are the pools on the terraces and the adjacent sandy beach with black sand. Swimming in the sea but not very good due to big waves and generally rocky coast. But local surfing school says that this place is popular with surfers. Second place, about 2 km closer to the lighthouse is even more interesting. The lava cliffs are built wooden walkway leading to the protected lagoons. .

Tenerife, Punta del Hidalgo

Here you can swim, but to rest on the sand forget. But the place is definitely worth a visit. Continue for about 2 km to the Cape of Punta del Hidalgo. The road ends here and you can continue to the nearby national park hiking trails. I recommend to visit the tourist information center located in the center of the roundabout at the end of the road. There is a free number of maps and brochures with information for tourists. It's 11 o'clock and so we go for a short walk through the canyon. No beaches here do not expect, but the surrounding steep volcanic slopes for Central fascinating. I can confirm with certainty that Tenerife is often its wildness and diversity rivaling Hawajským Islands. .

Tenerife, Punta del Hidalgo

At least here I feel like a year ago when visiting Kauaui. more here. After about an hour we return to the car and continue the trip to the North. The information center gave us a tip on a visit to the historic town of La Laguna.
We are on the way, so let the local council. After about 20 minutes, parked about 200 m from the center, again free of charge. A recommendation was really visit the site. La Laguna and its center is listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Tenerife, La Laguna

It's as if you were back in the architecture of 300-400 years back. According to information is built in a similar style and Havana, Cuba. To explore the city, we only need about 2 watches and a stop at a local café. Dominates the local town hall and the church were closed. Yet definitely recommend a visit.
After the tour we go to the mountains and climb the road TF 12 to about 1000 meters above sea level. On the way we stopped at the prospects that are sufficiently well marked in advance. The temperature is gradually reduced and the wind is picking up momentum. The prospect of Las Mercedes parked dress and nylon jackets. Leads away a large number of hiking trails, marked,

Tenerife, Anaga

the surrounding rainforests. Trees and shrubs are not quite as big and thick as Hawaii, but even so, you can make a good idea of ​​what it looks like in the jungle. We choose about 4 km tour. The paths are trampled and basically no place to get lost. We are located in the zone of clouds, and so changes often beautiful view of the coast with a cloud where you can see nothing. The fact that the coast is 25 C, you can forget it. The temperature dropped down to 12 C and wind fits. After winding narrow

Tenerife, Anaga

road continues around the entire northern coast and who likes control on winding roads so there certainly enjoys. Even when the weather keeps changing from the sun to moderate rain, it is clear that this trip will be one of those unforgettable. Our goal today is probably the most famous beach on Tenerife in the town of San Andre A, the closer to the coast and decreasing altitude, the temperature is again raised to 25 C. However, the sky has remained under a cloud, the photos of this unique beach we could not catch according to our ideas.
In the vicinity of the beach is once again free parking for hundreds of cars. The beach is really beautiful, even if such Kalamitsi beach in Greece we liked more. Read more
here.  I was cloudy here but nice tans and so after 3 hours of going on the way to the hotel. We had a wonderful day trip to the mountains is bathing. That's how I imagine a good holiday. At the hotel we return in about 19 ​​hours. Pasta with tuna and coffee and beer are the best ending day.
other beautiful photos from this day can be seen
  here :

next day :  Icod de los Vinos, Garachico, La Palmar.



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