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Egypt - Hurghada 2008

Egypt - Hurghada 2008
from birth have a sense for the game and would like to participate in various competitions. Therefore, when the radio has been running for a South that month contest for last minute trips to the sea tells you why not try it too. The rules are simple. Simply listen to the radio and when the steamer zahučí call to the radio. If you do dovoláš first surprised, how is it possible that you just got through with you. Whilst prize is a ticket and stay for two at the hotel for a week for free. Free course in this case does not mean free. This is a classic advertising and sale last free airplane seats. The condition is the fact that the collapse and leave for two days and free means you pay airport taxes, fuel surcharge and pay off diet. And now start.
Shortly after returning from our trip to southern Italy - Calabria (read here) is close to the summer holidays and I like every time I go to Hodonin. I listen to the radio and hums in the steamer. Then dial the phone and I'm on the air. The following is a classic. I can not believe how this could fail and more blah blah .. The interview ends and I learn information. It is based on the following win free holiday for two for a week in Hurghada Egypt. It is June 28, 2008 and departure is already 30.6.2008. The advantage is that this time is the possibility of departure from Brno. Free holidays in the cheapest variant is based on the co-pays and visa for 6600 - CZK for one without the foods in the worst hotel. In the words of an assistant, who called is necessary to choose a better hotel. Well, if it's free, let's at least worth it. We take 4 Star hotel with All Inclusive. And we have a free holiday for two for 21,000 CZK. Do not take it if you've won. At the halfway point I turn the car and the woman I call home, whether coagulate the next day at noon we leave. Totally do not understand what I mean. Only after arriving understand. The following is the composition of the money in an account and buying CK mandatory travel gear. Passports and visas fortunately we get to the airport. I luckily the wife understands cease to protest and soon collapsed.
Schedule of holiday:
Departure 1.7.2008 Brno - Ostrava - Hurghada arrival in about 23 hours airport shuttle.
2-7 .7. 2008 free program
8.7 In 2008! morning departure Hurghada - Brno
Due to the fact that it should be up to 7 days!? The result is read at the end.
The budget for the two:
win a free holiday for 7 days for two O-CZK
supplements to leave free for two ca 21000 - CZK
money with them to spend about 500 USD CZK 14,000-of which spent
trip to the island Gifton pův.cena 20 USD / person, 15/os decreased to 30 USD
trip on quads pův.cena 30 USD / person, 22/os decreased to 44 USD
due to the fact that our all inclusive was really complete, we spent only water in the room, snorkelling gear, sunscreen and gifts.
Overall in 3500, ie 200 USD CZK
Total cost for 2 people to about   1,000- Eur
July 1, 2008, transfer to the airport and after 18 years I again get in the plane. The following is the shortest flight in my life. Do not worry, fortunately, in 45 minutes we land in Ostrava, we took another winner free holiday. But be careful. Indeed, there were a few tourists, who paid a normal price, eg 17 000 CZK. For a similar hotel and meals. So happy that we saved waiting for what awaits us in Hurghada. Airplane recall my young years when I flew into the already former USSR. The journey takes about 4 hours and after 22 pm local time land in Hurghada.
Day 1 After landing immediately recognize the difference. In 23 hours a night temperature above 33 C and stuffy. Bus rozveze us all possible hotels, and we end up alone at the Bella Vista. At the reception we get the keys to the bungalow in the hotel garden and helper who will lead us there. So the first impression is good. Probably corresponds to the local Hotel 4 star accommodation while building and bungalows are the best for you. But everything is replaced by a beautiful garden full of palm trees and flowers. Later, when I read the reviews to learn that this is probably the nicest hotel garden in Hurghada. With that I agree. The apartments are older, especially shower should have long needed renovation. Overall, the problem mainly in Egypt with water. We often ran the shower water with sand. So, on the personal hygiene (teeth, etc.) you need to buy bottled water. Early fall asleep and look forward to what lies ahead.
Day 2 bungalow was fortunately equipped with air conditioning, so sleep was fine even after all others stay very appreciated. Probably would not recommend anyone to take accommodation with no air conditioning in this term. Morning breakfast. We got a permanent pink wrist bands (marked by guests paid services), so we have all day access to the dining room as well as drinking and even in the hotel pool. Which definitely recommend everyone. Bungalow we have about 20 m from the pool and about 30 is on the hotel beach. Overall, the hotel is on a very decent level. The only flaw is moored cruise ships in the same bay. Upon departure and arrival is enough to feel. But as one of the few hotels we have at least a small coral right on our beach. But after our trip to Giftun we describe coral laughed. As you can see in the pictures around the hotel and pool, and the beach was really beautiful.
Photo two days here
Day 3 The weather really can not do anything but lie in the shade and swim in the pool or sea. Perfect is that we have a beer, cola, juices and ice cream for free and even in the pool. Even some alcohol there. Despite the very hot 38 CVE shadow plan some trips. I looked at our travel agency to offer what they had at the reception. There were a large number of collection trips. To Cairo and Luxor by bus for the day and we do not want to choose a local neighborhood. Beautifully looks like a trip to a local island Giftun with magnificent surroundings, white sandy beaches and coral snorkeling on the right. Price from CK was $ 30. At the end it said that such trips do not recommend buying from local Ck even if cheaper. So I tensed and it was clear that it is necessary to ask the competition on the street. Do not worry. Everyone in Egypt is also quickly learn Czech or Russian to sell you something. Much more than elsewhere, it is a rule of haggling. Give an indication, I recommend a maximum of half the original price, and if you like it we can get even lower. So I hit the streets of Hurghada and soon found a short distance from the hotel travel agency that offered the same trip for $ 20. And now it is spared. So I took a leaflet drop by that evening. In the afternoon, however, we stopped for a very personable young Egyťan that was even in the Czech Republic. We got to talking and it became clear that organizes these trips as well. Moreover, he had a recommendation from the hotel. Price 20 USD is the same, but I can bite bargain. I say that in the near travel agent offered me a discount for 18 per person and we're going two. Proposed 17th I was like 13 and i buy another trip. Finally, we pay for this half-day trip with lunch for 15 USD and for the other half day with dinner and a trip on quads and evening program for $ 20. Against the offer from Czech CK (the same trip with the same program), we saved 110 USD. A bargain is not worth it. In addition, our new friend we have several good advice.
Day 4  trip to the island Giftun. The advantage this time is that our ship sails directly from the bay from the hotel. We go along the coast about 45 min. Along the way slítají flocks of gulls, which feed the crew throwing food. Simply an attraction for tourists. Runs us about 30 people. All snorkelling equipment to receive and who wants to lifejackets. We'll see if the wife as a non-swimmer ever decides overboard. The sea is absolutely calm and clear. Arrive on the island and it is clear that it is really local attraction for tourists. Here you will find really a beach as you can see in the pictures CK you attract. After seeing the photo I certainly agree with you. It's a huge hot. Temperature in the shade around 41 C, but here it really can endure. Beautiful clear water, white sand and steady breeze is the best medicine. However, I recommend to take a trip plenty of water (you only get two bottles) and sunscreen with the highest factor is commonplace. After two watches on the beach for us to ship arrives and we go to lunch. This consists of what the crew caught between the sea and brought some vegetable salads. I must say that the food was very tasty. After lunch, we leave for another local attraction and it's local snorkeling at the coral. This year we were in Calabria where the beautiful sea of ​​Capo Vaticano. But in terms of marine life here in the Red Sea so it can not be compared to anything I've ever seen. Even the wife is finally resolved with a vest and still remembers the gorgeous garden with a variety of fish. It's impossible to popsat.To need to see. The overall impression from our trip to the island Giftun is clearly the one with the asterisk. And at that price! I look forward to what awaits us tomorrow in the desert on quads.
photo 4 days here
Day 5 In the morning, as usual, we spent at the pool or on the beach and after lunch for us to arrive at nearly new Toyota van that dares us about 30 km from the city to the desert town. Descended there are a lot of people and you divide by the language skills to groups. Czech guide do not, therefore, add to the young Russian guides. From him we learn a lot about local Egyptians. He has been living here three years and speaks fluent Arabic. First, we go for a short ride on camels and then after a short briefing on quads in the desert. Motorbikes are almost new machines, so you learn to control within a few minutes. They rode with us older husbands and even control them with no problem. The quads that we went to a village on the edge of the desert. Here, after a short excursion can buy ointments such that locals made of camel fat and toxic watermelon. We bought ourselves ointment and long used as headaches. After returning to the base followed by a delicious dinner and after the evening program. Performed here such as dancers or fakir with snakes. After the program we brought around 22 hours back to the hotel. So again we can evaluate to 1 with an asterisk. A big thank you this is our Egyptian guide.
photo 5 days here
Day 6. We spend all day at the pool and in the evening we go through the local shops that buy some gifts. Finally, we decide that the rest purchase an tomorrow. But we have one more day evening, along with two other Czechs talking on the terrace. They leave tomorrow and we are pleased that we can still enjoy the last day. We're going to sleep after 24 hours
Day 7  I sleep and suddenly I hear the phone .. Sleepy I lift the handset and the other end to hear someone from the front desk. I do not see anything at all, but somehow dopídím that we have to get up and prepare for departure. I prefer to leave the reception and safe picking passes and vouchers. What day is actually today. After all, we have 7 days. Finally, I see that really we're leaving today. As seven days counted on the first day of our trip here. So sad that we took one day leave even buys one for you at this time, it is possible to spend local currency. And these are cigarettes. We take two cartons and in 20 minutes we packed. After another 30 minutes the bus arrives and together with other dares us to the airport. So maybe one day, except that we missed our holiday hit really cool. I was a little worried how we survive the heat in July in Egypt, but in the end we would still have remained. Given that we have from CK assistant for a week did not need anything I can evaluate. Anyway, I'm glad we chose this particular standard, and thanks to CK for choosing this hotel.
So if you've read this far and you are interested in more low cost trips wait for the sequel. If you have questions or if I can provide you with further information do not hesitate to contact me. If you have yourself some stories of your travels, share with us or send us a link to your website.


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