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France - Paris 2009


In September 2008, we took advantage of special offers from Sky Europe and purchased a return ticket for 2 euros in Paris in March 2009. We wanted to try out what you can see in Paris for two days at the least cost. Maybe you a description of our trip will serve as inspiration to. I will try to describe the journey as much detail as possible.

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Information described here may change in the next years and before traveling, always verify the current situation!

The cost of staying in Paris.

Length of stay departure Vienna  8.3.  2009 at 08.00 am

                       departure Paris  10.3. 2009 at 17.35 pm

We drove a total of 5 per costs are allocated on one axis

return air ticket Vienna - Paris Orly                                   2 Eur 

fee for credit card payment                                             8 Eur 

Accommodation in Paris for 1 night                                  15 Eur

Transportation in Paris Ticket                                        1.14 Eur

Food in Paris 1 * lunch                                                  6-8 Eur

journey to Vienna about 2 * 150 km about                         8 Eur                                                                                                     --------------------

Total cost for one person                                           cca 55 Eur   

Information about Paris Orly airport and travel to the center of Paris and other useful tips.


Orly airport is slightly larger compared to the Vienna airport. I will try to describe in more detail where the airport is located. For simplicity, I'll start from the top to the airport where we came upon disembarkation us. I note that the same company and aircraft can land at other outlets. So after landing, we drove through a tunnel into a long hallway. About 400 m in the middle there is a running belt and last only 100 m away. Walk through the glass doors and you are in the 4th floor of the airport. This is the arrivals gate No.3. You are on the terrace of 30 * 30 meters where about 10 people waiting. This place is the best place here at the airport if you spend a long time or if you need to sleep at the airport crash, just like us. Only in this section is related to the seat after 3 or 4 without handrails between the seats. In addition, here comes a very few people, and extinguish light overnight. Walked here and local police and checked us only smile. The biggest buzz doing the most important people cleaners. From the hall you can see below terásky 40 * 80 m from the terrace where I'll meet you downstairs in the hall there is a gate no.2 arrivals and departure gates A and across the hall B. There are also a few shops and especially nice toilets. There has been quite a lot of people even when they tried to sleep in different ways it was probably pretty hard. Meet the downstairs (stairs at the beginning in the middle and at the end of the hall). Meet me after you have any stairs to get to the airport floor. We are located in the largest hall where we can find on the left side, in the direction of the stairs, check-in, on the right side is a storage and distribution point for it is the arrival gate No.1. Opposite the baggage reclaim the sales booth at the bus tickets. This is an important landmark. Do note, that there is only one coffee machine prices from 1.1 to 1.4 euros. At various fora traveler addressing the issue of how to get to the center of Paris, the simplest way and what nelevněji. How to travel around Paris. Basically there are the following options. I myself spent a lot of time researching and there are basically these variants.

1 - Taxi. Comfortable, but dearest and occupancy 4 people.

2 - Orlybus or RER or bus to the city č.285 plus the combination of a single day ticket or card to each zone. The card is in my opinion worth visiting for more than 2 days       .

3 - Link utilization č.285 bus from the airport to the metro and after the ride to individual tickets. Us enough for a two-day stay in Paris 7 tickets. Details can be found on pages 1 and 2 day in Paris. If you are traveling more, I strongly suggest buying a Carnet Ticket. These tickets can be purchased directly on the above mentioned stand. Closes in 22 hours, I think they open in the sixth He speaks English. How to find the bus stop č.285 here. The bus runs from 5 in the morning for about 20 minutes during the day more often. Timetable is here. However, they are departures from Orly stops, but the final station. Not stop at the sign. The bus will stop. The ticket is only enters through the front door. The frame in the doorway of the bus on the reader card (on the way from the airport is to be the card for 6 zones), you just attach a card. If you have a ticket needs to be described in a grinder, which is located on the cab driver. Warning: The ticket must tuck and go, not to hold, goes into the grinder, label and starts back. Similarly, labeling takes place in the subway, only ticket turnstile exiting the second hole. Individual tickets are limited in time in the buses I think about 40 min. In the metro ticket is valid until such time as the metro exit. Ticket until you definitely do not squeeze out of the metro. When purchasing tickets you definitely take free subway map in English. Orientation in the tube is relatively easy and markings transitions are good. Transitions in the nodes but last a long time. Driving direction indicates the last stop. Attention only to the No. 7 line when returning to the airport, metro and trains splits alternate. In this case the final station wagons marked on the door. Metro stops are in central Paris, close together. As you know in the description of our stay 1 and 2. day stay in Paris can be quite cool to go through a substantial part of the most famous monuments of Paris on foot. It is then up to you how much time you spend in the various monuments.

Day 1 in Paris

Due to the change of the Sky Europe we fly to Paris the day before the evening than we had originally planned. Accommodation is provided for up to another night, so we decided to spend the night at the airport and begin our tour of Paris the next morning. At the airport, Orly are landing exactly 20 hours going through the gate No.3 and stay just after sunrise


in the 2 floor. In the evening, walk through the airport and find where the bus stop č.285 who go to the metro. The stand opposite the baggage Orlybus buy 2 * Carnet ticket for € 11.40 2 * 20 tickets. Route description and other information about the airport here. Passengers passes last 23 hours. Afterwards extinguish the light, it can be fairly relaxing. Overnight is a bit cold, it takes a sweater or jacket. The lights are spit around 4 AM in the morning. After breakfast at 5 h 45 min. We meet in the underground to the bus stop 285th The bus arrives in 10 minutes. Getting the front door. Call first ticket. Behind the vacancies. We're going to the final. It's 6 am, so the ride very fast. The weather awaits us, unfortunately cloudy with showers and wind. It is still dark. Luckily it does not rain, but it is relatively cold and wind really has power. To my surprise, after 15 minutes we arrive to the metro. It surprised us, because we expected that it will take more than 30 min. We enter the subway is called the second ticket. Evening at the airport, we decided that our first day we start seeing Paris at the Arc de Triomphe. After one transfer to the station we use the square Charles De Gaulle in front of us and the Arc de Triomphe (Arc de Triomphe). It begins to dawn and see the Arc de Triomphe Louvre build over the first solar rays.


Thanks to the strong wind, rain stopped before Paris, and we can make nice images of the Paris sights. Arc de Triomphe frame is taken even in dark conditions. We walk under the arch and moving to the famous Champs Elysees.

Louvre, Paříž

6.30 and there is no longer reigns busy. Cafes and refreshments are preparing for the next day. Everywhere supply wagons full of new products. We admire the futuristic cars from Peugot in one of the many luxury sallónů. Pass by the famous theater where she played Edith Piaf. Meanwhile, the sun rises and we suspect that we will have a day full of experiences. After 30 minutes of walking, we move to the other side. In the middle of the boulevard is a beautiful view of both sides toward the arch and towards the Obelisk. Now we're on the right side and admire other interesting buildings. Before us appears the famous statues of General Charles De Gaulle. Turn right from the Champs Elysees towards Siena. On the right side we have a beautiful building, the Palais de la Universite decorated with gilded freskami. Oposite is another interesting building Petit Palais.

Louvre, Paříž

We come to the Seine to the famous Parisian bridge Pont Alexandre III.Je 7 45 and the sun has already stepped up over the horizon. This allows us to take beautiful shots of the bridge and remote Eifelovky. We go over the bridge and continue to the park. Before us is building the Army Museum (Musee de l'Armee) and it is visible golden dome of the Invalides (Hotel des Invalides). Here is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is 8 15 and we seem to have seen half of Paris. Turn left and the streets we come back to the Seine. Right in the middle of buildings rises a beautiful church. We are moving river and the park in front of us. The number of people who have spent Monday morning workout surprise us. Park a short walk we return to the familiar sights of Obelisk. Beautiful Octagonal pond is in the middle of the park. The only thing we are struck two massive iron wall. According to stop them, we later decided that they were deliberately built for people who are trained and did not rely on other walls in the area. Another reason we can think of. In the pictures, however, seem odd. I turn back and walk through the park towards the Louvre. The sun is rising, cold, but beautiful. Number of tourists suggests that we are approaching a major monument. We observe Louvre Pyramid, fountains, Arch. Blue sky, green grass. And it's only March. Visit this place just can not be omitted. A tour of the Louvre itself, however, there is no time. Inside you can be a few days and still see only the minimum. From the outside the whole complex of works impressively. We go through the Louvre and Siena are moving again and we find ourselves in the oldest part of Paris, on the island of Ile de la Cite. Pass by the Palace of Justice building. Apparently there preparing some important session because all around were perhaps 200 masked police officers, including snipers. Any vehicle that passes by is inspected whether the vehicle has placed some explosives. U.S. tourists with backpacks, however, ignore. However dare shoot. I only have 1 photo Police vehicles lined up. We continue along the river and we are close to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It's 10 hours before the cathedral is of course far more people. We stop at the toilets, which are nearby. Payment is what dáte.Od 10-50 cents. Resting on the benches and enjoy the sunshine. After a while, it comes to us a young gypsy woman (perhaps somewhere with the Balkans, Serbia claimed that) and handed us a ticket where asking for a contribution to food etc. After by individuals with similar experiences with us doing it in English and I can not cease to respond. Similarly, landed in the other cases. Yet she was persistent. Probably worth it. Rather, we set out on a tour of the cathedral. The tour inside the count for about 30 min. Is 11 hours. Behind us about 6-7 km away. Especially the youngest is starting to show fatigue, so we decide that we will break for lunch now. Accommodation is agreed between 14-18 hours about 2 km away near the Place de la Bastille. For more information on accommodation can be found here. We leave from the cathedral and go back to the same side of the river. Pass by the town hall. We go straight on and in the distance we see a kind of tall building mad shapes. After a few minutes we come to the famous Centre Pompidou. What fool decided on how to build something like this in the heart of Paris? A must see and everyone let him do his opinion. The inspection of internal exposure is quite great interest and the queue in front was longer than Notre Dame. However, we continue a bit further and now in another building houses a restaurant Lunch. The advantage of these restaurants is that after paying one of the dishes you have chosen some other attachments without limitation free. For more information, see the box where to eat.

In the restaurant, we steak for 6 euros. Definitely do not recommend. It is basically a piece of frozen minced meat burger type. Moreover, in France, are probably used to eating fried meat only slightly. Ignorant of local conditions, I got a steak that was still cold inside. Good thing I had a moment before, while cold, but at least Czech baked steak. Recommendation! Stake stake is not in Paris. Definitely not to take. Some of us have fared better. Meat with mushrooms or fried slice of smoked meat was the best option.  

After an unsuccessful lunch we explore the area Pompidou. There are a lot of attractions. Certainly will take a nice park and the church, in front of which is a huge stone head. In the afternoon, we are tired accommodate. We get to have 1 room apartment near the center. The equipment is well-used, but the center of Paris again for a great price. On some evenings we walk around the neighborhood after dinner and lie down. 

Day 2 After breakfast and after returning the keys leaving metro direction Montmarte. As for me I would say that this part of Paris I definitely like the most. On the hill there is a neighborhood of artists and Notre Dame.

Sacre Coeur, Paříž

Today the weather, not solve much. It's overcast and windy, at least it's not raining. Move through the gardens and terraces after we wind down to the Moulin Rouge. From there we leave to our subway next destination. In a few minutes longer to come to Eiffel tower.

Eiffel tower, Paříž

There is obviously a lot of people due to time constraints we go up. So we go through a local park. Here we try to some swarthy guy trick. When we sit on a bench, comes around and suddenly bends for something to our bench. And suddenly something held in the hand and gives mom. English breakneck explains to us that we have lost something and gives a gold ring for which would have done no baron. When he explained that our offer is not at least say it to us as a gift and memory of Paris in just 50 Euro.


Unbelievable what all can think of. Fortunately, soon realizes that here nepochodí so angrily leaves. After a while, we continue exploring the park and its surroundings. But our time is running out and we are moving to the airport. The journey passed without problems and after landing in Vienna, where we no longer expect to continue home. 

And so we have done our first low-cost trip that we have secured all by yourself. For the whole time I was waiting for what other supplements, whether for tickets or accommodation we are still waiting. Today I finish this article I have already had several trips with a smile I remember this first. Sky Europe for us shortly after he collapsed. Fortunately for us, the concept of low-cost flying utilize more followers and so nothing further prevent our traveling. If you've read this far so thank you and i wish you a wonderful experience. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. 

Photo album from the trip here

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