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Greece. Holidays, Travel. Halkidiky by car.


Hints and tips on the way to the Chalkidiky. preparation and itinerary.

Greece certainly have been rated among the best European destination as the holiday is concerned. I too have long thought that we need to go to Greece to see to be convinced of their own eyes. This year so far is perfect as the Specials airfares to Greece is concerned, and it's a country within driving distance away. Own vehicle in place is another advantage and it is soon decided. At the May holidays going on Chakidiky.

Řecko Sithonia

Route plan:
05/01/2014 exit from Brno in about 7-8 hours Classical transit through Slovakia off the highway. Congress Kuta and then by road to Malacky and upward, where you can roll on the highway without charge. After the highway via Bratislava and Rajka crossing into Hungary. Here again, off highway direction Gyoer, Balaton and south to Serbia. Transition Subotica.
With action on discount coupons for Airbnb, we solved 1 night accommodation in Palic. The small town, located about 5 km from Subotica and about 3 km from the direction of Beograd and further into Macedonia and Greece. Check in at about 16 am explore the area.
05/02/2014 Breakfast and departure at about 8 pm Now use the highway through Serbia, Macedonia and Greece. Check in Polichrono (Kassandra peninsula) in about 19 ​​hours Accommodation and again with Airbnb coupon for 4 nights.
3-5.5.2014 sunbathing and swimming weather and exploring the beaches and other attractions Kassandra peninsula.
05/06/2014 departure in about 11 hours and a trip to Thessaloniki. Afternoon departure to Toroni. South of the peninsula Sithonia.
7-9.5.2014 sunbathing and swimming weather and exploring the beaches and other attractions of the peninsula Sithonia.
May 10, 2014 in the early hours of departure home without an overnight stay.

Budget holiday. For 3 adults and 2 children.
1st night using coupon 800 CZK, including all taxes
4 nights Polichrono with coupon 1720 CZK, including all taxes.
4 nights Toroni without coupon 3920 CZK, including all taxes.
Accommodation for 5 people for 9 nights CZK 6440.
We'll own vehicle to LPG operation. The advantage is borrowed coffin on the roof, so the space in the car is enough. Highway sign CZK 0 Slovakia, Hungary 0 CZK. Serbia paid toll card: 190 + 730 + 330 = DIN 1250 DIN 2 times ie about 600 CZK
Macedonia tolls paid in cash 50 +60 +50 MAK 2 times tj.cca 120 CZK. You can pay in euros. We returned to 50 EUR 40 EUR and the rest of the MAK, enough on the way back. Attention! Neither of the two MC card from Citibank to answer. Apparently, it is necessary to unlock the phone any payments in Macedonia.
Greece. No fees or tolls on the road between the border and not Chalkidiky. PHM. Normaly upon departure from the Czech Republic Full) 60 l) LPG and about 30 l beznin.
Hungary has a price of LPG is high enough. About 280 HUF 1 l Tj. about 25 CZK per 1 l
The first refueling LPG (47.57 liters) until the next day before leaving in the burning of about 200 m from the house to the OMW. Payment by card without a problem. Serbia, the price of LPG around 85 DIN, ie about 20 CZK.
The second refueling (56.58 liters) still in Serbia on the highway. Again card and without problems. Price about 89 DIN. Petrol stations in Serbia are at a similar level as us. Regarding the frequency of the LPG is much more
Petrol stations. LPG price about 86-89 DIN.
Attention to stretch about 100 km from the border with Makedoniíí. There is a highway
Petrol stations minimum and without LPG. Until just before the border.
Third refueling (40.32 liters) until just before the border from Macedonia to Greece. Approximately 300 m before the border have also LPG and unequivocally recommend to full draw. The advantage is the possibility of payment in Euros and Euros and returns to full value. Macedonia LPG price MAK 37, tj.cca 17 CZK! 
Petrol stations in Serbia are at a similar level as us. Regarding the frequency of the LPG is much more čerpačkách. LPG price is the same everywhere MAK 37. Fourth refueling Greece. Only the addition of 20 l LPG to reach the Makedonie. Price LPG in Greece is about 0.86 to 0.9 Eur per liter
On the way back to the first refueling
Petrol stations in Macedonia. It is about 2 km for the transition. La 59.96 then 36.42 and 35.08 Serbia L. Then a few km on petrol already in the country. Overall, we drove over 3500 km and consumed 375 l of LPG and about 20 liters of petrol.
Total shipping costs are including toll of about 8200 CZK.
Food on the first day we had and then we buy local. Prices about 30% higher than ours.
The cost of food and other 6,200 CZK.
The total cost for 5 people for 9 nights They went out at about 760 Eur..

Day 1

Journey to Serbia. Subotica, Palic and surroundings, or where to spend the night on the way to Greece.

The whole journey for Slovakia took place without delay. Against the use of the highway is about 30 minutes longer. Passage through Bratislava after the free section of the highway was also without delay. Despite the transition Rajka continue on the road to good Gyoer and consequently the direction of Balaton. Level roads in Hungary is very good and the traffic density is minimal. It starts with warming up to 25C, so occasionally turn on the air conditioning. About 30 km upstream and downstream of Lake Balaton, the traffic density increases. It is clear that this will be a favorite vacation resort for the holidays quite full. Last about 100 km to the border with Serbia is on the road several longer villages. This alternative routes off the highway is about 60 km shorter, but it takes about 2 hours longer. Little worried about how we turn out our crossing into Serbia. She travels with us and my sister's son. About a day before departure, we found that the child traveling without their parents pay enough strict restrictions. My sister the day before the departure of some exercise various certificate certified by a notary and translated into English. All the instructions of the Consulate of Macedonia in Prague. After some traveling within the EU without borders arrive at customs. 3 cars in front of us and we for a moment at least. Inspection of documents is consistent. In addition to passports, customs, however, nothing else required. In fact, the customs look in the car and the child is located next to Big Bear. Smiling suggests that it should also have their own passport.
Then a tour of the booth with a smile leaving the direction of Subotica. The town itself is fairly uninteresting. It is everywhere to see how Serbia is still affected by the consequences of war. Although there are no burnt-out buildings as on the border with Croatia, but it is as if you went back 40 years ago. After a few minutes we arrived in the small town of Palic. Here we have accommodation in a private home. We are welcomed by a very nice Srb Tom Vidakovic. We learn that his daughter Lea Vidakovic is well known author and animation films for some time been studying in Brno. It has a wonderful collection of unique vintage vehicles of about 50 years. Absolutely unique is the American car from 1926. Drove the same car like AL Capone.
All vehicles can be rented for weddings, for example.

Palič Srbsko

We find that the nearby lake today celebrations take place May 1. But we have given over 400 km and tomorrow ahead over 1000 km so soon return to Tom's house.

Day 2 morning going with Tom to the local bakery for fresh bread and other Serbian specialties. Affordable everything is based as well as us. After breakfast we say goodbye to a nearby gas station OMW take to full LPG. Payment is cool maybe card. After 5 minutes of pans onto an empty highway direction Beograd. For highway in Serbia and Macedonia would have done no European country and compared with the CR totally wins. The quality is excellent roads, toll payments and low density traffic especially trucks, we can only dream of.
Until about the last 100 miles to the border with Macedonia can still go 130 Landscape in Serbia is a very interesting journey so quite enjoyable. As we approach the threshold, the landscape is constantly changing and interesting. Driving through the beautiful valley lined with pretty high mountains with thick forest. In the valley often come up to the level of the river. The following is smooth passage of a control on the border with Macedonia. Even there are no problems with the documents for the child without parents. After coming to Macedonia I notice one interesting is that I have yet to meet in Europe. After a few km to the highway completely detached and two-lane road to Skopje valley leads a completely different direction than the same highway from Skopje.
When I could not see the left side of the highway, so when I run I sometimes doubted that the left lane is really the same direction as the true and subconsciously I was expecting the car in the opposite direction. Fortunately, nothing like that came. Highway has a number of turns and the landscape around is beautiful. In the vicinity of Skopje is seeing the highest mountain in Macedonia in May where i was seen on top of the snow. For tourists looking for a handful of people and beautiful nature is certainly Macedonia Promised Land. Likewise for the driver in terms of price for patrol. Certainly on the border with Greece pretty refuel in full and for a little while, we approach Thessaloniki. From the border with driving on a highway to the unpaid Thessaloniki and then you arrive at the Chalkidiky. Here the road splits depending on which one you are pointing peninsulas. We will be 4 nights on the peninsula Cassandra, and then 4 nights at Sythonii.
Last roads and watch at 19 o'clock local time we arrived in town Polichrono. Located on the east side about in the middle of the peninsula and is a smaller resort.
Now, in May the preparation for the summer season, but the number of tourists and cars is not acceptable. Accommodation is found without difficulty, even though there are no street signs. The owner of the apartment, which we ordered Airbnb us all perfectly described. Already during his meeting with her and her parents, it is clear that this is a very friendly family. Accommodation 30 m from the beach and parking next to the house is a complete luxury.


Large aviary with canaries and beautiful palm trees in the garden are the perfect complement to nearby apartments.

Day 3 is a classic breakout. In the morning we buy into empty shops. Fresh bread is about 20% more expensive. Excellent local tomatoes at a price of about EUR 1.3 and above all I recommend buying oranges imported from Crete. At a cost of about € 1.2 tastes absolutely amazing. I do not remember that at us like sweet and juicy oranges sold. After that we head to the nearby beach. In this area are alternately sandy beaches and pebbly alternately. Virtually the entire eastern coast of Kassandra peninsula beaches are similar. As usual at each of our vacation we solve interesting is what you can see and find in the area.

 Polichrono okolí

In the afternoon, therefore we set out into the surrounding area Polichrono inland. After a few meters of asphalt road turns into a sand begins to rise. Prohibition of nowhere and we go until it goes. After about 20 minutes, get up above the city and we have a wonderful view of the direction of the sea and the mainland. According to the leaflet in the apartment would be located here pond with turtles.

Polichrono okolí

The journey, however, is steeper and take any risks without 4 wheel drive another climb.

 Polichrono okolí

We return therefore different path towards the sea. We pass through a sharp bend, descending the stone path and suddenly signs indicating lake. We came from the other side. The lake is the refraction of the Valley. It has about 30 mA neighborhood is densely overgrown with reeds. The pond leads the beaten track and at the end of the observation site. Someone here before us left a bag of bread. Immediately thrown into the water really ever swarm around a huge number of smaller fish. A turtle will soon arrive. They have about 25 cm, but for the moment we see them at least 10th Later we learn from the local to the pond and the fish is about 1 m pond is about 2 km from the town and definitely worth a visit.
The journey from Polichrono here:
We return to the apartments and enjoy the sunset.

Day 4 beautiful beaches of Kassandra peninsula, Halkidiki.

Today we devote to discover the most exciting beaches of the peninsula. In the morning we set out on the road to the south. In the neighboring village Pofkofori can arrive by car right up to the beach.
The route here:
The beach is really very similar to that in Polichrono, but in the tourist season, there seems to be less crowded. First, it is longer and wider, and especially continuing beyond Pofkofori. A few km from Pofkofori is a beautiful beach called Paradise

Kassandra beach of paradise

and the adjacent lagoon serving as a harbor for yachts and fishing boats. On this beach has been dominated by sand and place mainly in the lagoon is protected from the waves. It is clear that local camp is certainly a popular destination for mainly residential campers and fishermen, as well as tents. There is a wonderful peace disadvantage of distance to the shops. Continue along the road and after approximately another 2 km to arrive probably the most beautiful beach you can visit to Kassandra. The name Golden Beach telling. From the main road can be a cool ride almost to the beach. And today is the beach quite full. Cars with BG brand name suggests, it is a popular destination for Bulgarians.
Definitely the most beautiful fine sand and secluded bays, predispose this beach for families with children. Although the windy beaches of others, so here, the sun fully supported. The swimming sheer splendor.

Kassandra Golden beach

I really love to go back. Today, however, continue to the southernmost tip of Kassandra. We turn from the main road and continue on the new narrow asfatce. We drive through olive orchards and is seen here that even mass tourism came. While approaching the sea, and is building a residence for wealthy tourists with yachts. After about 8 km you will come to a small fishing village where there is a small chapel and a tip of the peninsula ends here. He would be able to proceed only with four-wheel drive. It is to know that we came to the open sea. The wind picked up and do the proper ripples. Here we have not found the beach, but the place is quite photogenic. If you have a car, it is worth a visit.


We're moving back towards the main road and then on the West Coast. In the town of Paliouri to give direction to the sea. After some 100 m to the road again turning into a sand road. We will not give up and descend towards the sea. On the right side we have forests of the National Park. After about 2 km we arrive almost to the sea. West Coast is much more rocky and so do not find any beach. But it is a beautiful secluded place for hiking. Navigation and shows us the way along the coast to the port town of Loutra. After about 2 km journey however give up and return to the main road. I do not know what to say helpdesk if we find something wrong. Follow the main road is a Loutre in about 20 minutes. Before LOUTRA is a beautiful view of the famous local spa with sulphurous water.

Kassandra Loutra

It's probably the most photogenic places on our present path. On the left side we have mentioned national park, which we wanted to pass. Around the sea really is coming, but at least for sledding SUV. We meet there all the way down to the beach below the spa closed. The beach attracts us fossil marine crocodile.

Kassandra Loutra

Surely there must be wonderful to watch the sunset. We have already had a lot of experience and we have afternoon with Mr. domestic scheduled grilling fish and so we return along the same path to Polichrono. We have had some nice 4 hour trip and definitely recommend it to anyone who is in Halkidiki car.

Kassandra Loutra

Upon arrival at the apartment waiting for us for the landlord and shows us beautifully cleaned the fish we bought in the morning. With amazement I find that they are treated not only large pieces, but also about 1 kg of small sardines. In Bulgaria we got these fish is grilled intestines. Kindle fire on the grill and after about 15 minutes of grilling already get a big fish on a plate. From home even get a salad of olives and a bottle of wine.


After the meal already starting to plan for tomorrow's visit to Thessaloniki.

5 days. Moving to Sithonia.

morning after packing up we say goodbye to a perfect host. Do not buy excellent olive oil domestic production and promise to love to come back in the future. Shortly after the departure of the direction of Thessaloniki is clear that this would be in terms of weather the worst day. While it is warm, but strong winds and clouds coming from the interior indicate the possibility of rain. With the approach of the Thessaloniki begins to rain lightly, so we decide to turn and going straight into the village of Sithonia Toroni, which is situated almost at the very end of the peninsula. Already after driving about 20 km you can see that compared to Cassandra here will be much more especially the beautiful sandy beach. The great advantage of Sithonia is also much smaller concentration of resorts and conversely much larger number of beaches. Before we get to Toroni, pass at least 5 long beaches and we are certainly much missed. It is clear that we are waiting 4 wonderful days full of exploring the beautiful beaches.
Upon arrival at the apartments we're going to look at one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The beach stretches over 2 km around Toroni. You already dominates pre-season atmosphere. At the end of the beach to the south on a cliff above the sea level rises ruins of the fort. We'll take a short walk and after 10 minutes we come to the barrier. Entrance to the fort is disabled for security reasons. We continue towards the south and the well-trodden paths we head along the coast of the natural park. Continue for about 30 minutes and walk certainly
worth it. Magnificent views of the coastal cliffs on the other side of the white rocks above us. For the whole afternoon, we meet in the park only one pair of tourists. After about an hour of the
return to the apartment and plan trips for the next three days.
Day 6 The most beautiful beaches of Chalkidiki.

The route here:
Everytime I try to leave our car thanks to discover the most beautiful and most remote beaches. So after passing the wonderful beaches of the peninsula Sithonia is already looking forward to their beautiful sandy beaches and long ..

Řecko Sithonia

After a good breakfast we head towards Thus, the southernmost point of Sithonia. And it takes less than 5 minutes and stop in the fishing village of Kofos. The road is lined absolutely amazing bay lined with perhaps 2 km beautiful beaches. Everything is enhanced by the beautifully clear sky and sun in the perfect position for shooting. Both sides of the bay ends high rocky cliffs, due to which there is absolute calm and the temperature is 3 C higher than in Toroni,

Řecko Sithonia

So to us that today's trip starts beautifully. Just beyond the village Setting navigation to the southernmost tip of the peninsula and enter the traditional sandy path. After about 3 km we come to a completely deserted beach, in which the amount of gardens and picnic area for boaters. Further south from here the path is longer and 4 wheel drive and are seen rather rocky cliffs. We return therefore to Kofos and continue to the east coast. The road rises up to 300 meters high and we can see in one of the bays of artificial ponds for oysters. There are at least 10 and is beautiful to see how the water from the seas beautifully clean. After crossing the ridge we stop at a viewpoint near the restaurant where the beautiful beaches, the Kalamitsi. On the way down we will have a short detour and test what comes out of our Eagle. No housing stock somewhere I really wanted to make that drive to all four wheels.

Řecko Sithonia

We travel to Kalamitsi and arrive to the beach. And again we are totally impressed. A year ago we visited Hawaii (here) and we thought that such beaches as there are in Europe. When you get to the beach in Kalamitsi as you like in Hawaii. Amazing bay with an island. The wide sandy beach with fine white sand and perhaps only the surrounding hills could be more overgrown. Still really is a beach in Kalamitsi one of the most beautiful I've seen. It is clear that we have to stay here longer, so unpack everything. There is definitely more than 25 C and the sun about 10 more. Just now starting to ride cleaning cutters and so is a large part of the beach cleanup. The minimal number of hotels in the area and the greatest distance from Thessaloniki airport, this town ideal for a relaxing holiday. Especially in high season, prices are at a fairly high level. Therefore, so enjoy it with the current atmosphere, where in addition to us on the beach more than 10 people.
Can we take here more than four hours after a snack continue our exploring local attractions. Continue along the road and the exit of the coast we see on the right side toward the coast dense network of small concrete roads leading to the coast. Curiosity me not to and navigation sets the last bud on the road to the shore, where they can get by navigation.

Řecko Sithonia

We turn down the dirt road, which after about 500 m on concrete changes. We pass countless branches, the sides are sidewalks and stairs to nowhere. It seems to us like a maze of car or unfinished development project, missing houses. We cross over the bridge, on which stand two cows in the middle. After the blast weird look and retreats. After about 10 minutes to arrive at the end of the road. From there to the coast leads only concrete pavement. And all around nothing but rocks and pastures. But the view of the last of the Halkidiki peninsula is wonderful here. The peak of Mount Athos is best seen from here. For shooting it wanted to get some night. Photos at sunset would definitely wonderful. Another tip what to do next. The navigation set our next destination, the town Pigadaki. Navigate us but somehow lead the way in the ways of the maze. Here we come around to the same road, we arrive at the end of a road under construction and navigation prompts us to go further.
We stop and we welcome another vehicle from the car and the crew does not know how to get back on the highway. While they are on the road kind of color arrows, but the exit rather than pull us back to the sea. So I set the navigation point exactly towards the main road and after passing through a few branches around the end of the bridge, where we avoided the cows and after another 5 minutes we are back to the main. Uh, no navigation it would therefore be difficult. But I definitely recommend visiting this attraction. My opinion is that it is the remnant of a very important project, paid by the EU.
After the ring road therefore continue to Pigadaki. A local beach again continued to Paralia Sikias is beautiful. Nevertheless, we note that Top beach in Halkidiki is in Kalamitsi.

Řecko Sithonia

Approaching the late afternoon, so after passing the sea again highways and byways return to the main road. Navigate us again leads abbreviated directly through the mountains, but after consultation with the local, the path is bad enough, we choose the return journey to Toroni the ring road.
It is for us another beautiful day and I can unequivocally say that when Chalkidiky and beautiful beaches and nature and of Sithonia. Those who prefer malls, shops and entertainment then give priority to Cassandra.

Day 7 This day we devote the bulk of swimming at the beach yesterday discovered in Kalamitsi. It's our penultimate day and the weather wonderful again. Here in the south of Greece currently 25 C in the shade. On the beach again up to 15 people, so empty. In the afternoon, still going to buy LPG at the nearest gas station towards Thessaloniki. On the way to Toroni seemed to me that almost every LPG pump, but after driving 10 km to the first of them, we find that the nearest LPG is another 15 km. So the advice at the end. If you go to Toroni and you do not have full, then fill up with fuel between Thessaloniki and the town Nikiti, which begins Sithonia and on LPG is not already. Another option is the East Coast where the LPG in the town of Sarti. LPG price is almost the same everywhere around 0.89 Eur. On the way back to Toroni still discover other wonderful beaches and kompovací place, popular with tourists caravans.

Řecko Sithonia

Another beautiful beach is about 5 km before Toroni. But clearly Top Sithonia Kalamitsi beach and beach Top Cassandra's Golden Beach.

Day 8. Again, sunbathing, this time in the afternoon and Toroni already preparing for the trip home.
Day 9: The apartment has about leaving at 3 in the night and in the end, this decision proved to be an excellent option. Very quiet passing Thessaloniki almost no traffic and after a short detour we are on the border into Macedonia. Up to 7 hours on the Greek side of all pumps are still closed. Just before the switch is open, but as we know the prices of LPG, not only in Macedonia almost half. Right after the crossing, therefore we take full and relaxed in these passing through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. With short breaks our journey passes beautifully and around 19 hours we arrived at the border of the Czech Republic SK. Even a weak hour in Brno and the glory of hi trip, we're good at home.
If you really read everything, you have my admiration and if I can help you, be sure to consult at any time.

see all photos from our trip here:



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