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Hawaii, Kauai 5 days Waimea canyon full of fog and relax at Poipu Beach

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14 April 2013 Day 5

Night rained us and unfortunately we have wet sleeping bags. Fortunately, the morning rain ended and the dawn was clear that we will have a nice day. At least here on the coast. In the morning therefore
We dry sleeping bags and after breakfast planned for gas cookers are going on a trip to the local Waimea - Grand Canyon. The fact that it rained all night the way back in better condition than yesterday afternoon. After about 30 minutes, we turn to the left into the mountains and start to take vertical meters. Here at sea the sun is shining and the temperature is around 26 C, but the mountains are shrouded in clouds. Again confirms why the local peaks is one of the rainiest places in the world. In many reportage I've read that when the top few nice weather and if so only in the morning or a short period of time. We try therefore luck and still rising. Still not raining, but the clouds are getting thicker and from a height of about 500 meters above sea level is already visible as 500 m. And when we drive up to Waimea Canyon lookout over us so completely engulfed in fog.



Hawaii Kauai, Waimee canon



From the canyon are visible only to the tops and everything else about 10 m below is covered. Thus, Hawaii So we imagined. Well, while we're here and it's not raining, so we try to go to the top. So we are on the road č.550 Kekoee road to the end. A truly about 3 km before the rain starts. Thus we arrive at the last parking lot and try to get to the lookout. The rain is starting to thicken and it is the last straw.


Hawaii Kauai, Waimee canon and Kalalau lookaut


We get back to the car and solve a new variant. We're going to the coast at Poipu beach. Although I do not believe that we bathe, but at least not raining. A weather really is better by the minute and after arrival to the coast after 45 minutes, it seems to us that we are perhaps on another island. The temperature of the sun at least 30 C. We pass around a golf resort where Tiger Woods won 7 years at the local golf tournament and we come to the famous local beach. As usual, free parking and the beach and 100 m. Poipu Beach in addition to beautiful swimming and surfing offers a relaxed and beautiful excursions in the surrounding area along the coast.  


Hawaii Kauai, Poipu beach


So in the end our day today comes very well. Hopefully there will be a chance to return to Waimea Canyon.


Hawaii Kauai, Poipu beach


On the way back to the states Polihale still in Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park. It is the remains of a fort dating from around 1800 when the islands of Hawaii, dominated the Russian army group discoverers of America under the leadership of George Shaffer.


Hawaii Kauai, Forth Elizabeth


Then another meal at a local Mc Donald and path to the beach. After a day of sun path is almost dry, but the more dusty. There will be a beautiful sunset. Polihale Beach is probably westernmost place on earth where the sun sets. We meet with Stefan, who has a genuine pleasure that we met and we enjoy the sunset with a bottle of American beer. Tomorrow early morning waiting for us whisk around the island, so right after sunset we go to sleep in a tent. Tonight will be without rain.



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