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Hawaii 2013. 1 and second day, stop in Seoul

previous day, preparing a budget trip itinerary 

1. Day  Prague  - Seoul April 10, 2013
According to the plan we leave at 12 am from Brno. Check in Prague in about 15 hours. Friend us dare to about 16 airports in 30 hours. Departure is scheduled to be at 18.15 pm. Okay come to check in and drop our bags. Check-in and my wife will be fine and get boarding passes and tickets from the room, which will go up to the counter Honolulu.K accesses our favorite traveling companion. Doctor of the Austrian mountains, Czech and Austrian passport. While searching the system and then followed by shock and I kind of expected it. Asked whether the completed ESTU answers: What ESTU, I have an Austrian passport and told me that no visa as Austrian citizens do not need. This does not apply for several years. ESTU, or electronic visa, must have been completed and other EU citizens. What to do? Departure for 2 hours approaching. So try in practice as quickly as possible ESTU purchase. I pull netbook and connect to the local network. This form will take about 15 minutes. Card payments on the internet available to me and one final question. Date of entry into the USA is already tomorrow and visa for payment is non-refundable even if the refusal. Any forfeiture holiday to Hawaii and now I'm 50 on the 50th Enter a payment is made. About FTA minutes after stress relief comes. Esta is approved. Doctor, you're flying with us. We come to the counter with CSA certificate of award ESTY. However, the system even after several repetitions Ticketing allowed. Finally, the recommendations reboot the system and finally, it is clear that he will depart in three. I think we just crossed the shortest time for granting ESTY before departure. Do departure missing about 1 hour. Awaits us all life . Cca longest flight in the 10-hour flight across Asia.

Soul, Incheon, Korean air

Availability of aircraft is 70% max. After the experience with the last flight with Ryanair enjoying all entertainment and of course food.  

Soul, Incheon, Korean air

The following is our first chance acquaintance with Korean food. Oddly enough, the food is very tasty and filling. In particular, salads and dessert were excellent gether. Following artificial, but also the right night. Sleep is not so much after a few years at least watch a few international film blockbuster, but the most interesting is to observe the flight parameters. Somewhere over the Baikal get breakfast and for a moment we are moving through China  

Soul, Incheon, Korean air

to Seoul. The screen is beautiful to see how the air routes avoiding North Korean territory. We're just at the time when they are activated missiles, and the situation is really acute. Anyway, the plane lands on the runway at ease Incheon airport.

Soul, Incheon, Korean air

another beautiful photo from Incheon airpor  Here

Day 2 Seoul April 11, 2013
It's 11 am local time. Weather looks good. Despite the clouds here and there shines the sun. The plan is as follows: Departure airport train to downtown Seoul and visit the local temple in the most important. We leave the airport after about 50 minutes and for a further 10 min walk through a corridor to the lobby where you can catch trains to the city.  

Soul, Incheon, Korean air

next foto Here

Even at the airport, exchanging $ 100 per three people in the exchange office. The course here was based on 1089 won per dollar at no additional charge. The center gave 1095. Given that we need to buy a ticket from the vending machine now we have no choice, but the difference is really small. In automantu buy tickets. Description is in English and is very přehledné.Dá normal train ride of about 55 minutes for the price of 4050 Won or express about 45 min for 8000 won. Each ticket is valid deposit in addition to ticket 500 won, which after passing and insert the ticket into the machine, you get back. Information on prices
and transportation options can be found
  Here:   After a few minutes longer sit on the train.   

Soul, Incheon, Korean air

Unfortunately, we begins to retract and cool. We're going to the terminus Seoul station. Here is the main train station which can take you to most places in South Korea and of course there is a metro station. The machine buy a ticket for metro and one segment leaving the temple Gyeongbokgung Palace  

Soul, Gyeongbokgung Palace

foto Here

Fortunately, the signs also in English, so that the orientation is relatively easy. Everything comes without any problems and after 13 hours already get off a short distance from the entrance to the temple. Were purchasing tickets to the complex for 3,000 won. It's a weekday afternoon and everywhere is a large number of school groups out of the whole of Korea. It is clear that this complex is really well attended. The weather was still deteriorating and dark clouds rolling toward the mountains does not bode well. The air temperature drops to perhaps 4 C and stronger winds. Prosecute pass at least the main temple and the adjoining garden. It starts raining heavily and crowds of tourists along with us ends in a small cafe. 

Korea, Seoul Gyeongbokgung Palace

We have excellent coffee, served stylishly dressed Koreans. Coffee costs about 1,000 won more than admission to the temple. At the table we talked with tourists and then we find out that morning arrived from Hawaii. Of course they are also surprised when they announce that there're leaving tonight. Unfortunately, the rain intensified and it is clear that further examinations of nothing. So we are leaving to the airport. I am curious to visit the relax zone at the airport. This zone is located in the floor of the departure lounge and are available free showers, several PC or renting tablets, television, and several relaxation chairs and beds.   

Seoul, Korea Incheon airport, relax

On our return journey we are totally cool spent the night. The airport is also a good restaurant with mainly Korean and Chinese and Japanese cuisine. To a limited extent pizzeria. Prices of food, however, in comparison for example. Prague Airport very good. Food prices start at about 7,000 won. Some menu you can see in the photos. Anyway, I recommend the Korean rice dishes as an attachment. First, it is much tastier than rice served in the Czech Republic and especially much better compared to neutralize the sharpness of the pasta dishes. Personally tested. 

foto Here

Our flight to Honolulu departing exactly on time. Already at the onset it is clear that the availability of aircraft, this time will be almost 100%. There will be more about 8 hour flight, more artificial and real night. And the best part is that you actually have to land before we started. Crossing over is a data line in the opposite direction. Again, we get two meals, wine, juices, coffee, tea will. Korean Air service is really great and even access flight attendants pleased. Quickly fly over Japan. Again, watch the current data on the fly. We achieve this time and shortly highest flight level 12,900 mA speed flight against the country 1188 km-h. After a delicious breakfast the next sunrise landing in Honolulu. It is still 11 April 2013 to 10 h 30 min. morning. Ideal weather. 25 C sunny, slight breeze. Our long desired holiday really begins.  

The following day Hawaii, Honolulu




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