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Hawaii Kauai 2013.4 days and night at Polihale Beach

April 13, 2013 Day 4

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Again in the morning after a hearty breakfast we leave for the airport where we hand over the car and takes us to the local airport, from where we fly to the island of Kauai. Flying with Messa air. According to the statistics and information on the forum are years that companies often delayed. Which, unfortunately confirmed. Fortunately, only about 45 minutes. In addition, we are very spoiled this day weather forecast and even apparently waiting for us and a tropical storm. When checking in, we pay the mandatory $ 17 per checked bag. Let cool and runs about 45 minutes after we land at the airport in Lihue. Again, we expect formality with car hire. This time the company dollar again through car Billinger. Price for the whole week, including tanks and general insurance is 200 Eur. This time we get Mazda third only problem is that we find that the road to Polihale State Park is prohibited by this company.
In addition, the conditions have to agree with monitoring vehicle. We hope that nothing happens on the road, because for the first two nights we will camp just in this area.
Turning on the GPS and head direction Poipu beach. Along the way we build more restock the supermarket. There is the possibility to buy a suitable gas bottles for the price of 6 USD per 2 pcs. At the end
week stay we have about half the bombs remained. At the entrance to Market starts raining a lot and when we return as rain turns into a real downpour. I'm beginning to worry a little out of our way to Polihale. Last about 8 km is normally leads the way sand that is dry and hard navigable, and after such a storm that will be really interesting. Upon our arrival at the beach in Poipu we are surprised that even after the rain Plunge enough people. After a short tour of the coast with little fear leaving the direction of Polihale State Park. Although the rain stopped, but it is clear that the last leg of the journey will be really challenging. At the end of the asphalt road coming against us several cars, just returning from Polihale. Most of these big pick up the vehicle and all are up to the roof of mud and sand. Suddenly appears and Chevrolet Aveo, also from rentals. It looks as if it sprayed on sand colors including windows. We learn that with a little courage to get to the beach. So we're going. The first of about three miles behind us even goes one rental car, but after a while it gives up. Oddly enough, however, to overtake us and several of our type of cars and the observation of their journey already understand why they look like after the rally. Splash or mud but misses us, so that in the end we are not much better. Sand path, however, was able to quickly absorb water and eventually after about 30 minutes we arrived to the dunes at Polihale Beach. The second time we can go to the local camp place. Campsite facilities appropriate to its remoteness. There is a shower with water heated by the sun, even the toilet with toilet paper, place on grill. But when it comes stanovacích place is really up to you where you place the shot. Basically the whole, more than 3 km long beach is available. Due to the strong wind from the sea is better to build tents somewhere in the wind. When we arrived already been absorbed and the best place to build a tent a short walk from the driveway beside the car. Prosecute just right position just before sunset. Another attraction was the meeting with a young traveler from Germany, which is almost six months on the road around the world. This camp is recommended especially if you like secluded location with a small number of tourists. Local long sandy beach is really beautiful especially at sunset watching. Here's the real end of the world and nowhere else in the world is no longer sunset later. Unfortunately the beach is not really suitable for swimming, unless you have a board.
There are really big waves and strong currents above. Also salvation is hard to find on a call. Local youngsters are often run rally in the sand. No more camping equipment does not, so you must definitely have everything you need with you. The big disadvantage is also mentioned driveway. Although the second day after rain was passable far better.

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