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Hawaii Oahu Honolulu, the first meeting

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It is still 11 April 2013 to 10 h 30 min. morning. Ideal weather. Sunny, 25 C, a slight breeze. Our long desired holiday really begins.

Straight from the airport our bus companies venturing into the Alamo car, which is located about 10 minutes from the airport. Auto middle class are borrowed via German mediators.

Mietwagen vergleichen auf Deutschlands größtem Mietwagen-Preisvergleich

Thanks to our rental car with full insurance with zero deductible, glass and tires, second driver free of charge and full tank comes from about 25 per day. Contract processing at the branch takes about 10 minutes and get a choice of about 10 cars. We choose almost new VW Pasat. Before leaving, I set the GPS position of our hotel in Honolulu and we set off for adventure. States are still in MC Donald, where thanks to wifi writes back, we're all right and after a while GPS guides us to the famous promenade around the famous Waikiki. About 10 km long sandy beach in Honolulu, lined with many parks and of course plenty of high and luxury hotels. When I began to observe prices in local hotels and hostels at night so prices started somewhere around $ 25 per hostel in the common room and about 50 per hotel. So I originally planned alternative overnight accommodation in one of the camps outside Honolulu. The well-equipped camps night based on approx 5 USD per person.
However, when I appeared on the popular search engines find hotel accommodation directly in Honolulu 
Here  for 51 EUR for 2 nights for three people (it was probably about an incorrectly entered price), and I did not hesitate to order. To my surprise I came immediately after payment voucher and invoice. Accommodation should be without food. I myself was curious whether they want from us at any surcharges, whether or not accommodate us. To our surprise at the reception without any further comment immediately handed over the keys to the rooms and the added information that breakfast is from 7am. Well, once again making sure that breakfast is included free of charge. On the blocking us refundable deposit of $ 50. So finally our hotel in Honolulu at about 300 m from the beach and comes with breakfast at 8 Euros per night. Already ahead I have found that is directly behind the hotel and parking with charge $ 15 per day, which is in Honolulu decent price. Around 14 hours we have already staying and going on our first trip. Planning a trip already miss and so I set up the GPS towards the beach at Kualoa Regional Park. Traffic is dense, but no problems after a few kilometers we leave town. Surrounding Honolulu is bordered by mountains covered with dense forest. The peaks are not bare and if you get to the top is an amazing view of the sea. We pass through the center of the island and we pass a local cemetery. I will register the name Tample. I remember that when I read something like planning and so we turn the direction of parking. And even if it is already close to 17 o'clock so we do well. We pay admission $ 2 per person and go on a tour of one of the most interesting tourist sites on Oahu. It is a replica of a Japanese  budhistic temple in Osaka.

Hawaii Oahu, Valey of The Tample

The Byodo-In Temple,Valley of the Temples Memorial Park Kahaluu, O'ahu, Hawaii. Info Here:  Guided tour of the temple is adjacent cemetery takes us about an hour and definitely worth a visit. This temple nearby and used the filmmakers in the famous series Lost. Photos and video from this place you can see   Here.

We leave before the said park where we discover a really nice camp.

Hawaii Oahu, Best beaches

 Foto Here.
The Hawaii is beginning to get dark pretty soon, and we are tired from a long trip and so we return to the hotel. In the morning we go to Waikiki at sunrise and although in the Czech Republic is not time to get up so soon after returning to the hotel we fall asleep.
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