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Hawaii Oahu Honolulu, trip at Koko Head Crater

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12 April 2013 Day 3
On the contrary, we are already up about 4 o'clock in the morning. The weather in Hawaii is absolutely amazing. At night it rained briefly, but the temperature of the air and this morning is still around 23 C.
We start therefore with a brief introduction to Waikiki. Oddly enough already and at this time of the morning on the street and a lot of people on the beach waiting for the sunrise many others. Also included are cleaned beaches and preparation for the next day. The great advantage of Hawaii's freedom of movement after all the beaches. Unlike Europe, not hotels or private individuals to own and to enter part of the beach only for hotel guests. There is no problem you can get into a Hilton Garden Hotel. Soon we will see the sunrise over the mountains and in the distance we see the famous volcano cone Diamon Head. We plan on snorkeling changed and today we're going to climb to the volcano Koko Head and then we'll take some of the waves on the beach.
At the hotel we return shortly before breakfast, which we got as a bonus. After breakfast, thus leaving toward Diamond Head. In this section of Honolulu is also much larger supermarkets and so we use primarily to replenish fluids on today's trip.

Hawaii Oahu, Koko head crater

From a distance we can see our destination today. Top of Koko Head Crater rises much higher than the more familiar side and Diamond Head. In addition to the summit leads quite challenging trail.  

Hawaii Oahu, Koko head crater

I think that words can not describe the power output demands. The entire trip up and down takes about less than 2 watch.  

Hawaii Oahu, Koko head crater

You can look at a short film of our output   Here

Shortly after 12 o'clock we return to the car and drive back to the hotel to get something to eat. In the afternoon we return by the same route to the beach Sandy Beach park. It's a wonderful place to swim. Upon arrival we are alerted to the possibility of large waves and undercurrents. No surfboards we use the waves only a short distance from the shore. Water is like air for over 25 C. Can we take nearly 18 hours, and then have to hurry hotel. Evening on Waikiki has to be big fireworks.
Upon arrival, it is clear that this is a big event. Even the beach is quite large. It meets all the tourists here, perhaps you are in Honolulu. Anyway, super experience for us, which we did not expect. foto here
Fireworks was a real experience. At 5 km Waikiki gathered throughout Honolulu and perhaps after nightfall above the water lit up thousands of different effects. The record certainly fails to show all the beauty of all possible effects. This gives us the truly wonderful holiday begins.
Tomorrow morning our first stay on Oahu ends. We're on the paradisiacal island of Kauai.

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