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Italy - Calabria 2008 by car 5000 km in 10 days


Sometimes in the winter of 2007 I was after seeing several photos on sites of Calabria decided to look into their driving skills and take the whole family on a long trip around the whole of Italy to Sicily. 

The term of our journey was elected on April 30, 2008 - May 10, 2008. The advantage of this term are 2 free extra days. Ie less holiday. 

We drove two cars together three adults and two children and two adults and two children. 

First, I decided that we could travel to Italy to the south, and to use overnight camping, which is in Italy, and many are quite decently equipped. As soon as I discovered, however, offer a travel agency in New dama accommodation in Calabria was decided.


While accommodation in campsites can be purchased from about 20 Euros / night for one family, offer was for CK-2590 CZK for 7 days. This price is not per person, but for an apartment for 5 people. 

Trip Plans. 

Because you always want to use the holiday to 100% and stay in Calabria is from Saturday to Saturday, we decided that we will use 3 free extra days. 

We planned therefore places that we visit on the way to the place of residence and on the way back. We had enough time, so we chose Italy if possible trip outside toll motorways. After all considerations created this plan. 

Kalabria 2008 - The Total cost of the trip

calculated for rate 1 CZK EUR 25.50 in May 2008
Accommodation: Mandatoricio Mare Residence BERNARDO from Ck Dovolena
foto here
Bilo 5 people for 2590-CZK Discounted 4% in 2487-CZK
                                                                    Parking Total: 102,00 CZK
Entrance: Pompei 3 * € 11 adults € 33.00 children free
                                                                   Admission CZK 842.00
                                                                    Food and other: € 150.0
                                                                 takeaway food cca 3000-CZK                                                                           food in total CZK 6,825-CZK

The total cost for 5 people 11 days                    850.00 EUR

Day 1 

Check out Route 30 April 08 Mikulov Brno-A-Vienna-Graz-Klagenfurt-Villach-Udine-I-S.Giorgio di Nogaro go down the highway-Latisana-S.Dona-di Piave Mestre-forth along the E55 Ravenna - Ravenna around 67 direction on the road Forli - over Passo di Muraglione - Firenze (Florence) - further along the old highway towards Empoli in Pisa.
According to the plan we wanted to leave around 19 am from Brno. Unfortunately, the crew set off other vehicle only after 19 hours from Olomouc, Brno because of leave in 21 hours Roadmap here. We're going with me wife, my mom and two daughters, 9 and 14 years. Vehicle W Caddy is fortunately large enough, so no need to box. You carry conventional travel things, 2 * smaller tent for an overnight stay in the camp, mats, sleeping bags. Food we have frozen and stored in dry ice. We expect self-catering apartment and the road trips and what's coming down the road. Given that we are over 5000 km in the next 11 days, we choose a relaxed pace. After a short ride we arrived in Mikulov, buy fuel for the last 230Kč. The exact budget trip Passing through open borders and on the way to Vienna we stop at the petrol station (open nonstop) which was purchased two 10 day vignette. One on the way there od.30, 4.08 and one on the way back from 10,5,08. In 23 hours we arrive to Vienna. The path is already empty at this time, so the passage and another way on the highway in the direction of Graz continues to cool. For readers who use LPG-powered cars can be useful information about in that time, the newly commissioned Agip gas station on A2u Loipersdorf town about 200 km from Mikulov (from the direction to Graz, can also be used to return only the highway crosses , ideal for trips to Croatia and Slovenia). List of LPG stations in Europe can be found here. Other Lpg on our route is up in Italy. When passing the Alps us started raining heavily, which was quite annoying at night. Fortunately, after passing the border into Italy, the sky clears. On the other gas station in Italy lpg complement and continue the direction of Venice. We have enough time, so we ride down S.Giorgio di Nogaro from the highway and continue through Latisana-S.Dona-di Piave Mestre-forth along the E55 Ravenna. The road is perfect, plus the sun comes over the sea. There will be a den.Všímáme beautiful houses along the road. Around them, a nice garden. Also interesting are crossings after artificial embankments that separate the sea. A similar type of path continues around Raenny towards Forli. After passing the Forli landscape vastly changed. 
We go through the valley of the River Manton which is probably haunt hikers. Wild River, steep cliffs, forests and meadows, just wonderful. We are going just fine, so the amount of bikers overtaking us. There are also many day-trippers on a bicycle. Magnificent views of the valley ahead of us when crossing Alpe di San.Bennedeto with peak Passo Muraglion. 
Then we continue down towards Florence.

Itálie, Florencie

In Florence, we can easily park in the parking lot right next to the statue of David, where a magnificent view of the entire Florence and surroundings. We have had more than 1000 km. I did enjoy the beautiful views of the city walls and gardens.

Itálie, Florencie

It is already clear to us that we are here and we will get back touring the city devote at least one full day. from this height you can see beautiful bridges and churches. After a two-hour tour of the walls continue along the road towards Pisa. According to the information gathered as monuments of Pisa concentrated in one place,

Itálie, Pisa

so no problem to catch their tour. After a brief search for the right road (tool can search for tags with pointers FI-PI-LI which indicates a Firenze-Livorno-Pisa). The path is obviously old highway without charges mostly big.

Itálie, Pisa

Befor Pisa before we join the unpaid portion E80 motorway and enter the center. Marking the route is in the pictures of the tower, so the orientation is good and soon parked in the parking lot directly across from the entrance to the Leaning Tower. Parking is placené.cca 1eur/hod. There are well maintained toilet as well as sites for around 0.5 euros. It is 15 hours and a beautiful shine around 25st. If that is May 1, there is quite a lot of people. However, against the high season it is cool.
Admission to the complex of monuments is free. Payment is made at the entrance of the sights. It is a complex Leaning Tower, Romanesque cathedral and babtisterium. Here you can look at photos from Pisse. Unfortunately there is a lot of people and entrance to the tower is limited, so it may be that you will have to wait several hodin.V 16 hours selling tickets for 19 hours because we wanted to come to Rome in the evening view from the tower we did not. Yet the experience of beautifully maintained monuments in contrast to the impossibly green lawn and blue sky behind it. 
Tour Pisse stretched to 19 hours. She began to show fatigue from today's journey. According to the plan we wanted to spend the night in Rome in Tiber camp. This camp I chose to many of the recommendations as a starting point of our one-day stay in Rome. 
Fortunately, in Italy there is no problem to find and open camps this time, so we decided our route for the day to end sooner. On the way from Livorno Pisse to camp we found. In Livorno we have already been successful. Near the end of Livorno by sea is camping Miramare. It was 20 hours 30 minutes finished. 

The plan for tomorrow we change. Rome in about 3 hours journey. We do not know where to park, how to get to the center. We go in the morning around 8 am and we'll see whether according to the situation of Rome tour is canceled. In a single day was to experience up. 

 Day 2 Rome last 2000 years of history in 6 hours 

From the camp we set out in 8 hours. We'll see how everything goes. Continue along the road No. 1 along the coast. We drive larger city of Grosseto, continue towards Civitavecchia. From this port city such as ferries to the island of Elba and Sardinia. In the harbor you can see a huge ocean-going ships. Due to the fact that the road through the city we would be too delayed to paid traverse the highway A 12 Information on how to pay here. The path now goes by faster and about 11 30hod we reached the outskirts of Rome. Since it is wonderful weather, around 25 degrees, to decide that they will not only try to make a city tour. We drive through the suburbs, all around a number of mopeds. We follow the direction of the center. Operation is roughly the same as in our cities. We have managed to get to a river. I suppose it must be the Tiber.

Itálie, Roma

According to the plan, we have with each other, we find that almost runs through the center. We go along the seafront. Absolutely not know where we are. Cross the bridge to get to the other side of the river where we stopped for some walls. Directly below the walls of the parking machines. Unfortunately, direct slunci.Na left side of the road by the river's shadow and places are not paid. After a while, leaving me and 2 cars parked in the shade of trees. Cool.

Itálie, Roma

Even more happy we are, though, according to the map, we find that we are on the street Lungotevere Aventine. We managed to ride north from Rome to the center, about 500m from the park Collosea free of charge, in the shade, and all for 35 min. 

It's noon. Pack our backpacks and go on patrol. Description of the tour here. Before six o'clock in the afternoon we come back. Another day full of new experiences coming to an end and we will probably the hardest part of our journey. We have planned for another night sleeping in the camp. We count breaks for petrol stations. We will try to reach at least to Naples and somewhere in the parking lot we extended break. Can we leave Rome without a problem and soon we're going down the road direction Aprilia, Latina, and further south. The sun, so we stopped every 100km. Due to frequent breaks we travel at ease and not feel tired yet. About 23 hours to get a piece of Naples. Obviously, you've probably heard about the problems that are in Naples waste. The reality is much worse. Around roads in cities are piling up huge piles of plastic bags waste of all kinds. Odor penetrates even into the closed car. Who have not seen it with my own eyes to believe that in Europe is such a thing possible. There can not be stopped. Parking lots are full of waste. Therefore, we continue in the direction of Salerno. Passage re Naples is only possible for ignorant on the highway. We pay 2 * 1.5 euros and hold the direction of Salerno. After 30 minutes we pass Pompeii. There is already in the parking lots clean. We stop in a parking lot at a gas station. We had a 1841 e km.J one hour after midnight, time for a break. 

photo 2. day here

Day 3 smelly Naples and clear sea in Diamante 

We drove for 3 hours on the highway E 45, from Naples is the unpaid portion in the direction of Salerno.

Itálie, Neapol

The roads are empty, but the quality is more akin D1 in one of the older sections. Highway through the center of the Italian Apennine Mountains. There is a number of bridges, tunnels and turns. Speed ​​is most of the way limited to 100 km / hr. The advent of the plan apartment around 3 pm this afternoon. We have enough time, so we decide that we're going to look Tyrénskému sea to the famous resort of Scalea and then along the coast to the south. A few more stops to rest. After sunrise, it is clear that we are once again a beautiful day. The landscape around the highway is amazing. On one side of the mountain 2000 m high, on the other hand, a steep slope with invisible by day. The Congress Mormano go down the highway and follow the road 504 going to the coast direction Scalea. Begins road type who will accompany us the next 8 days. Turn the bend climb, descent. Again and again and again. Road width just right for two cars. A trip around the 40 km takes us over an hour without stopping. Finally appeared on the horizon view of the sea. Just takes another 20 minutes before we go down to the coast close to the town of Scala, which stands on a hill. We turn south along the coast and the road continues towards No.18 Diamante. After 10 minutes, stop and go to first familiarize yourself with the local sea. We are in the center of Santa Maria de Cedro. Season in this area begins at the end of May. Snails are completely empty. The sand is already hot. We test the water temperature. I estimate around 18 Wed I'm getting a little doubt whether we bathe on vacation. Our next stop is becoming a popular tourist resort of Diamante. If you go to Calabria own car definitely recommend to stop here. Beautiful promenade above the coast, beautiful beaches, palm trees and tropical plants. Here you can see the WECA from the promenade.

Itálie, pobřeží kolem Diamante

After another 15 km south of the town of Belvedere Martti we turn back to the mountains č.105 road to cross crossed Italy on its eastern coast. Now I after covering 10 km, it is clear that we can expect another series of turns. We ascend from the sea to a height of about 1200 meters above sea level The tops of mountains are visible remnants of snow. Crossing stretches on forever. 60 km to the highway we drive two hours. It is 14 hours and there is still about 70 km to the finish. After crossing the highway landscape completely changed. We go through the valley along the river bed towards Sibari. Around the park with fruit trees. There are growing especially oranges, tangerines, but also cherries and apples. Well, of course, olives. Approaching the sea. The temperature climbed to 29 Wed In 30 minutes we were already in the Ionian Sea. We turn on the E90. We drive around the city Rosano. Here for the first time we know that the local towns and villages usually have two parts. One part is right on the coast "Mare", the second example, up to 5 km from the coast in the mountains. Therefore, for example, instead of our stay Mandatoriccio mare town I did not find the maps. Fortunately, we got good instructions on how to find our apartments.

San Bernardeto

In 15 30 we arrive to our apartment. Finally, on the spot. The overall impression is very good. We get a two-room apartments with completely furnished new toilet and bathroom kuchyňkou.Také September novelty. Beautiful is also upper terrace, which is also used for secondary Apartmaji. It provides a spectacular view of both the sea and the mountains. The only minor blot is uncleaned pool. Finally, we get that the swimming pool will be cleaned up on Monday morning. How can you assess the photographs everything went very well. There is such a lift, so even though I live on the second floor, is a matter of explaining things moments. After a long journey we are absolutely thrilled and after rest, we look around and the sea. Mandatoriccio mare village is about 2 km long.


From our apartment walk through gardens with similar buildings. It is May and culminates here in Calabria spring. The gardens are filled with blooming shrubs and plants. The grass is beautifully green everywhere palms and tropical trees. After 200 m we come to the sea.


Gentle breeze blows from the sea, it forms a small wavelets. The water is beautifully clear. The beach is partly sandy, partly pebble. There is completely empty. The question of whether to give the first ever bathe solve our children. First, try water walking near the shore. After a few minutes, the youngest decides to take the plunge. I was expecting just runs back but stampede takes place. Though it is already late afternoon breeze and the air is warm. We clear. Tomorrow we go.  

photo 3. day here

Day 4 we know Calabria, villages descendants of pirates 

Get up in the morning around 9 hours. The sun had risen and gives us the birds singing. Just one look at the sea and the mountains and we are clear that we will have a wonderful day. Already the temperature is over 23 Wed Alright posnídáme relax and go to the sea. On the beach we have around 10 hours. With us there is only one other Czech family and a few Italians who arrived for the weekend. While our apartment house almost filled, there is a majority of residents, who brought bicycles. Transport, including bicycles, of course, organized Ck. Local slopes are primarily intended for more experienced cyclists. Nevertheless, I believe that Within the frame to further improve the services offered Ck could offer bicycle rental. Sun is burning more and more. The temperature of the sun is well over 30 and also the sand is no longer possible to walk without shoes. After a brief hesitation entering the water. Water has an estimated 20 Wed Add your courage and try the first pace. Once I wonder how fast you can get used to. It is certainly the most beautifully clear water. Swim for about 15 minutes and get on out. Since all fine with no signs of cold. After another 15 minutes, so hot that the bath like repeating myself. I can say that I was very worried if he would be somewhere in Europe bathe early May. Now I can confirm on their own experience that it's no problem. After a long journey is pleasant on the beach poležení relax. The experience of other days, however, underestimate definitely recommend using a sunscreen. The sun has great power, and someone just really little, even in this time of year had spoiled holiday due to burning. Given that the food we had prepared at home (we had cooked meals, frozen in tubs. Over a two-day trip is only slightly thawed. Apartments are very well equipped and we can store food in refrigerators and their subsequent preparation) we could now relax as long as we saw fit. It is also possible to order samořzejmě např.polopenzi. The residence is a newly fitted kitchen and according to the opinions of people we spoke to, the level of food very good. Afternoon back to the sea, but it is already clear to us that only us lying in the sun for long. The beach is in the nearby mountains on top of the rocks to see a village. From sea looks rather like an eagle's nest. We look at the map and find that the village called San Morelo. Path estimated at 15 km. We have a car, after a while we get there. We drove 17 hours turn around on the road 106 towards Cariati. After driving about 2 km turn right. Mark is not here, but it seems that the path goes to the village vyhlédnuté. We pass a few bends and after driving 5 km road turns sharply from our direction, and we are clear that this way is not the way. The village rises over our road to rock.


We're going back to 106 and continue in the direction of Cariati. After 500 meters turn right again. Again unlabelled. This time it has to come out. We go along the narrow road and still climb. The sun is starting to go down behind the mountains and we are still going. Perhaps after 20 minutes we enter the walls of the small square. I can not believe it, but there is a bus stop. The walls are now a beautiful view of the sea. With the setting sun the color is dark blue to black. We enter through the narrow alleys between the houses. That's how I imagined residence of Count Dracula. Aisles are barely 2 m wide.


Around the houses of stone. Nobody around, all around silence. It starts with me getting dark and the streets totally lose orientation. After about 30 minutes wandering see below for each road that we arrived. Stairs which descend to resemble knobs of rock, yet we manage to climb up to the road and then we go back to our cars. A nice tip for a trip, but I recommend the day pass. We return around 9 hours and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

photo 4. day here


Day 5 Ciro Marina meetings with local residents 

Again, blue sky since morning. Only the wind intensified. After arriving at the beach, we find that we can now all here. Waves reaching sometimes up to 1 mA dorážejí heavily on the coast. The coast here is fortunately slow and mostly sandy bottom. Therefore, the 10-year-old child is not at risk. My older we go further from the shore and enjoy the fight with water power. Swimming is very difficult. Eg in Croatia, but this experience only rarely. Right after lunch, we set out to further explore the area. We decided that we will visit some 25 km distant Ciro Marina harbor and on the way we'll stop in Cariati.


We go back to the south, and after 30 minutes turn left towards the sea and drive through streets Ciro Marina. It is a medium-sized town. According to the decorations in the city is estimated that they were about a celebration. Passing through the main street to the seafront promenade. Again, the preparations are in full swing. Rejects and grandstand stage. The local church worship is in progress, so many people all around. Finally, we see that it's mostly older men. All are festively dressed. Women are inside the church. Move through the mall and head to the dock. Anchored here, however, only small and medium-sized fishing boats. Pass by boats with kamerou.V waving it at us one of the fishermen and shows us something from afar on the ship. He's waving at us. I understand that he wants to show something and slézám after big stones down to the boat. On the boat you can see a few dried sea creatures. Nafotím several shots and Italian thanks. Gracia. The fisherman smiled and gave us a few specimens. The similar reaction of local people to meet in the coming days many times. Really just a few basic Italian words and when asked whether you come from Čekoslovakia answer. Marking the country as English does not say much to them. Unfortunately, there are many with English nepochodíte. But we always agreed. There are a couple of Margaret slušnýma cenama. We leave back to Cariati. 

For tour is mainly old historical part of the road towards the mountains. 

While down at the sea's the same shop, restaurant and apartments, up on the wall again find yourself a few centuries back. Definitely recommend to visit this part of town. We're going home. Tomorrow we are planning a big trip around the coast of Calabria. We will see Mount Etna in Sicily? We'll get to the tropics? We leave in the morning at 6 o'clock.


Day 6 day trip around the coast of Calabria 

We drove the 6 10 only one car in five humans. In the morning we will cloud the sky after sunrise and it is clear that today will be just ideal for traveling. We're going on the road as well as the 106 yesterday. For the moment we pass Ciro Marina and continue to Crotone. Crotone is more ancient city. The road passes directly through the center. Right here considerably thickened. Before us is a long way, because there does not stop and we continue to the south. After a few kilometers down the right side will appear at the top of the lighthouse. We think it would be interesting to shoot a few pictures here, so we turn into the driveway. After parking the car after 100m we continue walking towards the lighthouse.


That would yield against man about 50 years. Apparently administrator lighthouse. After the question can i photo? first asked us if we were Germans. Answer no english. Evidently understand. Adding czechoslovakia. The reaction is clear. And Pavel Nedved and invites us on the terrace lighthouse. Take pictures of local flowers and the view from the lighthouse. At this owner responds by plucking a flower and gives her his wife. Another example of local bonhomie. Italian at least thank and continue their journey. Beaches along the coast varies pure sand. They are sometimes over long miles.


During the time, however, changing the rocky coast. This diversity is typical of Calabria. Around 12 hours after a few stops to get to the southernmost tip of mainland Italy in the town of Melito di Porto Salvo. With navigation, we can weave through the narrow streets to the coast. After getting out of the car, it is clear that there are at open sea. Pretty windy and the waves roll in one after another. Resist and at least 10 minutes fooling around in the water. The sun is still under a cloud, but it is around 22 Wed Moving on after a few minutes on the opposite side of the coast of Sicily.


Sadly the visibility is not very good today. Etna summit because we only vaguely. We arrive in the capital city Regio Di Calabria. To explore the time we left. We enter the unpaid highway leading to Naples. Traffic density is extraordinary and forget the traffic rules. I will mention at least a one on one experience of the local roads. On a two-lane access road speed is limited to 60 km. In the left lane going vehicles 120 km or more. I'm going in the right and keep my speed around 90 km. Cars driving behind me nervously honking. At that moment, I was right on a moped overtakes two young ladies with a smile enters the acceleration lane. I only add that none of them had a helmet. A3 highway continues north to the town of Rosarno, where we turn to the direction of the coast of Capo Vaticano. It is 15 hours and begins to drizzle slightly. Before us again appear splendid views, this time at sea Tyrénské. In the distance are easy to see and know the Aeolian Islands and Stromboli volcano on the island. We are approaching the end of our tour. But it comes what is known as the best for last. Capo Vaticano and Tropea.

Italy, Capo Vaticano

Very difficult to give words to describe what you can see. You can drive up to the place where there is an amazing view of the nature reserve with a chamois. In May, the cliffs leading down steeply wooded rozkvetlími cacti. Look for at least a few photos.

Italy, Capo Vaticano

After visiting the height of resist and go down down to the beaches. It started to rain slightly. There is only a couple of tourists from Holland and administrators are preparing for beach season. You can not resist. Vbíhám into the sea, and the water is warmer than vzuch. I swim to the Isles distant 100 m from břehu.Takhle somehow I dream represented a beach. When I finally bought the Trpoei photographs of these places during the season, I realized that this place is probably the best known of all Calabria. That number of people captured in the photo spoke for itself. My opinion. RECOMMEND RECOMMEND RECOMMEND! We leave in 18 hours. There is still visit Tropea. Tropea apply for the same. Add photos. It starts with getting dark and I are still on the way back we stopped in the town of Pizzo. 

photo 6. day here

We collect some photos of local catches and then again after returning to the highway A 3 After a few kilometers we turn to the E848 direction Catanzaro. The road is newly built or repaired. We'll be right back at the Ionian coast and return home. We return around 23 hours. Amazing day.


Day 7 of national park Polina Valley Raganelli

We spend the morning at the sea again. Some of us are already properly tan. This afternoon we are going on a trip to the river Raganelli. At a more detailed map of Calabria, which is available in the dining room, we see that access to the river is obviously possible, either from the village of Civita or upstream from the village of San Lorenzo Belize. Distance from residence is about 50 km to the north, near the town Sibari. We drove along obědě.Slunce chars properly. Pass the excavations in Sibari, which is also worth a visit, and after about 10 km turn left into the mountains. Marking is good and after a few kilometers we see on the hill village Cevita. We go almost dry wide riverbed Raganelli upstream. The road begins to rise massively.

Raganello river

The car has to do to overcome the steep climb. The other way does not and after a few minutes we enter the village center Cevita. It is clear to us that this is a very frequently visited area. In the old village is the amount of shops, pizzerias and there is an information center. Already in the square are information boards that will safely lead you to the most interesting places nearby. We go through several alleys and we turn to the patio view. I've never seen a Grad Canyon. But this much we envision. Before me perpendicular wall reddish color, which rises to a height of about 1 km.

Raganello river

Below me on the stairs terraces falling into the murky depths. In the distance we can see that uzoučkým canyon flowing crystal clear brook. Below we see the canyon built bridge. Other local specialties. It is clear that further steps lead down to the canyon. Below the bridge is quite cold because the sun's rays to get here.

Raganello river

After yesterday's trip, I thought that nothing interesting about it see. Calabria but you can always surprise you. The cars are returning around 16 30 and by appointment striving further to the village of San Lorenzo Belize.

Raganello river, Cevita

The distance is about 30 km, but the bend. We remember it all today. The village is situated quite high up in the mountains. In sight we Mt.Polino highest mountain with a height of 2248 meters there is snow on the tops and here the temperature fell to 15 Wed When the ceiling down to the river and the surrounding mountains, you promise that next time we pass the river from here to the village Cevita. It takes but a good tourist facilities, and perhaps more challenging sections of the rope. If you find someone who graduated from this trip I will be glad if you will share their experiences. It is 19 hours and we're going home. Holiday with us starts lumbering.

photo 7. day here 


Day 8  Rosano purchases of local specialties

On today dont plan any trips, so the afternoon sacrifice shoping. Some of us went to the nearby markets Rasante. They have to sell local specialties and traditional product. But we arrived around at the wrong time or the wrong place. There were only a few stalls with zeleninou.Kousek from Rosana towards Sibari

rybí trh

However, a large shopping center Auchan. In season there are probably busy, but now it is a huge shopping area only a few people. We buy some fresh bread and drink, as well as many local products, especially mořských.Výborné are also Italian chocolate bobóny. Otherwise, I feel like our Shoping centru. For recommendations may still stands soft. Purchase Italian brand is nessesary. Price are much lower than here, but the quality is very good. Purchases are not what attracts us, and I look forward to the last day. We plan to visit Calabria National Park about 50 km from the coast towards the inland.


Day 9 of national park lake Lago di Calabria Cecita


We utilize the next to the last beautiful day sunbathing by see. Tomorow ends our stay here and we are slowly saying goodbye. After lunch we set out only four. Again, we face endless switchbacks. With a couple of stops we journey through Mandatoricio Longobucco and lasts nearly two hours. In one section of the path was so steep that I had to drive about 200m only 1 gear. We pass higher and higher and inland.


The landscape is changing rapidly, and I'm starting to feel like in the Giant Mountains. Dark forests with huge conifers are interspersed with wild meadows. It is also possible to see the orchids.

Lago di Cecita

Beautifull. .Teplota outside decreases with increasing altitude and receding sea. In winter, there must be a large amount of snow, which is confirmed in a moment. The temperature drops to 12 Wed The sea was 26 We arrive at the lake Lago Di Cecita. On the opposite side of the lake is seen on top of a snowy slope.

Lago di Cecita

Is only seen in the distance, I can not therefore say whether there could still ski. But it is clear to me that here you can ski and swim in the sea in one day. On the way back we managed to get lost a little. We passed the turnoff Mandatoricio. However, the path leading towards the sea, so we continue on. After a few kilometers I see a sign incite us to the village Pietro Paoli, which was the next to the next village Mandatoricio mare. We go through the forest path is a bit narrow. I hope that someone will not go in the opposite direction. Avoiding it would be very difficult. Forest ends and we see that the path continues along the steep side of the mountain to the top. What can we expect next?

Lago di Cecita

In the car against us. What a fool can ride this way. Stopping 20 cm from the rock. Fortunately oncoming vehicle is a mini Fiat. Despite his envy when we slowly circling. Below it is a 50 m gap. Fortunately shoulder holds. Crossing the top and front of us emerge magnificent view of the village below us and the view of the sea. Most of me like a football field. However, if the ball over the fence ends překopnete under a rock in impenetrable thickets. We drive through the village and the road slowly falling down. Of the two paths we choose the one that is to the right and go further. Closer to the sea. We arrive to the village and the sign is Mandatorici mare. Our last trip is over. Evening things begin to prepare for the return trip.



Photo of 9 on here


Day 10  and 11 Pompei day and return home


awaits us today on the last day in Italy. When we have received during our journey so far away from home, it would be good to see other places of interest here. Tour of Naples attracted us the experience and therefore our choice fell clearly the historic city of Pompei, or visit the top of the volcano Vesuvius. On the way back we set off early after breakfast and at 10 in the morning we drive along the motorway Naples. We go for the beautiful weather and admire the local Kranji countryside. The whole interior is mountainous Calabria region with the highest peak Mt.Polino with altitude 2267 m / m It is a similar type of mountains, which many are familiar with Croatia. Only there are more Roslin, which makes this landscape more diverse. Around noon we arrive to Peompei. At the entrance to the sights we navigate to the private car park, opposite the entrance to the excavations.


Finally, this option appears to be the best. Even in the central city parking lot is a fee around € 6. You pay the same with giving us this sum will be deducted when buying pizza at a local restaurant. Due to the creation date, the same lunch time approached, with a taste supply use. For about 20 euros, we have both a family and enough zasytily before 14 pm already entering the monuments. The sightseeing is ideally need all day, but after 4 hours you will find that you know the main picture and other things then just repeat variants in others. Anyway, highly recommend this place to visit.


It was one of the most rewarding experiences of our vacation. We end up at 18 o'clock. The output of Vesuvius us therefore no longer enough time, perhaps next time, and given that we are way home almost 1200 km without secured overnight, we set out. We are planning at least a short rest on the palm beaches of the famous resort of San Benedetto del Tronto. We drive already dusk across Italy to the east coast and then north. We arrived to the resort around 1 am at night and on arrival to the promenade and beaches immediately recognize that with rest, there was our very misconception. Even at this hour is around malls full of people and mainly driven and sounding cars and scooters. It's another one of Puros Las Vegas in Italian. At least scan the local beaches. Even now they are beautifully clean, neat and ready for local tourists. Me, but just look at the photos of holiday companies and thousands of chairs and umbrellas, which are here and I know that there are beaches in Calabria 100% better. So we rest for about 20 km and at a gas station after the other with no breaks go home.


Photo of 10 on here


We arrived home the next day around 15 hours.


Hi Glory trip and we are happily at home.




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