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Italy - Sardinie 2009


After returning from a trip to Paris (read here) is my low-cost travel so pleased that it was only a matter of time before we go on another trip. Moreover, approaching holidays, and so I started thinking where to go. What about somewhere to go again to sea when the tickets are so cheap. Again, a little inspiration on the web and I can think of the idea to go to Sardinia. The first reaction of my wife's, you're crazy. According to many information Sardinia is one of the most expensive parts of Europe during the holidays.Travel agency rates in the range from 15000 to 25000 per person per week. The truth is that the prices of apartments for two people the holidays are really unusually high. So the question is whether it's for low cost travelers. Planning and finding information, however, I enjoy a few days in the world that counts. We're flying alone with a woman in two.

Plan a trip:

morning departure 2.7.2009 Bratislava Brno.

Ryanair Bratislava 2.7.2009 - Pisa Pisa and following evening - Alghero. Arriving after 23 pm means night at the airport.

July 3, 2009 morning, the departure to the camp in Alghero. Stay 5 nights in your own tent after 20 years.

8.7.2009 afternoon departure to the airport and departure Alghero - Pisa. Arrive in 21 hours and due to the departure to Bratislava at 6 AM in the morning night at the airport.

Budget trip for 2 persons:

Flights. Due to the fact that we sleep in a tent and we need things that can not be taken in hand luggage, paying  for checked baggage. This time, therefore, the more expensive tickets.

Bratislava - Pisa 2 * 8 + 1 * Eur 15 Eur luggage

Pisa - Alghero 2 * 12 + 1 * Eur 15 Eur luggage

Alghero - Pisa 2 * 12 + 1 * Eur 15 Eur luggage

Pisa - Bratislava 2 * 8 + 1 * Eur 15 Eur luggage

Flights with baggage generally 140 Eur

5 nights accommodation in your own tent in the camping http://www.lamariposa.it/ 5 * 15 Eur

Accommodation of                    75 Eur.

Transportation Day 1 and last Bts Brno Brno 400 CZK 16 Eur

Second day urban bus airport - Camping 2 * 0.8 1.6 Eur Eur

4th day boat trip Grotto Alghero Netuno 2 * 14 Eur 28 Eur 20 Eur beaten down from

5th day bus Alghero - Porto Conte Park 2 * 4 Euros Euros 8.0

7 days urban bus airport - Camping 2 * 0.8 1.6 Eur Eur

Transport                                   56 Eur

Due to the fact that the camp was no electricity and fire could be partially eat in camp from instant imported or purchased from the local stores. Moreover, given the day temperature was around 30C most fluid replenishment, so spending on food was relatively low. Approximate prices: Water 1.5 liters from 0.5-1 Eur. Pizza in camp about 6 euros. Grilled chicken approx € 5 pcs. Fruits and vegetables about 20% more than us. Smaller shops + 20% extra.

 For dining So we spent about   100 Euros

Admission Grotto Nettuno 2 * 12 Eur 24 Eur

Total budget for two                   400 Eur

Day 1  before departure, I find information about parking options at the airport and after seeing the price list at the airport instead deciding to shut down the local supermarket car at Ikea. Warning! Now this free alternative is possible. Is there a certain time of night parking ban. At that time, however, an increasing number of cars with CZ brand. The flight to Pisa was delayed this time. Unfortunately, we have sat on the plane and then found themselves in Pisa corrects one runway. Fortunately, we have enough time for the transfer. Personally, I recommend to change planes at least 2 hours between arrival and departure at other small airports. For larger hour longer. However, there are experts who can handle it with hand luggage and in 30 min. Departure to Alghero is already accurate and we contact the airport for 22 hours when I exit the plane you can see that this airport is completely different from what I have seen in Italy. Beautiful new departure hall. New comfortable seats. Coffee machine. Anyway espresso or capucino lavage for a staggering 0.7 Eur. That price will never see you again at other airports. The machine buy 2 tickets and we find that the first bus going at 6 AM in the morning. The airport stays with us for a few passengers, apparently an early morning flight. The only drawback is comfortable seat backrest. So it sure mat and soon fall asleep.

Day 2 Morning first bus leaving in 30 minutes and get off near the camp. It is now seen that in the camp is quite crowded. But instead we find our tent without any problems. Beautiful. Kem is in a pine forest, so in the shade, the ground hard sand. Set up a tent and go find equipment. I come to showers and WC. There are plenty of all clean. The paper is commonplace. What bewilders me, however, is that there are electrical outlets for loose cellphones and cameras (at least 5 different) and nobody around. I do not know if it would let someone like that somewhere in camp with us. Later I find out that there is a normal and even let me charge the phone for hours without supervision. The main advantage of the camp is its location. Get up from a tent, and we are 50 steps to the beautiful sandy beach, which is only intended for the camp. Similar to Alghero's beaches have no apartments or hotels. Just super. And to the weather. We'll see how it will not sleep.

Day 3 So cool. Evening sea breeze cools the air pleasant 24 C and were wound around 20 C. It is therefore clear that the camp is at this time relaxing option for saving. The whole next day we enjoy the sun and the local sea. Which is what we ultimately pay off. In the evening arrive sunburn. Thing I drink at least 5 liters of water, so the overnight temperature passes. It is clear that despite demn it wants to stay in the shade. In the afternoon we go along the promenade to the center of Alghero about 2 km and the back. Alghero is a lovely historic town with walls and of course the harbor. In this period, but there is a huge number of tourists. The dock at any moment someone comes running with the trip, whether snorkeling or Netuno Grotto Caves. We have home talking to look into the cave. The first offer is for a 20 Euros per person, which are all on the flyer. We go through a few ships and gradually find that i can be in 18, 17 and 16 Euros. We agree with one that build later, which turns out to be a good choice. When returning around 9 in the evening we agree on a price for 28 euros for two. We saved for lunch. We're going for two days.

Day 4 days we have already pre-planned trip to the national park of Porto Conte. We depart from the center of Alghero, you need to buy the tickets and the return trip already here! The journey takes about 45 minutes and as we find goes in this direction, many tourists to the beautiful beach about 20 km from Alghero. But we have to get off at the lighthouse of Porto Conte. Surprisingly, there are only a few people. Perhaps it's the heat and nobody wants to browse the park. For us, however Muhu say that this trip was ultimately the most interesting we've seen in Alghero. Move through the park across the marked trails to the coast. We come up to 100 m high cliffs with a ruined watchtower. In the distance you can see to the south of Alghero, and they went bathing beaches where tourists. They are really beautiful, so next time. To the north are seen even higher cliffs where she is hiding cave and where tomorrow we will go by boat. We are going back this time hidden path along the coast. I note that we have here two hours and we met only two other tourists. We come to the coast, which is a lot of rocky. After another 500 m, however, we come to a beautiful little beach. When it rains so that way about a stream flowing into the sea. For us it is important that there is a super nice sand and entrance into the sea. For us forest national park with pine trees and agaves enormous. Some up to about 8 m And all alone. When I'm next in Alghero, it is clear where the private beach. Endure here over three hours and then we have the last bus. If the waiting drove us 20 km away. Fortunately, persecute and soon we were in the camp. Just super trip.

Day 5 This day we reserved a boat trip to the cave. Departure is from the port of Alghero, so we first waits a little walk and then climb into the boat. Boat ride away which is very evident when approaching the cliffs. The cave boats retracts one after the other and in between waiting for the sea. They are quite big waves, so longer waiting for some pretty demanding. After waiting about 45 minutes we land and go on tour. Impressions of the cave, not much. Perhaps I was spoiled by local Brňák the caves, but really for the ticket is about 12 Euros per person is not worth it. But overall boat trip was beautiful. From the boat we saw the cliffs, after which we walked the day before, and even the walls of Alghero view of the sea was beautiful. So definitely recommend a trip. In the evening, still enjoying swimming in the camp and we will prepare for departure.

Day 6  After waking up and breakfast we pack up our tent and stuff. Within 14 hours we stay on the beach and then we leave for the airport. Flies several aircraft simultaneously so big worldwide barn raising. However, in Pisa arrive on time. There is almost the same as in Sardinia. After dark, I lay down on the grass outside the airport. It lay there nicely until about 4 in the morning. Had it started raining. But not just let the automatic irrigation and so we drove. Similarly, in a moment a plane, so we go straight to the clearance. After a 2 hour flight we land in Bratislava. Car still standing in the same place so it's time for a short recap. A little bit of discomfort when traveling. I'd rather flew Brno - Alghero directly. Sleeping in airports was not so bad. A camp? For that, I can say that at any time. And a number of adventures for the buck convinces me again. Just on and on and on.

So if you've read this far and you are interested in more low cost trips wait for the sequel. If you have questions or if I can provide you with further information do not hesitate to contact me.

If you have yourself some stories of your travels, share with us or send us a link to your website.

ps. That everything was not perfect, unfortunately, a single push of the delete button when viewing all photos and know about the outcome

So I use photo album travelers Tonda 2 and the result you can see here.

Pps. I'm going there face till I get back. Those photos of Porto Conte Park and the beach is worth another visit  



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