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Italy - Sicili - Trapani 2009


 Italy - Sicili - Trapani 2009

experiences of traveling for me become drug. It is clear that low cost travel, I completely failed, because immediately after landing I use every free minute to get me started develop additional options where to look next. The circumstances are so inclined. Tell yourself. Is it possible to resist offers of tickets for 1 Euro and sometimes for 0.01 euros. Someone says that it is not possible. Second, it is possible only under some conditions. Third, it is not in the same time period. Of me, however, becomes hunter special offers based on low-cost travel. Your favorite bookmarks on your computer still fill up on more and more sites on this topic. So who cares bored and read more and more articles. I like to share with you about their experiences. Results could be next trip. One of the questions is whether tickets for the buck is the plane more or only 1 to 2 The truth is not always possible to get more than 4 places at once. Possibility is that such buy 2 seats for 1 Euro and two more as an 8 Eur.
I put to myself the following task. Provide a similar trip to somewhere hot for 8 adults. Here we go. We're going to the end of October, and at least 5 days. Top interesting destination with cognition and possibly swimming. And preferably without having to sleep at the airport. This would prove the most difficult condition. Well, finally I get this for someone surreal trip.
Plan a trip:
28.10.2009 morning Departure from Bratislava to Trapani (Italy - Sicily)
01.11.2009 afternoon Trapani - Roma and then Roman - Alghero (Sardinia)
02.11.2009 afternoon Alghero - Pisa
03.11.2009 morning Pisa - Bratislava
I myself am curious how something like this could end up in 8 people.
Budget trip:
The truth is that Italy is not just their prices too intended for low cost travel, but as you might have read in a travel book about Sardinia Here, even here we can find reasonably priced options. So:
I always added up prices, and the result is the average price for 1 person
Tickets: BTS - TPS 4 Eur
TPS - CIA 6 Eur
CIA - AHO 4 Eur
AHO - PSA 4 Eur
PSA - BTS 6 Eur
Everything again using at that time without charge cards when paying tickets and with only hand luggage up to 10 kg.
Tickets for a total of 24 Euros per person
Trapani 3 * accommodation with breakfast Hostel 48Eur
Accommodation Alghero 1 * apartment with breakfast 18 Eur
Accommodation Pisa ordered to arrive 1 * 15 Eur
Accommodation of 81 Euros
great value and price comparisons of hotels not only  in Trapani here
Fare: Bratislava Brno 8 Eur per person
And from the airport to the center of Trapani 4 Eur
Trapani and San Vito back 2 * 10 Eur
Z and Alghero Airport 2 Eur
From Pisa airport and 3 Euros
Fare total of 27 Euros
Food and other 60 Euros
The total budget per person   of 200 Euros
So as it turns out even with 8 people and especially without an overnight stay at the airport is also possible to provide an interesting trip at an affordable price. Note that it is the year 2009 when the competition in the field of LC airlines culminated. But we will see what we will see more in the future.
Day 1

Goes us 8 people, so let one car just like last time at Ikea. Another part of the expedition brought back and carry. For younger members, it is interesting to liven up the school year. The first shock we find at the airport. A friend in the reporting of data in the passport expiration date stated wrong passport and so on all five tickets is wrong. We risk the passage and fortunately control focuses mainly on the name and identification number. Problem number two. We go through control and expensive perfumes uncompromising friend flies into the trash. Although given all instructions regarding fluid forward somehow did not understand. Well, it is a disadvantage traveling with a large group. Never mind we were on the plane direction of Sicily. For two hours and 30 minutes of sun sunny land in Trapani.


Here are a true Indian summer with temperatures up to 30 C. Directly from the departure hall to leave the city of Trapani where looking for first one and then the other accommodation. The first is a newly renovated apartment building, modernly equipped. The center is about 10 minutes walk. Cool. The second group leads to the very historic center and there is again a surprise. Living in a medieval style. Apartment with no windows on the ground floor of the 16 century. Bathroom is established as dug in the basement. The house comes with its narrow streets through the city center in the evening there certainly become lost. How big a difference, while for the same price. At least try and find out how people lived a couple of centuries back. They obviously did not have a bathroom with bathtub. We're going to have to go through the city and then sleep for tomorrow's adventure.

Day 2 of Trapani and Erice

the next morning after breakfast the two groups meet together in the center. Like style accommodation fell breakfast. The first group had breakfast at a nearby café in the countryside with many local and the second group was operated lady of the house, who lived in the apartment above us. We got breakfast almost in the style of the Middle Ages was a baked biscuits and rolls apparently a remnant of the previous visit. Bread was dried (note that not old) and hard, but surprisingly with tea or coffee tasty. But what we do here mainly for the experience. The weather wishes and so we see the town of Trapani and in the afternoon we drive to the nearby town of Erice. 










Trapani center and harbor and adjacent beaches you can walk for a few hours. In this period, the beaches are already without people even though the weather would allow swimming and certainly not here. We'll see when we go to San Vito lo Capo. But what is certainly worth a visit are the beautiful local parks. It is clear that over the summer there are about much precipitation falls, but they are now parks and very beautiful. In the afternoon we go on a high hill above the town of Trapani, whose peak is often hidden in the clouds. Located here with the small historic town of Erice, which is in terms of tourist attractions much more attractive than themselves Trapani. Getting there can be either a cable car from Trapani or using the bus through a number of switchbacks. We choose this option, we know little and local surroundings. The journey takes about 40 minutes and as I mentioned ends up in almost the very heavens. At least you will not appear as the bus climbs to the top. Elevation is know to temperature. While in Trapani is around 27 C, here nicely blows and is around 18 C. And we do not know what to expect before departure. We arrive around 14 hours and the last bus departure plan in 18 30











Now, in the afternoon it's cool to shorts and a light windbreaker. Although here and there comes a cloud, but otherwise nice weather photography. The town you can walk for about three hours, so some heat travels to Trapani already in 17 hours. We stayed four and we expect that we will take pictures of the sunset. Suddenly, within 20 minutes weather changes rapidly. We can see how thick the clouds begin to roll and tuck pointing direction Erice. As I read somewhere there is this hill like a magnet, which was soon confirmed. Last look toward the sunlit Trapani and now we are in a foggy cloud. The temperature during the time fell below 10 C, and we are grateful for shelter. Fortunately, no rain. This is only a dense fog. Interestingly, it was very nice to stand close to the rocks, now beautifully radiated heat. Fortunately, the departure of the bus much time left, but we are happy when it arrives. We travel to Trapani and suddenly we see the setting sun. Erice is completely covered in clouds. In Trapani is now even temperature around 20 C. We leave the accommodation and we are looking forward to tomorrow's trip to the most beautiful beach in the vicinity.

Day 2 Photo Here
Day 3 San Vito lo Capo. The most beautiful beaches of Sicily.

So today is all really looking forward to. After breakfast we meet at the bus station in Trapani and was purchased a return ticket to the tourist resort of San Vito lo Capo. When I prepared the itinerary of our trip I read a few articles and looked at lots of photos. It was immediately clear to me that we have here. I'm most interested part of the output of the cliffs, which rise directly to the end of the bay. 











Our goal is clear. Today we find out whether there is any possibility of this trip in time. The bus journey takes less than an hour and already on the way is clear to us that we come to the beautiful landscape. Immediately after leaving the outskirts of Trapani we enter upon a good road into the landscape of the mountains and the sea views. We pass several villages and beautiful beaches and even camping site for fishermen. The weather is really beautiful and we have everything ready for swimming. It is clear that the beach in this period are half-empty, resorts and nearly resemble those of people like ants in a season. Around noon we arrived in San Vito. The bus ends almost at the beach and at first glance it is clear to us today that it will be beautiful. Entering a long sandy beach with a gentle entry into the water. Vyzouváme and we feel that the temperature of the sand is no good to lie down. At the beach with us somewhere only tourists from Holland and a few Italians. Yesterday was probably somewhere near the storm, and so to the shore rolls nicer one wave after another. The first is the youngest in the water and others it does not last too long and having a fight with the waves. The water temperature is only slightly less than the air. So around 23 C. And the sun still shines so beautifully. After the first swim, I go look at the beach and I see our goal for tomorrow's trip. High above the bay rises rock massif and at the very top of the big cross. Towards the sea there without climbing equipment definitely can not get. But I can see that from the direction of the interior could be quite comfortably beat down to the saddle and then up the ridge to cross. No marks there certainly do not and neither is any way I could find. We agree, therefore, that tomorrow climb the first stop at the beginning of San Vito where it could possibly go, and some go up and others will be back on the beach. As the crow flies, it is up to 3 km, but we do not know whether or not there some way I can not estimate leads to how long the journey there and back will take. We enjoy the waves and therefore further after 19 o'clock we leave back into Trapani.

photo 3 days here
Day 4 in San Vito lo Capo. Trip to the cliffs in the park Dello Zingaro

We leave as yesterday. 6 of us is only the beginning of San Vito and the others go on the beach. The view direction of the saddle to the summit shows that here, the output could really succeed. D first period lead an olive garden. Way also do not see any, but just try to go in that direction and see. Pass by houses last direction the gardens. Here we see two Italians who just collect olives. We show the peak direction and ask whether the free path. Italian I understand that it's complicated, but we can go. So we go through ever higher until we get to the last gardens. Here also ends ways and no further towards the saddle making only the beaten paths in the dense undergrowth. , Apparently from similar tourists like us. 











Vegetation is sometimes higher than us, but the path has unmistakably stretches towards the saddle. With vertical meters, the height of vegetation reduces and we can see in the distance below us beach of San Vito. Beautiful. Unfortunately, the last parting disappears and it is clear that there are many tourists around ends. The saddle between two rocks are missing about 1000 m elevation 200. We do not know what awaits us behind the break, but the youngest of us, it is managed. Dry creek bed of climbs ever higher. Others go in different ways for her. Views of the bay are still interesting. A little climbing and after 30 minutes we almost saddle. Coming hurdle that we have expected. For a small sink waiting for us cow. Or perhaps a bull. I do not know, but it seems to us on their territory does not want to share power. We analyze a situation so that we're wiser and choose another circuit. After another 100 m to get to the edge of the seat, and already we can see why there are cows. There is a pastoral cottage with pond water and access road on the other side saddle. Towards a cross road here looks away, but already the ridge is only slightly uphill. And the cabin is a stone path. The problem may be cows. Nevertheless, we decided to pass and receive us into the cow herd. Output has lasted us about 2 watch. Thanks to the open terrain and elevation, however little away quickly and continue for 10 minutes we pass a chat and we have another 20 on the verge of output to cross. Opens to us a wonderful view of the other side sat toward the beaches and coastline of the National Park Dello Zingaro. Gorgeous settlement area without inviting the trip with a tent. The cross on top of it already is approx 1 km gentle climb along a rocky trail.











Apparently many tourists knows the way by car from the other side and there is now more convenient than going up on our part. Approaching the top of mine and discover the extraction of marble. When we see huge blocks of marble, which here had odvozit understand. Some of the walls are perfectly odkrojené like a laser. Mine and go around again. On the way there are three black, this one really bulls. This time we choose the wiser option retreats and sufficient arc is pass. Cross is already a bit ahead of us and we have the eyes again have a view of the beach and the direction of San Vito.











Unreal and unbelievable. Houses are like folded down with the Lega, cars and buses like toys and people below like ants. We are not as high as in Erice, but proximity to the coast, as the crow flies about 300 m, looking down gives a kind of magic. Stills, which are some of the nicest we've ever made. The cross is found in her book entries tourists who were here before us. We find a record of the Czechs and Slovaks. Also writes and slowly going the way back. The Bulls have a bit left, so we headed straight into the saddle. In summer, a similar trip was much more challenging. Even at temperatures around 25 C are sweaty and look forward to bath in the sea. The way down is much faster though equally dangerous. It should still be careful about what stepping to one example nevyvrknul ankle. Call a rescue team here would probably not be very pleasant. The way down, however, it takes about half the time, and because they already know how. We come to zahrádkám and is clear to us that this is still definitely worth the fatigue. The only injury remain so for the next days scratched legs from plants. Especially in children, it looks like bullying. Most striking after arriving at the beach. After vběhnutí into the sea fully apparent scratches and children for a long time getting used to. On the other hand, sea water cures everything quickly and we are enjoying the last moments of the local beaches.

We leave the last bus towards Trapani and do not realize that we are still waiting for a little adventure.
Eight of us, and goes for about five elderly Italians. Travels about 10 km, and I recognize that the bus starts to have some problems. Still stalling the engine and swing speed. After one of the stops the engine off again and the driver several times in vain to start. Still nothing. Answers the phone and after about 10 minutes of conversation, it is clear that the problem is from a conversation between ltalians realize that probably no one has come. The driver of the bus and performs some tunes in the engine. Returns and tries to start. Anything. Suddenly he turns to me and says something my Italian. I do not understand, but when he shows me to go ahead to understand him. It shows the driver's seat and the keys to starting. Well, if you insist it odřídím for you. Maybe the bus will listen to me more, and with his experience in managing Avia somehow manage. So I sit behind the wheel and the driver goes out to the motor. For a moment something is calling, and I understand that I have started. Turn the key and nothing. Stop calling me. And for a while again repeating. And suddenly the engine jumps. Applause from the others on the bus and I definitely delighted I rank number one and go. Stop. Meanwhile, the driver returned and that it reaches. Skoda. It would be another experience. Maybe next time. Nowhere has not stop and after another twenty minutes we Trapani.
Another memorable day for us.
photo 4 days here
Day 5. Trapani - Rome - Alghero
After breakfast we pack things and after a brief stop in the park leaving for the airport. Today our aim is to Alghero in Sardinia. Our trip here. Flight to Rome starts without problems. But about 30 minutes before landing, but there is a serious situation. One of the passengers in the row behind us begin to have health problems. First breathing. Receives oxygen. However, the situation gets complicated when a seizure is getting pretty hoopla around us. Immediately following command usednutí places and it is clear that we are expecting a traditional landing. Flight attendants with other stores patient on the floor and within 10 minutes we prepare for landing. Compared to the usual landing airport neoblétáme ever and it is clear that it is an emergency situation. So quick landing and landing I've experienced. The plane arrives at the airport parking area in front where it already stands ready ambulance. Enters paramedics with a stretcher and after the patient has been stabilized quickly carries. Only after about 30 minutes of arriving buses that dares rest of us. The situation was quite serious about, but the professionalism and speed of action was perfectly controlled. At the airport, Rome abstain only about two hours in the afternoon and already flying towards Sardinia. Fortunately, no other problems are landing around 16 hours in Alghero. As usual, the city bus to the town where she quickly found our Apartmaji. Beauty. It is basically a family house elderly couple who live in one apartment and another 6 rooms rented out. Along with us, there is a young couple from America. We started talking to each other and we communicate impressions of travel. They travel around Europe for three weeks and are excited about the local history. Mainly for daughter's excellent preparation. It remains in the apartment and talk about everything all night. Others still leaving on a tour of Alghero evening. Unfortunately the weather here is quite different from Sicily and after a while it convinces us of the true sea storm that rushes. So we return to the apartment and rest before our last day.
Day 6 Alghero - Pisa
the next day after waking followed by an amazing surprise. We knew that part of the accommodation includes breakfast. But what awaited us ready for the arrival of the kitchen we breath. Older spouses about getting up long before us. Table in the kitchen for perhaps 15 people were all zaskládaný different foods, pastries, juices, tea, coffee, fruit and vegetables. Not even a variety of Italian specialties and cheeses.

We felt just like a 5 * hotel with All Inclusive. Or rather, even better. The couple also knew how good English and we learned that their approach basically gained clients who return every year, so basically renting space only other mino season. Things to leave here and go there for a short tour of Alghero. Compared to the holidays, there is now quiet and tourists minimum. On the other hand, if you like going to explore this period can be an advantage. Time is precious and we will have an afternoon flight to Pisa. Departure to the airport and flight to Pisa went fine and we land around 16 hours. To remain dark for about 2 hours. Goes directly from the airport to the bus to The Tower and other attractions.











We visited this place last year during our trip to Calabria here. Therefore only the sights go some. I'm staying at the airport. Due to the fact that we had originally planned to sleep at the airport but on arrival find that the airport closes at night and the weather is not ideal for night out with children, seeking opportunities to rest one's head. On one of the stands I get a flyer for accommodation in an apartment about 5 minutes from the airport. I call the above phone number and explain the situation in broken English. We want the child to sleep at least normally. Lady on the phone but spoke English even less so we agree to meet at the house for 20 hour. After returning other then headed to the house and in 10 minutes we were there. Super place to sleep, a short drive from the airport. Lady arrives with her husband, and when all of us will see it does not know what to say. They have two rooms for  maximum of 5 people. Discuss the situation and then took a moment to enjoy each other. Finally, we agree that we can all stay for 120 euros. Husband leaves and after a few minutes returned with inflatable beds for others, and also with a bag of different foods and vegetables. We agree that, due to our departure morning we leave around 5 in the morning, throw house keys to the clipboard. Unbelievable. After a couple of phones we have a furnished apartment near the airport. Soon we fall asleep, we might miss our last plane home.

photo 5 days here
Day 7 Pisa - Bratislava.
The night was short, but definitely better than going out in the evening with the children in the city. Throws a wrench into the clipboard and for 10 minutes we are at the airport. On the way home on the plane everything we announce the last days again experienced. The conclusion is. Organize a similar way even more people can handle, but.
However, when traveling in a group is challenging to coordinate everything so that all meet program demands on accommodation and many other things. I'm glad everything worked out again excellent. Anyway, it is clear to me that a similar project will not go as an organizer himself. In this case, it is better to travel as two independent groups and possibly a program linked to a part of the path.
We are in Bratislava. Car is in place and another time after arriving. Some after our story shaking his head in disbelief, some think that we are fools and some simply just do not believe .. But I'm happy and I clear that just would not stop.
So if you've read this far and you are interested in more low cost trips wait for the sequel. If you have questions or if I can provide you with further information do not hesitate to contact me.
If you have yourself some stories of your travels, share with us or send us a link to your website.




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