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result of our previous trip to Sicily (here) in 8 people was that the best way is to travel up to four. Finally, they agree more with the other two and enthusiasts seeking a new destination you visit. Favorite akčníletenky.com web is full of action tickets to various European cities. Over the winter, however, should only be considered one of the southernmost cities. So going through various options when and where I find a super option for an incredible price.

Two other fellow travelers have never taken a similar path. So you can imagine their reaction when I announced that we're going to Malta for the price of 4 euros. Those of you who experienced this period also similarly knows what I'm talking about.

Plan a trip:

January 19, 2010 BTS - PSA

January 20, 2010 PSA - MLA

MLA January 25, 2010 - PSA

January 26, 2010 PSA - BTS


Budget trip per person:

Flights 1 * 4 * 3 and Eur 0.01 Eur Eur 4

Bus fare Pisa - Florence - Pisa 8 Eur

Malta bus fare 14 Eur

Taxi Malta on OS 5 Eur

Auto Brno - Bratislava on OS 8 Eur

Accommodation Florence 10 Eur

Accommodation Malta 2 * 14 Eur 28 Eur Breakfast

3 * 10 Eur 30 Eur Breakfast

Food and entrance fee of 60 Eur

The total cost per person about 170 Eur

Day 1 To the time required to transfer in Pisa make the most of, I suggested that we'll go from the airport direct to Florence. After all, there is much more to see than in Pisa. I briefly visited Florence in 2008 during our passage into Italy Calabria (here). We stopped but only on the lookout over the city for 30 minutes.

kalabrie-2008-vse--42-.jpgView of the city, however, was wonderful, and I love it when we went out so at least one day visit. Directions from Pisa takes about an hour and we managed to secure accommodation in the center about 10 minutes walk from the bus. This time everything worked out perfectly and we are 13 hours in the room. On the tour we all afternoon and evening and tomorrow morning. Some food and go on tour. Size Florence center can be compared with about Brno. Everything can be easily explored on foot. On that January is there is beautiful weather, the sun is shining and there are lots of tourists. The historic center is located along the River Arno and is home to most of the major sights. The only way was therefore difficult climb just to ONU lookout over the city where we were last time. Needless to say, that just stand out here Florence best. So that the attack and sunset and dusk we return to the city. The following is to buy food and leave the room.

Photo Day 1 here

Day 2 This morning we had a visit to the famous  Florence Cathedral.kalabrie-2008-vse--30-.jpg
So that the attack still lunch and afternoon bus leaving for Pisa.

The plane flies to Malta accurately. Already in the dark before 22 pm we were approaching the island. Before landing the plane several times and leans heavily pilot has his hands full with strong gusts of wind. We are all relieved when the second landing succeed. After getting off the plane we all knew it was a super performance. Even at the airfield feel very strong wind.

According to information that I should leave for a few minutes last bus to Valletta. So hurry and come to a stop after a few minutes. There are still a few Czechs. Local taxi drivers come with information that has no bus going. It's already after 22 hours, so how do we solve the hostel. And then the bus arrives. And then trust taxi drivers. It is clear that we get to Valletta. We get into another bus towards St.Julians where we have accommodation in a hostel University. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly where the hostel is located and thus have no choice but to take a taxi and pay 20 Euro for 5 km. It is true that even the taxi driver twice asking for directions. Fortunately, the hostel staff lives next door, so we hit the sack around 24 hours in a clean bed.

2nd Photo day from Pisa here

Day 3

In the morning, we get an excellent breakfast and set off to explore the area. We plan to walk along the coast to Valletta bus station. Area St.Julien and Sliema is basically one big shopping center. Around the Coast is one resort after another.

What amazes me though is that the hotel has no beach. Thus, in the truest sense of the word. When I looked at the catalogs CK selling tours to Malta, were always accompanied by photographs of beautiful sandy beaches. And there is no such thing. As later after visiting the island, we find that the sandy beaches in Malta you can really count on the fingers. In comparison with such Majorca's beaches are as saffron and accommodation for example in one of the hotels in the Valle max means swimming in the pool or lagoon rock. The road to the city is quite lengthy, so we use a ticket and sit on the bus that will take us up the entrance to the old city.
malta-duben-2011.jpg--187-.jpgWe admire especially the walls that surround the entire city and it's clear that the conquest of this region can not be easy. Behind the walls in the center is also preserved many old churches and houses, which are used for example as a museum or library. One of the most interesting attractions of Malta, however, local historic buses and cars that are in excellent condition. You can come across such as the Škoda 120, which is absolutely free of rust and paint as if it has just left the factory.

And also the weather we wanted. It's the 21st January and the Czech Republic have around - 10C and there is a pleasant 18 C.

Explore the city end up in the afternoon and leave the accommodation plan tomorrow's trip to the south coast.






Photo Day 3 here

Day 4 Tarxien Prehistoric excavations and Blue Grotto

This time we're going right to the bus station in Valletta. All buses leave from here to different places on the island. Given that the island is about 40 km from north to south and 20 km across the longest traveling by bus about 1 hour and all attractions are thus very affordable. And original travel buses itself is very adventurous. As I learned in 2011 to replace all the old buses with new ones. For me, unfortunately. It was definitely one of the symbols of Malta. Our goal today are excavations in the city of Tarxien and after the visit popular attractions Blue Grotto on the eastern coast of Malta. In Tarxien off the bus and follow signs going towards the excavations. Again admire the well-preserved old cars. Some have an interesting purpose. We see for example mobile shop drugstore.

malta2010--192-.jpgMuseum excavations soon discover, and we pay admission 6 euros. We're entering a kind of garden of the house was surrounded, and there is excavation. Therefore qualify to be here to see some oddly arranged stones at each other and together form like stone mansion. I can say that if things were not accompanied by descriptions and pictures, maybe we did not even know that we are in some excavations. We see everything takes about 15 minutes and then the most interesting moment was meeting with local schoolchildren, who have spent one of his school days. About 12 hours already waiting for the bus to the Blue Grotto. The road takes us about 20 minutes after getting off the bus, we can say that this is the right thing we wanted to see. Blue Grotto is a huge cavern.

Its size is great when viewed from the top prospects. The nearby fishing village to give to her to come to their boats, but probably only in season. In addition, they are now quite big waves and perhaps for this reason we do not see any boat. Anyway, this is a very photogenic and interesting place that certainly recommend a visit. After that, we wind on down to the bay where there is a small fishing village. He currently serves mainly as a base for tourists who come to dive. Anyway us a short tour of the local fishermen offer the most interesting local restaurants. We give you the local specialty Maltese rabbit and local seafood specialties. For 8 to 10 Euro and a glass of water and wine or beer. We are told that there was a famous boxer Muhammad Ali. There is an old photograph with his signature. The other old photos I'll mainly catch of local fishermen, but also a huge wave during one of the storms. We enjoy lunch on the top terrace with sea view. After lunch we return to the bus and we decided to continue along the coast to the neighboring village. We admire the local farmers how to handle the stony soil and water shortages. Malta is the only river flowing even rainfall is minimal. Yet there are many gardens and fields. They usually have the drip water reservoirs. In the gardens we see just blooming almond trees. Our walk takes another hour to come to the town of Siggiewi. After visiting a local church in Valletta and leave the hostel.

Tomorrow morning we drive to the north of the island.

Photo Day 4 here

Day 5

We leave the direction of the north island. The next three nights staying at the hotel in Qawra. The bus goes along the east coast and we are once again convince that the amount of accessible sandy beaches in Malta is really scarce. We look forward to visiting the renowned beaches such as Golden Bay and Ramla Bay. The bus journey takes about an hour and we are at the hotel. We get a suite on the top floor with a terrace. We are very excited. Such accommodation for 10 Euros per night with breakfast. So that the attack Afternoon tour around the hotel is a park. To celebrate we buy wine and enjoy the sunset. Today, over 20 C and after the phone call home where it was at night - 20 C're enjoying it easy. Tomorrow hopefully will swim.


Day 6

Breakfast is as good as accommodation and even forecast suggests that we will have a nice day. The ideal time to visit your favorite sites Maltese. Bus journey takes us only 20 minutes. After getting off the bus, we find that the same plan was all about Malta. It's Sunday morning and the parking lot is completely full of motorbikes and cars of all kinds.

It is quite clear that this is probably the most popular place for a Sunday trip. The Valletta're here for 30 minutes and the environment is really beautiful. We walk down to the beach. Sand is not a defeat, but the rising temperature promises a wonderful day. Into the water has gotten a few brave souls with neoprene and some without. Soon followed. Swimming in Europe in January. I was expecting to immediately run out back, but the feeling of cold water is soon gone. Although the water temperature is only around 17 to 18 C, but the swimming can be cool to get used to. In addition, the outside temperature in the shade exceeded 22 C and the sun is at least 30 C. Today is definitely the day of use. After two watches sun go explore the area. Bay Golden Bay is bordered by cliffs and continues to the south by the Bay Ramla Bay. This bay is pretty similar, but there are fewer people. The most beautiful area to walk but at the end of the bay. It is a peninsula that is gradually sinking into the sea.
Peninsula can be a minor inconvenience bypass along the walls. One must be careful to eventual fall of stones and the possibility of slipping. But the walk is really worth the effort and take beautiful photos. We continue along the coast to the direction Gnejna Bay. The tour is enough about 2 watch, but in any case we can say that the local area is definitely one of the best in Malta. Satisfied back to the hotel. Tomorrow's going to visit the island of Gozzo and departures for Valletta.


Day 6 photo here

7th day after breakfast we drive to the north of the island where we cross by ferry to the island of Gozzo. The weather got worse, the temperature is 14 C max and comes a small shower. The ferry is a beautiful beach on the island Comino.Právě hence the photo of bids and CK are a popular stop and local agencies offering boat trips around Malta. Like Golden Bay, however, tend to be very crowded. The tour of the island Gozzo manage only city Ir Rabat.

The weather continued to deteriorate, and therefore we choose prior tour departure and eventual other parts of Valletta. At the station we have around 16 hours and we departure until 21 hours. Using the time to visit the botanical gardens. It is absolutely incredible how they can keep the trees in this area without water. The garden is located only about 20 minutes walk from the station to the GPS 35.89151,14.502306. I definitely recommend visiting. Again rises the wind and the clouds bring rain. Our stay in Malta end up leaving for the airport.
Photo from Gozo

Flight to Pisa and quickly escaped after 23 hours we land in Pisa. We leave on the first floor departure and vain hope that at least let us be here. Outside is merely around 2 degrees and we have to endure in the morning departure to Bratislava.

8th day meet other morning passengers, vainly trying to communicate with security. 30 min after midnight before we airport. Opens in a 4 30th So is before us on the cold night. The AL I know far can spend the night at the train station, so slowly leaving the city. Although there is open, but I do not recommend, so we accept with gratitude facilities open nonstop bar off the station. So, finally endure warm night and in the morning we leave. After landing in Bratislava is even worse. The whole week we were gone temperatures fell below - 10 C this morning and there is - 13 C. Fortunately, the car started and we'll be fine going back to Brno. Here we welcome the temperature even lower. During the night there was - 19 C. And we bathed two days ago.



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