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Merida, visit an exhibition of Spanish delicacies and specialties FIAL 2014 in Don Benito.


The beginning of summer 2014, I was approached by a company VSI with offering to visit two daily fair trade opportunities in Mérida, Spain. FIAL Exhibition 2014

Merida,Fial 2014

Visiting this exibition offered the opportunity to meet with leading manufacturers in the field of Extremadura. This region of Spain is characterized by its uniqueness that a large majority of local producers produce their products using organic farming.

Merida,Fial 2014

And given the focus of my business company that focuses on offering European delicacies and specialties of high quality was deciding whether to accept the invitation fairly simple. After a few days, however, I got word that my participation was approved. Transport organization was in place by the Spanish company and its branches in Prague perfectly mastered.

As the departure airport, I chose Vienna. Before flying to Madrid I filled leisure visit to the Sky Lounge Lunch.

Sky Lunch Videň

and thanks to property Mastercard credit cards was my stay here including all eating and drinking free. At the entrance to the lounge you may need for any active credit card MC. Lounges are located up in the departures section of the airport on the second floor. The road to Madrid lasted about three hours and mischief us strong turbulence. At the airport in Madrid, all of those who were invited to this exhibition, have expectations and then transported by bus to Merida accommodation. Overall, about 80 people gathered. Traders came from Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Romania, Bulgaria, Morocco, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy and other countries.


Concerns with communication problems after the first meeting disappeared. Already at the airport, it was clear that he met a group of people and relaxed before boarding the bus, I met not only with other expats in Prague and Olomouc, but is very willing organizers of Barcelona, ​​a trader from Poland, Italy and Peru. We waited almost 4 hour bus ride to Merida hotel. And even if we are after a long day of touring were upon arrival at the hotel tired, thanks to good organization, we still managed a brief welcome presentation and in addition, a fine dinner, which consisted of homemade local specialties. Beautiful historic hotel                Parador  

Parador hotel Merida

right in the heart of Merida and all the help from the organizers says that local companies can really appreciate the time of its trading partners. After dinner, still short preparation for tomorrow's meeting and then buenas noches already.
Breakfast with a wide range of local products was excellent as well as dinner. After breakfast we were ready buses that took us to the nearby exhibition center in Don Benitez. Before leaving the exhibition, I was contacted by several exhibitors, but I had no idea of ​​the size and quantity of exhibitors of the exhibition.

Merida,Fial 2014

Upon arrival we were surprised especially very good composition and diversity of presented products. As I expected, the most common product in the company offers specialties such as Jamon Iberico, Chorizo, Sausage, wines, cheeses and cheese products, and of course olive oil. According to a list compiled I graduated about 12 business meetings focusing on our portfolio of products.
Cheese, wine and delicacies for meat specialties. I'm also really interested in offering exclusive confectionery specialties. Specifically, the Spanish selection figs coated delicious Belgian chocolate, cheese cake and Spanish olive oil spray in a gift box. A unique course gourmet type Jamon Iberico, the top Spanish wines and many other innovative products. Exactly such products appropriately fit into our portfolio of offerings. New and innovative products, creative gift packaging and the fact that certainly not in many stores offer me the first day convinced that the use of similar offers is the best way where further focus its activities.                       

Merida,Fial 2014

Number of exchanged business cards with both exhibitors and organizers, but also with other participants approached 50 and the first day produce a bunch of really nice people relaxing.
Exhibitors were often small family company, family farmers, family breweries !!, in Spain unprecedented thing. And I feel really comfortable, like meeting the winemakers here in Moravia, where they are mostly my main trading partners. Even among participants not only from the Czech Republic, there was a similar view.
In the evening after a hard day dinner waiting for us once again full of other specialties

Merida,Fial 2014

and then a short time left to explore Merida evening and acquisition of interesting photos of the evening.

Merida,Fial 2014

The second day of the exhibition in the morning still ran another business, but even at lunch was more like a meeting of many well known for a long time. A former by ensuring delivery to Merida we stayed for dinner plenty of time to visit the wonderful local sights.

Merida,Fial 2014

About Merida, you can find a great deal of additional information so I can certainly for all the others to say that Merida and the whole region of Extremadura, a beautiful corner of Spain and would like to come back and for tourist entertainment.
I add a few more photos
  here , that I at this interesting event managed to take this and thank you to all the other event participants with whom I met for their pleasant company.  

Merida,Fial 2014

I would like to thank the organizers of this meeting for a well-organized and well-secured action.
I welcome you anyone in the Czech Republic, both on a business meeting or if you like to travel and get to know a new country. Feel free to contact me at any time. I have a lot of experience with tourism organizations and happy to assist you.                                                              I'm also happy for your comments to this meeting. You can add your opinion down in the comments or send emai to:

Greeting ing. Jancik Roman, Moravia TC
BRNO Czech Republic




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