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Noalolo cliffs, Nualolo trail a Waimea canon


Hawaii, Kauai , Noalolo cliffs

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April 18, 2013 9 days

Morning surprise us at the door 4 kinds of newspapers and other portions of coffees and teas. Weather morning looks really luxurious. So after breakfast we set off again around the island towards Waimea .

After about an hour the way you approach a turn on the path towards Waimea . We've got probably the best day in terms of weather . So we parked in the parking lot at Kokee State Park. Of course free. About 100 meters back is the beginning Nualolo trail. We carry plenty of water. The journey is about 8 miles and only leads through the forest and later on the tops of long extinct volcanoes .

Hawaii,Kauai,Noalolo cliffs

The first two miles we're in the tall trees . Some of them must be really old . I estimate at least 500 years , but rather more . For one of them , which apparently crashed during a recent storm we acquire interesting photographs .

Hawaii,Kauai,Noalolo cliffs

After the fall of the tree originated in an otherwise dense forest clearing about 100 meters in diameter. About as much had a huge tree crown . Trunk diameter was about 160 cm. The circuit thus over 5 meters . Over time, the journey begins as slope approaching coast trip begins to be more interesting . The weather makes up for everything that we could see in previous visits. The views towards the coast in the area Kallalau is truly unforgettable. Many sightseeing helicopters that arrive and depart every three minutes perhaps suggest that it is these places are truly some of the most interesting and most photogenic of Kauai .

Hawaii,Kauai,Noalolo cliffs

A wonderful weather this impression is enhanced . We collect photographs are certainly interesting ones of our entire vacation. With hindsight, I can definitely say that this trip is probably the most interesting we have taken in Hawaii . Definitely give 10 + and I recommend not to miss. Thanks to the weather , this area is more interesting than my Kallalau trail . Journey to the End prospects takes about 2 watch. You can go back by the same route or extend your trip by awaawapuhi trail . Due to the extreme heat we choose the shorter variant.

The way back is a little more challenging and the rain can be a little dangerous. Some sections of climbing and using only the hands and the roots of the surrounding trees .

Hawaii,Kauai,Noalolo cliffs

In the forest, the meadow of Hawaii, then meet cocks and hens . We return to the car and after a short refreshment still beautiful weather continues to the end of the road to one of the rainiest places in the world . After about 10 minutes we arrived and we were lucky . Raining. The truth is that the hills surrounding the valley Kallalau begin to delve into the clouds . But do prosecute some exceptional photos yet for the sun.

Hawaii,Kauai,Kalalau Lookaut

That 's what I call good day . After our exit at Koko Head, challenging road for 6 mile Kalalau trail, snorkeling in Hanaleii this is another unforgettable experience. The real climax of our stay on Kauai .

Although Kauai is a small island and permanent bypassing around for us means to refuel at least 10 USD. Tomorrow will be the last full day on Kauai . We return to our apartments and enjoy a wonderful evening with coffee . Hopefully tomorrow will work out fine bathing day at the beach in Haena camp .

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