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Norway - Oslo-6.3-6 June 2011


I hold to the principle of "opportunity makes the journey" and also like to see where I've been. At the end of May I was enticing fare Hungarian Wizzair so long I do not hesitate and buy on the first weekend in June, tickets for sympathetic 25 Euro (price per round trip, including all taxes)

Departure on Friday evening at 21.15 and return at 23:25 on Monday-it perfect for a long weekend. Only after buying the ticket started to look for accommodation and to reflect on the weekend's program in Norway, I know that this country is among the most expensive, but they soon find that prices in Oslo can capture paraphrase the slogan "more expensive than you expect"

Then, when I see how much traffic from Sandefjord in the center of Oslo, while I am thinking about renting a car and travel to Bergen, but crazy price and high participation discourage me quickly
The final plan is to spend the weekend in Oslo and its surroundings.
 photos here
Sandefjord Airport Torp from Oslo city center is located about 100km, travel time is 80 minutes and the price for a return ticket 300 NOK, which is really a massacre.
Because I'm going with my girlfriend hledám.co regards disposals something better, eventually deciding to Clarion Collection Hotel Bastion for 3840 NOK for three nights in a double room with breakfast and evening snacks, which, as we see later, has the character of a regular dinner, the hotel is also all day free coffee, tea, water, fruit and afternoon pancakes with jam (Self-production)
Day 1
We arrived at the airport an hour before departure, we only cabin baggage, check-in without a problem, years had about 80 percent occupancy, departure and landing time.
Funny you get messages board Steward "Give your beer, you're not in Norway," laughs ... but he was right.
Small and easy to Torp airport welcomes us pleasant weather, the sun is shining, is about 20C, although the clock shows half past nine.
Within a few minutes walk from the airport to the bus stops, bus departure follows the arrival, so it is at rest, the ticket (twice as expensive ticket), buy at řidiče.Cesta in Oslo city center takes about an hour and a half.
We arrive in Oslo before midnight and the greatest experience for us is probably that it was not yet dark. The hotel is found within half an hour, in a cozy room eat the supplies from the Czech Republic, we shower and go to bed.
Day 2
The morning after delicious breakfast at the hotel we set out, the weather is beautiful, much better than I expected, azure sky and over twenty levels, great. First we go to the train station where the tourist office (outside the station) and buy Oslo pass at 72 hours (430 NOK), you can buy for 24 or 48 hours, although it is bat, but thanks to him we have all transport Oslo free, as well as inputs to all major museums. Waist to 72 hours and also has a free cruise along the fjord. Retrospectively calculate that if we all museums and public transport fares paid, it would cost us about 800 NOK, so the purchase is paid off.
Otherwise inputs count as around 60-100Nok and transport stop is 24 NOK.
Oslo tour starting stroll along Karl Johans gate, pedestrian zone, which is the central street of the city and begins at the train station, we pass the university building, the National Theatre and the walk to the southern end, where the hill excludes the Norwegian Parliament. During the trip, thanks to a promotional presentation we get to drink for free (we are in Norway, so of course nealkoholickému). After a short rest in the park, which builds on the parliament we fill it to the water and the fjord. Foti famous town hall, which is the symbol of Oslo, it is just before a fire event, respectively. exhibition of fire-fighting equipment, checking out it, there are some veterans of the 30s, quite interesting ..
Then we headed to the pier, from which it operates sightseeing cruises and the first time we use the Oslo pass, cruise normally costs 175 NOK, we do not pay anything. Voyage time is about an hour and a half and has several stops. The Oslofjord busy there, it crosses a lot of ships, from small fishing boats to large cruise ships for thousands of tourists. Flying towards Akershus castle famous and architecturally interesting building of the Norwegian Opera, the weather is still luxurious, sun bakes downright, refreshes the ship cola and coffee (about 4O NOK). Peace (I do not think those prices :-)). During the cruise, we agree that the climb-Bygdoy Peninsula, where there are several important monuments and take it back again by boat or bus.
After "landing" in Bygdoy while relaxing on the sea shore. And due to the fact that during the cruises we have seen not only many vessels, but swimmers and also osmělujeme and bravely plunges into the fjord .... heated, up to the knees :-)
Once refreshed we look at the first museum, which is a few steps from the pier, it is the Maritime Museum (Norsk sjofartsmuseum). In it is to see everything related to mořeplavectvím, whaling. apod.vystaveny are, period photographs and images, models and cabins vessels throughout history. A bonus is a beautiful view of the sea (inside and outside the terraces).
The second museum, where we check out the Kon-Tiki Museum, to me interesting. It is dedicated to the traveler and ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl, who built a boat out of balsa wood, according to the ancient practice of Peruvian Indians and sailed with him from South America to Polynesia, cruise took him to the 100dnů.Když Kocábka person looks, it's hard to believe that this is sailed the ocean more than three months. Alongside the vessel is a copy of the statue from Easter Islands. The second ship that is exposed to the boat "Ra II", which is a change from the African reed and crossed the Atlantic, looks even vratčeji. There is of course again a lot of pictures of the construction of vessels sailing alone and also a lot of them along the way collected souvenirs. 
To "change" the third visited museum covers the polar ship Fram. It consists ship Fram, built in the late 19th century., she sailed with Roald Amundsen to both poles. The ship can go through the inside after all the decks, again full of photos and observations of polar adventures, including the polar bear. Also interesting, but the ship's topic and museums were still enough, so we take a flight world ...
For travel from Bogdoy choose ship, which is actually a local public transport, we have therefore free cruise lasts about ten minutes, get off at City Hall, from her to go through to the hotel for even 20 minutes.
The hotel can use the opportunity to make pancakes and Denča me proves its confectionery and culinary skills, I return to the show, how well I can consume. In addition to the free pancakes and coffee, tea, water and some fruit. Thus strengthened, thanks to great weather still decide to go swimming for a while, according clever pamphlet we got to Oslo pass, of course, we find such what is right for us for free.
Swiming is just three subway station, so we just a short, easy swim, make us hungry for pancakes nice and go out to dinner.
Evening buffet at the hotel really corresponds to a full dinner buffet, thus eat properly. Two glasses of wine in action from 79Nok:-D and refuse to remain in the water, which is for nothing. After the meal we cournout around town, end up with water and watch the boats, the ten-thirty and still light.
Day 3
Morning after breakfast we go to the subway (or rather suburban train) to springboard Holmenkolen, the path offers pleasant views of the pretty wooded landscape with rural housing, and after a few stops from the center. Too bad it is not the PRG board Wenceslas Square and in Dejvicka have Šumava. Moreover, the way the road rises to open the panoramic views and the fjord.
From subway station to the bridge is about ten minutes walk, thanks to his height, it's hard not to find it :-)
So in the quarter can be free to go, there is trade in overpriced souvenirs (as well, but it is in Norway nepředražené). Shop next to the simulator to ski jumping, with Oslo Pass is a discount because I am such a stupid fun, so this simulation absolvujeme, but ... no hit parade, and we had a discount. In view of the above it is perfect, great, great. Order to get up to pay admission to the local museum (use magic again Oslopass) and from there on it-lift queues, we waited about 40 minutes.
After visiting the bridge and nabažení view it is directed to complete the final, while we're on the periphery, and we're going to Frognerseteren. Here at last metro starts a lot of marked hiking trails (cross-country skiing, cycling, walking), all forest idyll. We do have at least a small walk ..
After returning to the city and re-pancake snack we set off again on the boat Bygdoynes peninsula, this time we perform it on the first landing and after about 15 minutes walk to enter a large Norks Folkemusea. This open-air museum, the largest open-air museum in Europe consists of many dwellings from medieval to 20th houses century. I would compare it necessary to Valašskému Museum in Rožnov, only here it is building more and at the same time period of the image is larger . K vision is from the churches, through the farm buildings, residential homes to the petrol pump and also shops with goods from the early 20th century. Various side events (craftsmen, cooks ..) are part of the exhibition and a pleasant tour of all we diversify.
After the boat tour we go back to the town hall and go to the hotel for dinner. Then strengthened korzujeme around the building a new opera (and after), we watch the fjord and sunshine leaning towards creating long term and soft shadows. Before we plan sets Vigelandsparken, so hurray for underground and popojíždíme about 4 stations.
Vigeland is the largest park in central Oslo. It features hundreds of human statues that portray humanity and man, in various forms. Browse there until almost dark, we come to some compatriots (first) and a second with them forbid ...
Day 4
Morning after breakfast drop a room and reception leave luggage, do not let it pull. For the first time we have matching  weather climates. It is overcast and slightly raining.
The third time we're heading to Bygdoynes, this time by bus, on the last major attraction of this peninsula, we have seen: Vikingskipshuset. This is Viking boats that are more than 1000 years, interesting, but we need to explore about 30 min, so many that there is about three men and a few things from them. Historians and lovers of Viking culture, of course, much longer delays.
The kebab for 70 Nok then cenrtu invent what's next, due to the weather, it wants some action under the roof and the museum was probably prefer not ..
Leafing through a magic booklet and we find out what we have in the neighborhood free J.Denča discovers a mini zoo, so there we go look. It is focused on snakes, crocodiles, frogs, etc., kill an hour there, the standard fee is 100 Nok, I would not give for it then ..
In the afternoon we return to the hotel for luggage and already in heavy rain last use Oslo pass and spend two hours in the indoor pool (two metro stops from the center).
Well, then, journey by bus to Torp (longer and more expensive than a flight to Prague).
Just a small note at the end, despite my super weekend fares in Oslo came out more expensive than this weekend at Alagrve, Kos and Agadir, ie over all three weekends together. :-)

author Tony 2 more here.  



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