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sometime in the summer of 2011 I was thinking where to look and extend the fall a few sunny days. After my first trip to the Portuguese Algarve, I promised myself that I must return. Since we were there only briefly with his wife, I decided to take this time and mom and younger daughter with his wife. The plan is clear, you need to find flights, hotels and car. Like the latter falls again popular choice for Ryanair and route Bratislava - Malaga for the day 23.10.2011. Given that this is the last years this route in the summer schedule based and very cost-effectively. The breakdown of all costs will be described below. The disadvantage of this flight is that they already get back the same route. So I spend a little time looking for the connections to Bratislava and soon itinerary ready.
Route plan:
October 23, 2011 Morning departure to Bratislava. Morning departure from Bratislava to Malaga.
Arrival in Malaga in about 13 hours
Car rental at the airport for 5 days. Departure to Sevilla. Check in about 16 hours Guided Seville 2 hours. Transfer to the Portuguese Portimao. Arrival at the hotel around 23 pm local time.
24.10.2011 Beaches Atlantic. Sightseeing the beaches west coast of Europe.
25.10.2011 Disclosure and swimming in the beautiful Algarve.
26.10 2011 Return to Málaga through the enchanting town of Ronda.
27.10.2011 Departure from Malaga via Zaragoza to Bergamo (Italy)
Arrival to Bergamo in 23 hours. Tranfer to the Hostel.
October 28, 2011 Morning tour of the historic center of Bergamo
Afternoon transfer to airport and flight to Brno.
Budget travel for 4 people
Flights BTS - Malaga total of 77 Euros
Flights Malaga - Zaragoza total of 31 Euros
Flights Zaragoza - Bergamo total of 28 Euros
Flights Bergamo - Brno 36 Eur
Flights 172 Eur
Renault Kangoo Car rental in Malaga for 5 days
with insurance and a full tank of 157 Euros
Diesel on the way 45 Eur
Transfer from Bergamo - to 40 Eur Hostel
The route from Brno - Bratislava to 20 Euros
Parking Seville and Ronda 6 Eur
Bergamo fare is € 10
Auto 278 Eur
4 Nights Accommodation Portugal 41 Eur
Accommodation Fuengirola 4 star hotel 1 night 33 Euros
Accommodation Bergamo Hostel 1 night 83 Euros
Accommodation 157 Eur
Food for other expenses 90 Eur
Total expenditure for four people          700 Eur
Day 1 October 23, 2011 Malaga - Sevilla - 467 km Portimao Portugal
route here
In the morning we leave from Brno to Bratislava Airport. The flight to Malaga was without problems and around 13 hours landing. When you pick up your car after leaving the motorway Sevilla. It's beautiful weather. Temperature of about 23 C. The only drawback of this period are already short days and dark here also begins at 18 o'clock. To Seville we can get in 16 hours already and just parked right in the center. Tourists in this period is much less, so there are no problems with parking. It is a beautiful afternoon and the setting sun is slowly centum Seville wonderful. Considering that in Central Europe is late autumn here is just the end of summer. Given that few people actually can be fine to pass the main hub for about 2-3 watches. Just starts to get dark, so we get into the car and continue the direction of Portugal. However, the path passes at ease and at 21 o'clock we cross into Portugal. It is still necessary to mention the excellent quality of the Spanish motorways. For European money here built many kilometers of new highways, ride-on at no charge. Due to the mild weather there are roads still in great condition. It can not be said of Portugal. After crossing the border river of feeling like at our D1. Fortunately, the end remains only about 1.5 hours. The GPS sets the name of the street in Portimao. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact location of the hotel and of course the street is nearly 5 km along the coast and everywhere in the hotel hotel.
It is 23 hours and we are down the street here and there we pass the third time and nothing. We need to find someone who can help. At this time of night but it is a hard nut to crack. Passes only a few tourists here and those that do not. Finally, a stop at the trash collector, who at this time dare waste. Both are looking at the voucher, hotel name, and you still can not agree on where it should be. Eventually one of them will call on the phone and find the exact location.
Given that only speak Portuguese we are pleased that he sits down to us in the car with that show us the way. In a few moments we will surprise. After two branches when navigation to the right says our guide will also learn to say the right.
And suddenly no problem speaking to Russian. It turned out that the old man has been living here 12 years and is originally from the Ukraine. And as we have the Russian suddenly throws.
Find a hotel at night is really difficult for him. Finally, after 5 minutes we arrived to the hotel and we find that we have everything ready. I dare helper back to work and slow going on the first night.
Day 2 October 24, 2011 Atlantic Beach Portimao - Atlanik - Sau di Cabo Vicente - Lagos - Portimao 221 km
route here
In the morning we woke up still in the dark. There are about two hours less than in Brno, that's why. From the balcony, however, we see the sun come out and it is clear that we will have a wonderful day full of sun, typical for this area. The Algarve is almost 300 sunny days a year, even in winter, the temperatures are high. After breakfast, we leave the west direction. There will be a wonderful trip to the now deserted beach. It's hard to describe the feeling that you have when you first see the Atlantic from one of the many vistas and beaches. This can not be compared with Bulgaria, Croatia or Italy. The wonderful weather to the coast with huge cliffs and long sandy beaches, a huge wave rolls one after another. From a height of about 100 m prospects look relaxed. The roar of the ocean and the wind, however, reveal that this is anything but calm seas. We travel by car thus directly into the bay. Only here we see the immense power of water. Waves break for the first time about 100 m from the coast. You reach a height of at least 3 mA after which it rolls over several times before it reaches the shore. The normal bathing it is not, but just can not resist. I add at least a few photos to illustrate smaller. Anyway, after my second visit I know that this is the most interesting of the whole coast of Europe.
Photo Here
Nothing in this statement or brief rain spoil, highly ornate in odpoldedních hours attended. Swimming we had a row, so we have at least made some interesting photos.
Day 3 beautiful beaches Portimao 25.10.2011
route here
classic is once again hurt the sun. From our hotel in 10 we see on the floor with long nedeleké sea on one side and the town and the pool on the other. This time, fine breakfast. Today we plan to classical koupačku with discovering the beautiful beaches of the Algarve corners. This area is specific just for its ferocity. This is a blast from the point nejápadnějšího europe and continues eastwards to the border with Spain. The famously centers are of course also the largest Faro Lagos, Albufeira, Portimao, etc. On our first trip we stayed in Albufeira and nearby coast was amazing. So I was curious about what awaits us in Portimao. It's hard to describe all the beautiful beaches, cliffs and corners. Rather I will add a few more photos and make yourself a picture. Finally, again, I can say that the Algarve is a pearl of the Mediterranean. Certainly one of the most interesting areas are located here: Praya de Prainha
The advantage is that you arrive by car almost to the beach. The water temperature in late October could be around 22C.
The temperature of the sun around 30C.
Day 3 photo here
 Day 4 Ronda, Andalusia or history
Portimao - Sevilla - Ronda - Spain Fuengirola 474 km
route here
Always try on our vacation to discover something new and interesting. After many visits to various sites this time we decided to visit the historic town of Ronda in the middle of the Andalusian mountains. We leave soon after breakfast, after knowing the way to Seville. Here we turn to the south and after a little while, we are close to the mountains. The landscape changes a lot. Turn the bend climb into the mountains. On the slopes appear beautiful village. White houses with blue roofs. After a while, we are approaching the town of Ronda. It rises on the steep rocks. Most interesting is that the city is situated on two peaks associated obroským bridge. (Puente Nuevo) across the river Tajo. This landmark of the city is visible from far away. Parked in the city parking lot and leave on a tour of the city. To the end of October, there is enough in the main tourist season there must be motionless. The weather is beautiful again, only here at the top of quite a lot of blows. A tour of the center and all the sights would be the day. We left before the sun about four hours, but we can learn much. After leaving the mountains west direction Marbela. The evening we arrived in 5 star hotel in Fuengirola. In this hotel, we spent the night and the last time. Super hotel for an incredible price. Malaga airport tomorrow we have about 40 min. In the evening, we still look at the local historical guard tower on the beach. Hotej This is a super option for a beach holiday. Accessibility from the airport by train or taxi. Beautiful beaches and a super hotel.
Day 4 photo here
 Day 5  Malaga - Zaragoza - Bergamo
this day, unfortunately, consisting mainly of traveling and waiting at airports. Unfortunately variant with direct return to Bratislava was no longer possible, therefore, revealed as the cheapest option. Morning after breakfast leave wonderful hotel and after 40 min longer return the car. This is followed by a classic. Waiting at the airport to Kratie last sunbathing on the terrace in front of the hall. Flights to Zaragoza was held as usual without any problems. Originally we had planned to go to look for a few hours to the center. Even before landing, it is clear that nothing will come of it. Thick clouds and moderate rain will force us to spend the five hours waiting for a flight to Bergamo. Around 20 hours we fly to Bergamo. Sending sms to confirm our arrival due to transfer to the hostel. Přecejenom arrive at 23 am and the other option, except taxi is not. Soon after getting the response that everything is fine. Upon arrival, we use before departure hall and look for our minibus. The fact that there is still 23.30 crowded. Suddenly he sees as our minibus leaves from the station. I try to wave, but it leaves other cars, so we can not see. Suppose, however, that he went to bother coming next car. This is confirmed in about 2 minutes, when the minibus again see coming. We get therefore already to two passengers and still waiting. A few phone call in Italian and soon to our minibus rush stewardess from Raznair. We understand that we will take more than we thought, but that's just Italy. Finally we are in a minibus for 8 runs a total of 10 people with luggage. Delivery takes passengers in total, so eventually we arrived at the hostel at 1.30 pm until after midnight. However, everything is ready, so soon fall asleep. Tomorrow we will tour the historic Bergamo afternoon and return home to Brno.
 Day 6 Bergamo's historic center
get up at 8 o'clock. The accommodation we have an excellent breakfast. At the reception we buy kístky for public transport. The bus leaves directly into the center of the hostel. For 20 min longer get off the walls of Bergamo. The temperature here is much lower than in Portugal, but it is still beautiful weather. We have about three hours to explore. Again, I can say that this is just a cursory knowledge of the main attractions, but the best would be to spend at least one day here and even večrní inspection must be interesting.
Day 5 photo here
In the afternoon we aotu picks up at the hostel and taken directly to the airport. This journey takes only 20 min. After 17 hours have land at the airport in Brno.
So again, ending one of many cognitive low cost trips. Or again managed to meet the target. For very little money to spend.
If you managed to get this far, then I thank you and I invite you to the next part of our travel.


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