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Slovakia, Demenovska Valley - Chopok


starting point of our trip is Santa's cottage at the end of the journey Demenovskou valley. Now here is based tourist signs towards Chopok. We choose to output the comfortable yellow head towards the top of Polana, which lies to the right of Chopok. Journey through the beautiful valley of the stream which flows into the St. Nicholas cottage Vrbicke Tarn. Beginning of the path runs along the forest paths, often rutted from forest machines, but after about 500 m longer climb the beautiful narrow walkway created from stones. The path is lined with dense forests, and many forest and meadow flowers.

The trail is maintained as a nature, so here are some boards with information about the local fauna and flora. As we learned later, it is also possible to bump the bears. We are fortunate fortunately did not take pictures, so at least vegetation. After about two kilometers we turn a slight incline along the nature trail to the left along the red.

It is necessary to overcome the creek not too high quality wooden bridge.

We go around the small mountain lakes.
The landscape is gradually changing with it as we climb. Tall trees gradually thin and begins to grow dwarf. After about 20 minutes we come to the blue brand. From this point you can go back or vice versa begin the main climb towards the top of Chopok. Although the summit is shrouded in clouds continue in the output. The road is still steeper and increasingly open views north to Demenovské valley. Sometimes we will be pleased by the sun and then the output is really great. After a further 30 minutes have come to one of the lifts to a depth of 1650 m above sea level. Here at the end of all vegetation and towards the top is already bare rocky escarpment. Moreover, in this period are carried out earthworks associated with the development of the local area. However, currently it is really at the expense of the local countryside. Locals confirm our assumptions and describe how the local nature appeared a few years ago. Now it is up to the summit created a makeshift mountain road after which they happily flock excavators and trucks. Huge boulders are gradually cleans up the slope and terrain are compared. In addition this year to the top Chopok built a truly unique cable car up to about 12 people in the cabin. It is clear that everything is under the spell make the most of this great winter season maximum. We'll see if the local slope nesesune for more rain down. Instead, we proceed gradually to the top. The weather, however, permanently changing for the worse and so will not be, from the top by cable car to the top of Chopok. Perhaps it would not make sense. Seeing is not even 20 m. We would like to use to return a new lift. However, we face the problem. You can not buy up the way down and the operator is adamant. On the argument that the ticket will pay down to us says that if you went up and down to get well. No other county which different customs. Here the top is really like in the mountains. Temperature and around 7 C and wind. The same situation in Italy we solved without knowledge of Italian cool completely. With the change of weather, of course, we counted so don jackets and shell suits and slowly begin to descend the same way. Fortunately, after a descent of 200 meters of altitude significantly warmer and it is clear that the worst is with me. Sun has finally disappearing clouds and it is clear that we will not miss any rain. Way down but continues despite fatigue relatively quickly and we for about an hour already on the verge of the forest. At that moment, however, really starts to rain heavily. Children equip cloaks and jackets themselves turn up. We're going down the same road to the crossroads of red and blue. From here we continue through the forest and partially down the slope towards Santa's cottage. With decreasing altitude start from the clouds and the rain disappears. All that we survived just fine and after about 5 hour trip in order to return the car. How do we learn from tourists down here did not rain. I can be so unpredictable mountain. Certainly we can say that that trail is a beautiful relaxing stroll and children from 10 years old, but certainly no need to underestimate warmer clothes and capes and even in good weather in the summer. Along the way, there is nowhere refreshments, so we recommend plenty of fluids and chocolate.

Photos from the trip here



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