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Slovakia. High Tatras-Štrbské Lake. Waterfall Skok.


Another tourist destination of the trip is a visit to the Slovak popular resorts Štrbské Pleso in the High Tatras.
The journey from Demenovské Valley is less than an hour. The disadvantage of the center is limited parking. Free parking in the center is practically nonexistent. The only option is to stop their vehicle in the car park at the prospect of about 2 km from Strbske Pleso.
Somehow, this time we did not want to tread extra mile so we park up at the last possible parking lot, near the ski jumps. Price, of course, corresponds to the location. For standing over six hours are charged EUR 10. Payment for parking is either in the local info center or reception next hotel. Amenities local info center materials for tourists is deplorable. Free parking is available just a few promotional flyers that you certainly do not help with trip planning. And not to mention about a photo catalog of local fauna, flora and other attractions. If you compare the free offer materials such as Austria, Italy or Spain, so I find that Slovakia will probably still is not in the EU. But the cost for the service and food are, however, already ahead. However, when we discussed this issue with the owner of the house where we were staying, as she told us, none of the local's also very much understand. However, it should be noted that a similar approach we have met in Prague. Enough moaning. We follow the yellow trail towards the mountains.
 Our goal today is a waterfall Skok. Probably the most beautiful waterfall in the High Tatras. The path to the waterfall takes less than 2 watches and in good weather it is easily feasible for smaller children from about 7 years. Of course it is slightly difficult for the gradual scooping vertical meters. First way goes through dense forests.
About half way already getting above the scrub and start magnificent views south to the ski jumps and the surrounding cliffs. Several cross the stream flowing from the waterfall, but the wooden bridges are well maintained. Unlike output Demenovskou valley on Chopok there is far more tourists. The water in the creek is nice and clean, but I do not dare consider whether it is suitable for drinking. Therefore, it should be strongly recommended to take along plenty of fluids and chocolate. In beautiful weather that accompanied us all the way to get to the waterfall. This is a very photogenic place.
So of course we make interesting photographs and after a short break, return the same way back to the parking lot. Certainly, however, like to go back and plan a longer transition beautiful local mountains.




photos from the trip here



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