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Spain - Palma de Majorka - Girona - Bergamo in 5 days

Low cost travel I really liked, so when I read a few opavdu incredible trips of my favorite sites www.akciletenky.com, I left quickly inspire the next attempt. It can be done in 3 countries € 100 in 5 days? It will become really worth the effort? If you are interested in the outcome, then read on. A few hours of planning and the search for air tickets and accommodation, and here is the result.
Route plan:
September 26, 2009 Departure from Brno in 18 hours to London (Stansted). Since we returned from London three weeks ago, followed by only night at the airport.
September 27, 2009 Departure Stansted to Palma de centere at 11 am Arrive in 13 hours. Check out the hostel in the Arenal bus from the airport. After the bus to the hotel in the afternoon and evening trip to the city.
September 28, 2009 After breakfast koupák on the beach about 50 meters from the hostel to the airport and stops. At 16 am departure to the airport and flight to Girona. The bus to Girona cent to Hostel. Evening city tour.
September 29, 2009 After breakfast, city tour and other tanning. Dinner departure to the airport. Sleep at the airport.
September 30, 2009 Morning departure to Bergamo. Arriving at about 9 pm. Visit local shoping center, lunch and then sunbathing outside the airport.
September 30, 2009 Afternoon departure to Brno
Budget travel:
Day 1 Brno-London ticket 5 Euros
night at Stansted airport
Day 2 morning meal from home
Mallorca London-ticket € 15
bus to the hostel € 2
Hostel 1 night with breakfast € 10
bus center and back 2 euros
food Mc Donald € 8
Day 3 bus to the airport 2 euros
Mallorca - Girona ticket € 5
bus to the center and back € 4
hostel with breakfast € 16
food and drink during the day about 12 euros
night at the airport
4th day drinking at the airport 2 euros
Girona - Bergamo ticket € 5
food in the shopping center € 10
Bergamo - Brno ticket € 5
Total costs about                   € 100
Day 1 night at Stansted spend again in the usual place on koci terminal. Settee have already shot about 18 hr. After filling up the space very quickly and after 21 hours no longer sednout.Další morning where passengers remain on the ground already. I have a sleeping bag towed me nothing is missing.
Day 2 5 hours in the morning is already around a large industry. After cleaning the food, and I go through the hall. Flight to Majorca is accurate. I look forward to my first visit to this island. Approaching Mallorca. They come from the northeast. I sit by the window on the right side so I can see beautiful mountains of the peninsula Formertor.Už now I know for sure that I want to see not just one day, but next time it will certainly be for a longer period of time as someone else. Upon arrival, admire the beautiful hall and a huge airport, but hasten the bus. Before departure will be time enough. Surprisingly, I find the bus stop 5 minutes. Bus departs for another 15 min. Everything goes as swimmingly and I have 16 hours in the hostel. Double I strangely alone. Contrast is even a pub with Pisner Urquel, but closed. Given that it will soon be leaving dark for 20 minutes. Back into the city center. One word beautiful. We go around the endless beach in Arenal and 25 minutes ago, we Cathedral. In the hostel I took the map histirického center, will immediately begin to search. Really beautiful place. Center, Cathedral, artificial lake with a fountain and port.
See photos and give me the truth. Come after dark at a local MC and once again walking around the Cathedral. Now after dark. All beautifully illuminated headlights. I go back to the hostel around 22 pm. The whole day was beautiful weather. Already looking forward to tomorrow's swimming.
Photo two days here
Day 3 excellent breakfast in the morning without limitation amount. In the 10 hours already lying on the beach. Gradually other tourists coming. Surprisingly, most of eastern Europe. You can hear Polish, Russian, Czech weather and the water was fine. The sun is over 30C and the water around 24 C. Afternoon departure to the airport again cool. Again followed by a tour of the airport. Discover the beautiful summer terrace on the first floor. It is not glazed or air-conditioned, but here is beautiful. Even here lata and birds. I definitely recommend a visit. In any case, it is about the airport in Palm far the nicest that I have ever visited. Flight Palma de Mallorca - Giruna proceeded without delay and in 19 hours I was already on the platform buses to the city of Girona. Station is located approximately 200 m east of the airport. After the exit of the arrivals hall is necessary to go to the left. A return ticket to the city center costs about 8 euros and the journey to the center takes about 45 minutes. I have booked accommodation at a hostel right in the center, about 15 minutes walk from the bus station. All I can find no problems later do and how is the best of all the hostel where I was not. Although I set out to have dark večrního city tour of illuminated monuments. Even after 20 hours is beautifully teplo.Ideální evening walk on streets of the Jewish quarter, near the local university and the walls. Beautiful is the local cathedral lit. I go back to the hostel after 23 pm. The kitchen can still do dinner. We got to talking with a couple of Israel, who are traveling to Spain for the third week as a tourist from Holland, who is here on a study stay. Another day full of new experiences. Super morning swim in Mallorca and romantic evening walk around Girona.
Day 4 morning again convince that the choice of this hostel was great. Really rich breakfast even fruits and vegetables. Of course coffee, five kinds of tea, 3 types of juices etc, etc. Really cool and how long it can. Against breakfast in London hostel complete All Inclusive. At breakfast yet acquainted with Brazilian students in Canada. Fortunately, everyone can adapt my English, which is at the level of primary school. I use free local úschony luggage and set off again to the city of Girona. This time I choose guided tour using a map, which I got in the hostel. The trail leads to local walls literally. On the walls you walk along the narrow walkway and gradually go through the various watchtowers. With each step, opening new and new views of Girona. Again, cloudless skies and temperatures above 25 C. The most interesting part of the trip is on the walls at the very top, where the garden. Enormous cacti, flowering plants and palm trees. All this together with a view of the city in me again confirms that even here I have to go back again, and showed me all his close so he could still enjoy all the experiences intenzivěji. Again, walk around the other monuments and museums. In one of the exhibition is devoted to Napoleon. For me it's interesting also because I live near the Peace Memorial in Moravia. After lunch at a local pizza place I go back to the gardens and another two hours enjoying perhaps the last year's intense sun. After arriving home, then I look like I came from the Caribbean. Due to the fact that I am leaving the plane already at 6 o'clock in the morning I solve another overnight at the airport. I'm going back to the hostel. Do I say, a few words of Polish woman who is at the front desk. Back on the bus, and after 20 hours I was at the airport. Sleeping at the local airport is quite relaxing. Can find 3 seats without backrests and there is quite calm. I pull out a sleeping bag and other zaleháme bedfellows.
Night out at night in the airport and Girona were cool.
photo 4 days here
Day 5 I get up again about five hours after the morning hygiene and already I'm going to leave. All, as usual, and at 9 am we land in Bergamo. And here is still beautiful weather. Tour of Bergamo already leave for the next trip and so I'm going to a nearby shoping center. We can eat here fairly cheaply in local selloff to buy a few gifts. When the family had flown with me so at least some attention. In the afternoon, return to the airport and on the lawn announce my trip and is increasingly clear to me that this style of travel is right. We'll make a few adjustments, we will extend days of stay, but this is no longer a travel agency. Over the last four days I have so many experiences like I go around the world.

So thanks again to all 



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