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Spain - Gran Canaria+Tenerie+La Palma 30.6.-7.7.2011

In mid-April, I took an interesting offer cost-Ryan for about 50EUR per-route Magdeburg-Gran Canaria at attractive terms using the July holidays. Even though I was only a few days after returning from the Algarve, I had a traditional cold turkey again and needed something to look forward to, and so long and I do not hesitate to buy-back 6.30-07.07 (Thus only 4 days leave).
Because I'm on the four most famous canary islands have been (even in the days of blue aircraft), I would now like to see at least one island, which I have not visited and at the same time I would like to show a friend ..... why the most begin to crystallize relatively tight schedule, which the result is the itinerary:
Magdeburg Cochstedt 06.30 12.35 to 16.35 Gran Canaria-Ryan
2.7 Gran Canaria, Tenerife Norte 13.30-14.00-Islas
4.7 Tenerife Norte 13.30-14.30-La Palma Islas
6.7 La Palma Gran Canaria-15.20-16.10-Binter
7.7 Gran Canaria 6.15 to 12.10 Magdeburg Cochsted-Ryan
Total price of the ticket (plus all overflights Ryan is 155Eur per person)
Despite www.akcniletenky.com reserve the car of Gran Canaria (Gold Car) and La Palma (Orlando) on Tenerife suppose only movement within the city of Puerto de la Cruz, so do not take the car.
The basic idea is as follows: Gran Canaria (beaches, classic resort) Tenerife (city with a nice atmosphere and Loro Park) La Palma (mountains, nature), such a diverse mix, I know very well that it is very simplistic and misleading, but the holiday is so a bit of a limiting factor ...
Despite http://www.booking.com reserving accommodation in Gran Canaria - Bungalows Vista Flor in Maspalomas, on Tenerife hotel Monopol in Puerto de la Cruz, La Palma La Olas apartments and on the last night on Gran Canaria before choosing flight hotel Parque in Las Palmas
Prices (always two): Vista Flor 94Eur-breakfast-total for two nights
Monopoly 136Eur-half-total for two nights
Las Olas 116Eur-half for two nights
Parque 69Eur-breakfast one night
photo here
Day 1
At the airport we arrived a little later than we thought-about an hour and a few minutes before departure, I originally wanted to use the parking http://www.park-and-shuttle.de or http://www.parken24.com/index.en . php? = Anfahrt go, but unfortunately I had intelligently paper that is now quite fit in the printer and to the point I find it so easy to find .. no nothing so well ... After parking the apartment building before apparently
building empty feeling is not good, calms me a little while intact with superb Czech brand before you give it out .. Rain changing to a downpour, extra girlfriend in the car leaves the notebook and finally come to the decision that I'm probably one of the few you pay a small airport, a lot of money for parking, so i will .. 8.5Eur per day, which is the most expensive parking fee I've ever paid. I'll try not to exceed this record already. 
Check-cool each bag into the cage and weighed, we had some extra pounds, so we had to take out a book and a sweatshirt, take them up again to put the suitcase on the scale, and go through the book with sweatshirt back clean.
Upon arrival at Gran Canaria welcomed us pleasant 27C, was a bit disappointing haze over the whole island, reminiscent of Ostrava during the inversion .. Quickly moving to a rental, we handled everything quickly and did not have to queue and wait a long time, and it did. The delay comes up in the search for the car in the garage, of course I do not want ignominiously back to car, I say that we must find, what finally happened (and after 15-20min). Upon starting, we find that the contract we have in the tank ful Thursday .. it's not the same ... no super .... so give them the way to their hotel excelent english call their customer service line, said okay, let tank and hide account.Hotel found relatively quickly when the first failed attempt to accommodate at Club Vista Flor, which is in the same street and looks much better.
Accommodation quite nice, down living room with kitchen. line, upstairs bedroom with balcony and koupelna.Na reception we were drawn by the offer of dinner for 10EUR a buffet, still, that I bought only one, really not much (speaking more gently), restaurants nearby eat better and cheaper.
After the meal we approach by car to the dunes, which Cournich and then we walk along the promenade around the lighthouse after dark is very warm around 24C.
Day 2
Morning after breakfast go for a morning on koupačku to Playa Ingles, on the beaches, we spend about two hours and also buy snacks and sunscreen (almost too late). Then we move to the southwest and stop at Playa de Cura, where you buy at your local supermarket few euros lunch on the beach. The beach is beautiful chairs and umbrellas, where we would be certainly nice picnicking, even though it has all supervisory chairs empty, fail to knock me anything (gold Morocco), even though they emphasize that here so hodky vagrant, max.dvě so end up in the sand. Unlike Playa Ingles is here completely empty, max 15-20lidí so, so much more comfortable and intimate environment.
After further relaxation we go further, we stop at Playa Taurito and then you'll head to Puerto Mogan, this pleasant and picturesque little town you go through and finish as usual by some pleasant refreshment and seating area.
Then we go to Baranci Mogan, when leaving Puerto Mogan is a pump doing fatal error (see below) and neither diesel.
Journey to Mogan and then further inland on Las Nieves is a very pretty, photogenic, full of nice views and narrow winding roads, definitely recommend to go this way, we stop going for walks and pokochání. With a sharp climb and use only twos and threes soon heard orange light reserves, pump anywhere so enthusiastically welcome the rudder in a small village in the interior, still do not know what the good guy encounter.
The entrance to the garage does not inspire confidence too, but okay, 70-year-old grandfather, in the dirty apron asks how much, say 20 liters and I emphasize the word several diesel, Lord nods and čepuje.Přece had just come out of the car and look at it, because I somehow does not fit the stand, from which it takes, again raising his voice calling "Diesel"!
"Si senor, Si senor" is my answer. Accompanied confident nodding heads.
I approach him and just to make sure I turn the tank cap with a large inscription Diesel, in which significantly Pat and just to make sure I say with a smile "Es corekto, Si." Grandpa refueling stops, grabs his head and starts to gobble .... I look at the stand and we have 17 liters, now I know that gasoline ...... I wonder if now closes the garage and pulls the board closed, what are we supposed to do ..
Fortunately, the Lord comes out of the tub and while hudrování try several different hoses before he manages to find the optimal, insert it into the tank, really sucks, rozkucká are (no better known drink) and already it flows when the container is full, the lid reveals to change their business tanks to nothing .. and not had poured a mixture there. leakproof up anything, dočepovává car oil and the process repeats ... I'm calling to the Czech Republic between those who know that versed in cars much better than me and realize how it behaves petrol and diesel together and mix that already for the standard departure and range .... Well there we spent a happy couple of hours ...
After this stressful gently threw us already on the way to meet them Maspalomas nothing special and extraordinary, what would it overrode this experience and in the dark we arrived at the coast, we give a late dinner and soothes the "little" good wine ..
Day 3
Morning after breakfast, drive closer to the beaches again, this time to the dunes at Maspalomas, and spend the morning doing nothing and bathing, around eleven, we return to the bungalow, I'm still enjoying the odslanění local freshwater pool and swim a little. Before midnight we go to the airport ..
Cabin (ryan) luggage you check (it's free, so what), and as we only carry-on travel backpack, plus Islas has a limit on cabin only 6 kg.
And then your breaking the record, and went on far my shortest scheduled flight, we expect a total of 102 kilometers of Gran Canaria, Tenerife Norte, flight takes about 25min, occupancy and Third, given cup of water and a bag of nuts.
After landing us unpleasantly surprised by a very low temperature, 17C at the airport, it is a jump of 10C against Gran Canaria, is also zataženo.Při waiting for the bus to Puerto de la Cruz (3.2 euro) I try my spolucestovatelku comfort that we are high in the mountains and on the coast that will definitely warm the spirit and hope that this will indeed be.
Already on the way from the airport shows that north Tenerife from Gran Canaria vary a lot, a few kilometers above the mountain and not only the climate but also landscape is completely jiná.Všude lush greenery and mountains in typical clouds ... The bus journey takes about half an hour. The coast is really warmer, but certainly not hot, outdoors is 23C.
Our hotel is on the map about 15 minutes walk from the station, on the way we stop in one of the aisles at the local coffee shop (two coffee with milk, fresh juice and cake for pleasant 4.15Eur).
Monopol Hotel is situated in an excellent location in the heart of the city, but in a quiet pedestrian zone, the hotel we were thrilled to unequivocally recommend it, the common areas are decorated with fresh flowers and contemporary photographs (hotel works from the 19th century), the inner atrium grow palm trees. . simply idyll ... we have room overlooking the sea, all very stylish and romantic.
We spend the afternoon exploring the town and the evening ends with a dip in Lago Martiánez (admission 3Eura). Lago Martiánez is spectacular artificial swimming pool built on the shore of the ocean, it was designed by Cesare Manriqe known from Lanzarote, so tastefully nestled in the coast and well worth a visit, the water has a temperature of the ocean, there are some whirlpools, behind which is paid separately, I 1 - 2Eura.
After a nice dinner in the hotel again end up in the city.
Day 4
This day is dedicated to Loro Park and swimming at Playa Jardin.Od hotel we go to west around the ocean, I remember from last visit to Loro Park is opposite the beach, so orientation is easy and a half hour we are. Otherwise, from the mekáče from going to Loro Park and free tourist train.
Loro Park is a revamped and vymakané zoo with benefit performances of animals (dolphins, seals, whales, parrots). I enjoyed mostly on orcas, yet their only performances I've seen in Orlando, where it was really an extraordinary experience, unfortunately, is to recognize that here with the beginning and it's still on some level it elsewhere .. Who had never seen it, so that it will definitely líbit.Ostatní performances are very good and can be seen povedená.Jinak tunnel with sharks, aquarium, penguins and interesting pavilion much more ..
After a visit to Loro Park is a go slapping Playa Jardin, a beautiful beach with fine black sand and big waves usually and frequently waving a red flag today is not výjimkou.Výborný relax and great swimming, unfortunately, due to the impossibility waves plavání.Tuhle beach and even the whole atmosphere Puerta de la Cruz I really like.
Once again, great dinner, we headed into the maelstrom of the city and end up sitting, which makes us the sangria.
Day 5
For me, the highlight of the trip: La Palma. Following morning we head to Tenerife airport, bus ride from Puerta during the day at 15 and 45 in each hour. Again very short and pleasant flight. La Palma welcomes us sunshine and temperature 25C.Autopůjčovna Orlando is probably the only one that is located in the airport, which is now fully reconstructed and is not easy to najít.Pokud would anyone needed to get out of the airport terminal building on the left is where ongoing construction work, enter it, take the lift down to minus three and then ask
Hotel on the map we have almost within sight of the airport-resort in Las Canacajos, yet we manage the first and only kruháku choose from two options, we do not need and make a five-minute detour
La Palma is a fascinating, something like a combination of Madeira and the north of Tenerife, thanks to a relatively small area, but the mountains still impozantněji.Až operate at the highest parts are covered with greenery, down banana plantations, the dense mixed forest of pine and then finally the rock. Confusing the distance, average speed is necessary to count up to 40km, in exposed terrain, even less, the road network is of high quality and good pumps available in vnitrozemí.Po accommodation (two bedroom apartment) overlooking the ocean we go for a late lunch and then I can place an immediate dip in the sea to enforce výlet.Vyražíme along the eastern coast of the south island towards Fuencalinte where the road bends and along the western side of the island from the cliffs arrive through banana plantations in Puerto Naos.Cesta though the map looks and stopovers to pokochání and takes a lot of time going through much more than I expected. Puerto Naos is fortunately on the west side and the sun bakes there in the late afternoon (dusk), so the bathing place. At La Palma is a little beach, the longest of them is right here, the black volcanic sand and is lined with palm trees and a promenade, has a large parking at its southern part (for free). Otherwise, when entering the water stones, on the northern edge of the beach access to the ocean better (the other party than the hotel Sol palm).
The return trip across the inland road and 812 is much faster and shorter (tunnel through the mountains).
Day 6
We go for a day trip around the island, through the capital Santa Cruz La Palma, where not stay long (we leave it for tomorrow) we headed inland to Parque Nacional de la Caldera Taburiente, hold the rudder of the famous astronomical observatory, we make many stops to explore and pokochání. Views are amazing and the first time (in Tenerife we ​​do not), we see Teide. Interesting are jumps in temperatures below 25C on the coast was no longer about in 1500, when we were in the clouds thermometer showing 14C and when we leave them, from about 2000 is again a clear 23C obloha.Po retract over the forest still growing number of places worth stopping to be beautiful Mirador de los Andenes about 2km below vrcholem.Observatoř is just below the Roque de los Muchachos is composed of several telescopes and dark is teleskopů.Po There is limited entry and ban the use světel.Dokonce on one day of the year, said the whole island in the experiment sinks into tmy.Autem then continue to the summit (2,500 m), here we go through a short scenic ridge trail with amazing views of the interior kaldery.Je there are lots of different routes marked not only in the park Taburiente, but across ostrovem.Zpět going north on Gerafii and then along the west coast of the island back to Puerto Naos, where we arrive after 18hod, therefore we'll have to enjoy bathing and refreshes in the ocean. Not far from Tazacorte even stop for refreshments in the cafe on the Mirador deel Time with incredible views of the coast.
7th day
Today after breakfast we head the newly built promenade along the coast from our hotel in Playa de los Canacajos, it takes about 15min.Pláž is slightly shorter than in Puerto Naos, but it has access to the sea is better (no stones). Apart from a couple of runners running times and one pair on the blanket polehávajícího have a whole beach to yourself in the ocean we are completely jediní.Kolem half past eleven we go back to the hotel and I odubytovat again odslaňuji still in the pool.
From the hotel we headed by car to the island's capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma, which 10min cesty.Parkujeme free without a problem on a large parking lot on the waterfront, which is a few steps from the old town centra.Procházíme streets: Calle odal, Plaza de Espana, Avenida Martima and of course ... we're going to see the boats and replica of Christopher Columbus ... and stay in their good Tapas restaurant.
In the afternoon, then return the car at the airport in our rental there's nobody there, so on the advice of fellow competitors (perhaps steal) leave the car unlocked, parked it in the same place as it was picked up and throwing the keys under the front driver's seat.
This time we're going with Binter, flight to Gran Canadia and takes 45min to change too nuts and water, and extra sweet and moist napkin.
After landing, going from city airport bus 61 for 2.20 Euro to Las Palmas, is the final station in San Telmo, our hotel is about 50m from the station, making it quick and go to accomodate průzkum.Vzhledem the weather (overcast and 23C ) we decided to go through the center instead of the originally planned Playa de las Canteras.Bereme to the pedestrian zone from Parque San Telmo to La Vegueta, checking out the local cathedral, Kolombův house .... etc ..., the historic center is quite compact, and from the bus station reachable to 15min.Pláže are on, that's more on the local taxi or public transport .. When you return to the hotel even slightly poprchá ... The following morning we will get up early for your flight back to Germany.

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