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Spain, Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, Montserrat


After my return from Malta, here it is clear that the next trip will fly together with a woman in a similar destination. Recruiting more experience on your favorite sites Akcniletenky.com and soon she offers the opportunity to visit my favorite Girona and the Costa Brava as well. Of course I use the first option of Rainair action from Bratislava to Girona and book accommodation in the popular resort of Lloret de Mar with the popular graders hotel rates here

Plan a trip:

05/18/2010 Departure in the morning from Bratislava to Girona
Accommodation Girona Hostel.Odpolední and evening tour of Girona.
5/19/2010 departure from the city and car rental at the airport in Girona and departure to Lloret de Mar.
Buying food and accommodation in Lloret de Mar. City tour.
20/05/2010 celodení trip to the national park Montseny.
5/21/2010 day trip Tossa de Mar - Costa Brava - Roses. Visit the reservation can Pescador.
22.5 2,010 a day trip to Montserrat.
23-25.5.2010 accommodation in Lloret de Mar Bolero Park hotel here
23.5 2010 bathing
24.5 2010 bathing
25.05.2010 departure from Girona to Bratislava.

Budget trip:

Prices are average for 1 person
Tickets: BTS - GRO 6 Eur
GRO - BTS 6 Eur
Flights to total EUR 12 per person
All re-use at that time without charge cards when paying tickets and only
hand baggage up to 10 kg.
Travel insurance: 7 days 5 Eur

Accommodation Girona 1 * Hostel with breakfast 16 euros
4 nights accommodation 3 * self-catering apartment 18 Eur
2 nights 4 * self-catering apartment 12 Eur
Accommodation in total 46 Eur

Renting a car for 6 days with a full tank and insurance 240 EUR. 80 Euros per person.

rent a car for a good price here

Fare: Bratislava Brno per 8 Eur
Fare airport GRO - center and back 8 Eur
Food and other about 50 Eur
The total budget of 210 euros per person

The advantage of this trip is that the flights there and back are at convenient times and thus reducing
Overnight at the airport. Much also help my experience gained from previous
trip: Majorka - Girona - Bergamo for 5 days read here.
However, in order not to rely only on local traffic, we decide that for the first time in my life I'll borrow a car at the rental.

Mietwagen vergleichen auf Deutschlands größtem Mietwagen-Preisvergleich

Day 1
As usual, we set about five hours before departing from Bratislava, Slovak without the use of the highway we come to the heart of Ikea. Here we leave the usual cost car for a week. (Currently not available). Armed with only hand luggage recommended dimensions for Ryanair 50-40-20 and 10 kg max to rapidly scroll control. As usual, several passengers must pay the price for luggage. Most have a particular problem with depth. Some cases have had a hard edge and dimension, eg 22 cm. In this case, a control cage can not reach even though other dimensions are
obviously smaller, so the operator is uncompromising. Thus, the Council added. As the largest trunk of the dimensions with soft edges. We have already witnessed several times after case of Tesco Arundel M http://www.akcniceny.cz/detail/kufr-arundel-s-604946/. It has wheels with dimensions of 52-40-22 but has soft edges, and we always got him into the cage. In addition, light towers and can be subsequently extended. The following is a classic years of selling tickets and all sorts of things, and after two hours we land in sunny Girona. With an experience of previous trip I already know where to go and we have 10 minutes on the platform buses to the center. Bus departures can be found here. For € 3.30 buy return tickets to tomorrow to pick up a car to a local car rental companies. It is mainly for economic reasons. In most cases, it pays to borrow a car airport.
Station is located approximately 200 m east of the airport.
After the exit of the arrivals hall to be going right. Tickets are sold directly to the first platform. Departs from here and another eg data buses Barcelona.
Journey to the center of Girona takes about 45 min. Accommodation we booked through a proven hostel right in the center of Equity Point Girona. Hostel is located about 15 min walk from the bus station. This is the best hostel of where I was not.

Although already dark we head into the evening city tour of the illuminated monuments. Even after 20 hours is beautifully warm. Ideal for an evening stroll streets of the Jewish quarter, near the local university and the walls. Beautiful is the local cathedral lit.


At the hostel we return after 23 hours. In the kitchen you still do dinner and a good glass of wine on the terrace on the roof of the hostel with views of Girona.


Photos 1 and Day 2 here

Second day

morning, as usual, really rich breakfast even fruits and vegetables. Excellent coffee, five kinds of tea, 3 types of juices etc, etc. Really cool and as long as it can. Against breakfast in London hostel (more) complete all-inclusive. 

kuchyně v hostelu v Gironě

We use local, free luggage storage and again we go to the city of Girona. This time I choose a tour route according to the map, which I got at the hostel. The route runs along the walls of local and literally. On the walls you walk down the narrow walkway and gradually go through the various watchtowers. With each step, opening up new and new views of Girona. Again, cloudless skies and temperatures above 25 C. The most interesting part of the way along the wall is at the very top, where the garden. Huge cacti, flowering plants and palm trees. In comparison with a trip in the fall is now obviously much more blooming plants and the more green. In the autumn will please plenty of sun against the Czech Republic. So I can 100% say that it is this period are visiting Girona best.
After lunch at a local pizzeria to return to the hostel and leaving for the airport to pick up our new car.
Upon arrival at the airport with a little apprehension we stand in a queue waiting car rental and make sure everything went smoothly. Car I ordered about a month before departure, like with accommodation I have only printed a confirmation email. Concerns are unnecessary. Presenting a driver's license, passport and credit card payment. In the contract shall pay for additional zero deductible insurance, insurance, glass and tires and we pay for a full tank. Cars usually pick up with a full tank and returns with a minimum of fuel. For the remaining fuel rent money refunded. When renting a car for less than three days is sometimes possible to return the vehicle with a full tank and return it if you do not pay fuel in the rental. Two signatures on the contract and get the keys with a description of where the car is parked. Here in Girona have a parking lot directly across from the arrivals hall 200m.
We chose the large-car types VW Caddy with whom I go home and after coming to the car we realized that we have a brand new Fiat Doblo 1.6 HDI with max equipment. Driven less than 1500 km. Everything smells new. For me to try a new start, stop and complete PC system. The only thing is the cruise control. Anyway, great satisfaction. Since then we have borrowed similar cars about 5 times, but the first is still the best.
We include newly purchased navigation, set the address of the voucher from the hotel and leave the direction of the Costa Brava. Driving with navigation I liked and especially abroad can save you a lot of time and money. For example, in Spain there are many roads leading almost next to each other and one free of charge and the second charge.
And it certainly saves a lot of time using the extra fees and vice versa without road tax are much better than the roads in the country.

Costa Brava Španělsko

The advantage of navigation is that when driving you can enjoy the surroundings and you do not have to worry about getting lost. The downside is that you always leads so where do you specify. And if you have the wrong address on the voucher then drive definitely wrong. We ended up on a narrow alley between family VILK high above the center of Lloret de Mar and after a bit of searching, it is clear that there is no hotel. We can only seek help from the locals. We take our voucher and called the hotel and ask. Unfortunately hotels of similar name, there are several and are thus forced to look on the computer at one of the helpers. After a few minutes we located the correct position and find that the hotel is on the other end of town. Along the way, there are states in the Market to buy food and drink, and after a few minutes we arrived to the hotel. It is immediately clear that the low cost of accommodation is compensated by great distances at about 1km from the sea. But we have a car and parking at the hotel. The apartments and the hotel is also a pizzeria and of course a large swimming pool. The apartments are equipped with everything needed and even though furniture is not the newest, here is pure. By being away from the center and very quiet. Hotel Els Llorers as usual here. So we spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool and we are planning a trip the next day.

Day 3

We plan to visit the National Park of Montseny. Route planning and to the climb to the top to visit one of the famous beaches of the Costa Brava. Plan routes here.
In Spain, similarly to us to selected sections of expressways apply
fee. Unlike us, however, in most cases, in Spain there are unpaid variant of roads in very good quality as in the new Czech motorways. Very
it is advantageous to invest approximately 2000 CZK to unbranded navigation with European maps. Even if you have older maps, always without problems, see unpaid
option of getting to your destination without having to download such data when GPS option on your mobile phone.

Montseny Španělsko

So set the navigation and go to the Spanish inland. On the way to the mountains passing through typical Spanish village. Several crosses the valley, you will see several waterfalls. Journey to the Montseny takes max 1 hour 30 min. In point B GPS (41.779473,2.389054) is a parking lot for about 30 cars already here and there are hiking trails towards the peaks of the park Montseny. Like us, the route described for the starting points.

Montseny Španělsko

Along the way, however, are marked by signs and other information such as where to go to find after about 3km. However, trodden paths are tourists and not almost lose. We are taking about 3 hour trip to the nearest peak about 5 km. Along the route certainly meet such a mountain goat or grazing cows.
We also saw several eagles. Especially in the spring months there are a number of flowering plants. Certainly we can say that if you are looking option as you relax for a while from the Spanish heat to the sea, then a trip to this park is an ideal option. The temperature at sea was about 30 C in the shade and there about 22 C. In any case, a good sunscreen with a factor of course.
On the return route we stopped at a beach near Mataro. The advantage is parking right at the beach free of charge and for fans of nudism and nudist beach. Beaches are
There are sand with fine sand, but the waves are larger currents, for example, for smaller children can be an obstacle. Weather in May utterly luxurious, and therefore the beaches are quite full. Although the sea is cold, but bathes most of those present. Do we return to the hotel after sunset.

Photo 3 days here

Day 4 according to guide planning for the day trip to Tossa de Mar

Costa Brava Španělsko, Tossa de Marr

and along the Costa Brava in Roses. RESERVATION can also visit the Pescador. A clear advantage of renting a car is able to view other parts of otherwise unavailable from the hotel. A beautiful trip is a journey in itself. Every now and then a stop at the prospects. The town of Tossa de Mar is famous for the historic tower. Definitely recommend a visit to one of the many fish restaurants on the local mall. After a tour of the city walls continue along the coast, which is a pretty wild as its name suggests.
itinerary: here

Costa Brava Španělsko

After a short stop on the beautiful beaches in Rosses leaving on a tour to the nearby bird sanctuary Aiguamolls de l'Emporda. Admission is only symbolic Again, a few Euros per vehicle and visit definitely worth it.
Right next to the hotel is a large campsite with long beaches. Depending on the amount kite-surfers, it is clear why this camp is very popular.
On the way back we stopped at another favorite Girona and enjoy the sunset.

foto four days here

On the 5th day today,

I really enjoyed. We are planning a visit to Montserrat.

Montserat, Španělsko

itinerary: here
Area Park is located about 40 km north of Barcelona. We journey takes just over one hour, using the navigation to easily avoid toll motorway sections. From the information I know that parking in the underground parking lot at the entrance to the park and from the cable car to the monastery. The second option is to go for the top car park. These, however, are no longer in the morning usually fully occupied. The disadvantage of both variants is of course need to pay parking fee. Once we approach the target is clear that the area is really popular as tourist parking is a problem. But do not give up and go for slow-moving motorcade of buses and serpentines towards the monastery. The upper parking lot is a long column, and so we turn to the right and after about 2 km we arrive to a smaller monastery of Santa Cecilia.

Montserat, Španělsko

To our surprise, there is a free car park which is only a few cars and motorbikes. As we find out later there in addition a marked hiking trails in the park Montserrat. So totally cool. Gps for those interested. (41.611496,1.817286)

Montserat, Španělsko

After a brief snack we head towards the rocks. Choosing route length of about 10 km with a visit to the monastery. It is also possible to select the output to the highest point of the area. Area Montserrat is like the rock of Czech paradise

Montserat, Španělsko

renowned climbing area, but here the walls are at least twice as high. With astonishment therefore observe a small ant figures in the middle of the walls. We met several chamois and because we go through the area farthest from the monastery is also very small number of tourists. It totally changes when we connect to the trail leading from the monastery

Montserat, Španělsko

of the highest mountain and towards the monastery you already feel like somewhere in Wenceslas Square in Prague. Anyway views of the valley and the surrounding mountains are absolutely amazing and definitely recommend this area clearly missed. Beautiful is itself a visit to the monastery and the cave with candles. You can see there is a huge more than one meter conch pearl. Shortly after 15 hours on the road

Montserat, Španělsko

we come back to the car. Daily parking here is really quite cool. There are always moving tourists so there is always someone on auto eyes.
Way back towards Lloret de Mar along the coast we go, and as before a short walk from the town of Mataro remain until sunset on the beach. The advantage of the free parking at the beach.

foto 5  days here

6th and 7th day

These days we have been staying at the Bolero Park Apartments Lloret De Mar. This 3 star hotel is located almost in the center of Lloret de mar. The advantage is the possibility of parking on site and close to the town beach. The apartments are equipped with all necessary facilities and especially the pool is very good. Also this hotel you can book in my favorite grader hotels here two days ago, we therefore used the beautiful weather and enjoyed the pool and the sea to the fullest.

Certainly we can say that the Costa Brava and nearby places have a lot to offer not only to people who like to roll on the beaches. In addition, a combination of cheap hotels, car rentals and flight suit this region Jake one of the best low cost for us tourists.

So if you've read this far and you are interested in more low cost trips wait for the sequel. If you have any questions or if I can provide you with further information do not hesitate to contact me.

If you have yourself some stories of your travels, share it with us or send us a link to your website.



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