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United Kingdom - London 2009

low cost travel is like a drug. If you try it once you can not stop. Therefore, immediately after our return from a trip to Paris (read here) again where I start searching look further. Time is never enough and you need to use it. So at least this time I'm planning a short trip to another European metropolis of London. The advantage is has an excellent connection from Brno to London. With accommodation in central London can also inquire at your favorite search engines and the plan is complete.
After the experience of our trip to Paris, we know that we could make the tour really only the most important points and, of course, only without inspections. Still, I think that even such a brief introduction to London is worth it. There is, therefore the following plan.
Plan a trip:
11.6.2009 - Brno Ryanair - London Stansted afternoon flight, arrival at around 19 pm local time. Night and morning at the airport departure EASYbus the center in six hours.
12.6.2009 - walk away from the biggest attractions pass and after noon registration hostel. Afternoon and evening tour of London.
13.9.2009 - after breakfast and another tour of the easyBus afternoon departure to the airport. Departure to Brno in 17 hours
Fly us is 3 adults and two children.
Budget trip for 5 people:
Flights. Given that we will be in London only two days, only needs rucksacks with food on the first night and in the morning the next day and a few personal items.
Brno - London 5 * 5 Eur 25 Eur
London - Brno 5 * 5 Eur 25 Eur
Flights generally 50 Euros
1 night at the airport
1 night accommodation in a hostel with breakfast 5 * 12 Eur
Accommodation total of 60 Eur.
Transportation Stansted - Victoria station central London - Stansted
Easybus Action 1 Pounds 1 +1 +1 +2 +2 pounds are 8 Eur
and from 1 +1 +1 +2 +2 8 Eur
Transport 16 Eur
Given what we had taken with us and breakfast hostel we were spending
for food only for dinner and drinking a total of about 60 Eur
The total cost for 5 people in total about 200 Eur
Day 1
They take us to the airport by car and after 2 hour flight out at the airport, Stansted. Prochízíme perhaps the longest path from the arrival in Europe. We go through passport control and enter into the departure hall. Is there anything after 18 pm local time and we need to find a place where ztrávíme night. The AL site I found that night at the airport should be fine. It's about period commencing as possible trojsedaček for 5 people. Finally, as seems to be the best place to end the departure hall, opposite the check-in Air Asia. Overall, at Stansted airport is undergoing a lot of people and many of them will spend the night and find a place to sleep for 20 hours is quite problematic. The only drawback is that at night the air conditioning is turned on and is generally quite cold. So if Plávujete night in Stansted take with you the best sleeping bag or blanket to cover at least. After 21 pm it is already clear that many people remain on the ground, which was later confirmed. Overnight is relatively quiet, so emergency overnight there really is no problem. The life everything starts messing before 5 o'clock in the morning.
photo one day here
Day 2
Like other nocležníci get up before 5 am and after morning hygiene and coffee (coffee perhaps worst of all airports for almost 3 euros) we go down to the departure EASYBus. Bus retracts 10 minutes before departure, and six hours leaving the center. The journey takes about 1 hour. We pass through the peripheral parts of London. Houses are inhabited by some wealthy British currency, because it looks pretty awful. We stop at the famous Baker Street and then to have the center at Victoria station. Even at home, we have equipped the forward průvodvem London.
So now we have an idea where you can walk for two days to get. Schedule our trip here. First we decided to visit the famous Hide Park. Fortunately, we have for London absolutely beautiful weather. The park odivujeme beautiful squirrels, which can be fed by hand. Beautifully blooming flowers around interesting fountain. A beautiful garden is also Lady Diana at the end of the park. We start from the park, go on arch similar to that in Paris and we are entering into another park Green park, which leads to a Buckingham inch.
There are a large number of people and we find that it is taking place these days preparing for the birthday of the Queen.
On the way from the palace guard meet and ride on horseback. It was an interesting experience for us. We go through over Trafalgar Square. From there we have it already a few minutes walk to the hostel on New Kings Row Wed Accommodation was fine again. Just the voucher form the internet. We get cards instead of keys to the room and the hostel. Upon entering the room we almost got a shock. We knew the room to 18 beds, but the reality is that this is not a conventional bed, but only a kind of Koje to sleep. Confirm that there will be only one night. To close the cabinets some things and then we go on tour. This time we go through towards the river and along it to pass through Tower Bridge. Right at our arrival podjíždí historic sailing ship, so we will see even lifting bridge. With beautiful weather really enjoying your trip and after crossing over Tower bridge resting on the waterfront. Our trip continues along the other bank past the old warship and then up to the wheel. There are already being felt in most fatigue-day trips, and so we come relax on the hostel. Fortunately Koje closable curtain and so some zalehají already after 21 pm I sse wife and younger daughter, but still not enough, and we go on a night tour of London. We go through over Piccadyily circus again at Trafalgar and back. The number of people in the streets suggests that London oppravdu never sleeps. Stejmně as in Paris one day we have a huge amount of experience. We return to the hostel and fatigue soon fall asleep without perceived more like tourists.
photo 2 and 3 day here
Day 3.
The night was surprisingly quiet early in the morning and leave the room. Breakfast was as regards the offer rather poor, but you could eat how much they wanted. About 9 hours leaving. There will be morning trips to other interesting places. Above all, we want to know more around Buckingham inch. further and Westminster and Big Ben. Buckingham Neighborhood thumb is really nice, but I probably made the biggest impression Hyde Park. Due to the fact that there were at least some people in a large area. Finally, we managed to all scheduled monuments at least see. It is clear that that the man knew a little more all the sights and life in London you will need at least a week. So be sure to come back sometime.
So if you've read this far and you are interested in more low cost trips wait for the sequel. If you have questions or if I can provide you with further information do not hesitate to contact me.
If you have yourself some stories of your travels, share with us or send us a link to your website.


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